File Title
1 Foliar application boosts the zinc content of wheat grain by up to 50%
2 Preseismic atmospheric radon anomaly associated with 2018 northern Osaka earthquake
3 Pillar of support: Breakthrough discovery could speed up bone implant recovery
4 Masculine traits linked to better parenting for some dads
5 Study investigates link between lactation and visceral, pericardial fat
6 Brain organoids uncover various mechanisms of virus-induced microcephaly
7 Childhood diet and exercise creates healthier, less anxious adults
8 Men with low health literacy less likely to choose active surveillance for prostate cancer after tumor profiling
9 Cancer-killing virus therapy shows promise against inoperable skin cancers
10 Exploration of ocean currents beneath the 'Doomsday Glacier'
11 Fighting dementia with play
12 Earth's crust mineralogy drives hotspots for intraterrestrial life
13 X-ray study recasts role of battery material from cathode to catalyst
14 Balancing between build-up and break-down of bone
15 New research on why 'poo' transplants effectively treat C. diff
16 Genes and immune cells predict immunotherapy success in bladder cancer
17 Frontline health workers across US faced unique stressors during COVID
18 An on-off switch for gene editing
19 Obesity is linked to heavy periods and impaired womb repair
20 Toward a reliable oral treatment for sickle cell disease
21 Which US elementary schoolchildren are more likely to be frequently bullied?
22 Students enrolled in late-start-time districts report higher academic achievement
23 Exploring the association between student-college match and student outcomes over time
24 Characterizing remote instruction provided by elementary school teachers during COVID-19
25 Study snapshot: Do students in gifted programs perform better?
26 Search for sterile neutrinos: It's all about a bend in the curve
27 Speeding up sequence alignment across the tree of life
28 Auxin visualized for the first time
29 Level of chromosomal abnormality in lung cancer may predict immunotherapy response
30 The impact of chemotherapy on immune cells in the tumor microenvironment
31 Immune-stimulating drug before surgery shows promise in early-stage pancreatic cancer
32 Mutant KRAS and p53 cooperate to drive pancreatic cancer metastasis
33 Resilience against replay attacks in computer systems
34 Better metric for thermoelectric materials means better design strategies
35 Personalized cancer vaccine is safe, shows potential benefit against cancer
36 New CAR T approach minimizes resistance, helps avoid relapse in non-Hodgkin's B-cell lymphoma
37 Human-induced drying trend in Central Asia since the 1950s
38 Differences of cloud top height between satellites and ground-based radar revealed
39 Centrifugal multispun nanofibers put a new spin on COVID-19 masks
40 Study shows young early-onset colorectal cancer patients have increased survival
41 Yale Cancer Center study shows novel immunotherapy approach to fight melanoma
42 Study provides new insights into resistance to immune checkpoint inhibitors
43 Policy decisions will affect coastal communities' risk more than climate change
44 Activating the brain's immune system against cancer prevents it from spreading
45 Scientists put the stopwatch on cannabis intoxication
46 Life on Venus? First we need to know more about molecules in the atmosphere
47 The infrastructure of social control
48 MD Anderson researchers highlight advances in clinical studies at the AACR Annual Meeting 2021
49 Circularly polarized luminescence from organic micro-/nano-structures
50 Tremors triggered by typhoon talas tell tales of tumbling terrain
51 Efficient generations of complex vectorial optical fields with metasurfaces
52 SUTD breaks new ground in 3D printed soft robotics with largest range of polymer hybrids
53 A novel, quick, and easy system for genetic analysis of SARS-CoV-2
54 The relationship between ENSO and Indian summer monsoon rainfall is restoring
55 Abandoning the old ways: Progress in the low-cost electrochemical synthesis of ammonia
56 Student's second-year homework picked up by Amazon quantum researchers
57 Partial shade from solar panels increase abundance of flowers in late summer
58 Scientists watch 2D puddles of electrons emerge in a 3D superconducting material
59 Spotting cows from space
60 Research suggests SEC's increasing focus on terrorism may limit financial oversight
61 Ocean bacteria release carbon into the atmosphere
62 Study reveals crucial details on skin-related side effects of cancer immune therapies
63 Study reveals cancer immunotherapy patients at most risk of life-threatening side effects
64 Antidepressant use in pregnancy tied to affective disorders in offspring; no causal link
65 UConn researchers find bubbles speed up energy transfer
66 Spanking may affect the brain development of a child
67 Researchers engineer probiotic yeast to produce beta-carotene
68 Road salts and other human sources are threatening world's freshwater supplies
69 Bottom-up is the way forward for nitrogen reduction at institutions
70 THC and CBD content on labels of medicinal cannabis products may not be accurate
71 SARS-CoV-2 vaccination rates among US emergency department health care personnel
72 Bioactive implant coatings resistant to most bacterial strains are obtained in Russia
73 COVID-19 pandemic may have increased mental health issues within families
74 Living foams
75 Living in a majority-black neighborhood linked to severe maternal morbidity
76 USC Stem Cell study reveals neural stem cells age rapidly
77 Following atoms in real time could lead to better materials design
78 Pain receptors linked to the generation of energy-burning brown fat cells
79 Technique allows mapping of epigenetic information in single cells at scale
80 Poop core records 4,300 years of bat diet and environment
81 Exercise benefit in breast cancer linked to improved immune responses
82 Look before you leap: Cardiologists warn about the risks of vaping
83 Brain damage caused by plasticisers
84 A multidimensional view of the coronavirus
85 Research brief: How pharmacists contribute meaningfully in primary health care
86 More than the sum of mutations
87 People want to improve mental health by exercising, but stress and anxiety get in the way
88 Large US study suggests survival benefit for severely ill COVID-19 patients treated with ECMO
89 Having employees overseas helps companies reap US tax benefits
90 Early cannabis use linked to heart disease
91 Machine learning can help with treatment planning and proper management of tongue cancer
92 Breakthrough in plant protection: RNAi pesticides affect only one pest species
93 Common approach to diversity in higher education reflects preferences of white Americans
94 The COVID-19 pandemic has been linked with six unhealthy eating behaviors
95 Study identifies specific antioxidants that may reduce oncogenic HPV infection in women
96 UPF presents its Planetary Wellbeing initiative to the world in a scientific article
97 Mapping the paradigm shift of China's cancer burden for designing prevention strategies
98 New Jurassic flying reptile reveals the oldest opposed thumb
99 Chemists at St. Petersburg University create renewable plant-based polymers
100 SMART discovers the science behind varying performance of different colored LEDs
101 Global warming could lead to the melting of more than a third of Antarctic ice shelves
102 Study showing how the brain retrieves facts and may help people with memory problems
103 Is a calorie a calorie? Not always, when it comes to almonds
104 World's first study to evaluate greenhouse gas emissions from Chinese inland waters
105 Pandemic-inspired discoveries: New insect species from Kosovo named after the Coronavirus
106 New research reveals why some of us are hungry all the time
107 Can we end the cage age?
108 Bigger brains gave squirrels the capacity to move up in the world
109 Women 'risk' grey hair to feel authentic
110 The indestructible light beam