File Title
1 Sheepskin parchment may have been used in legal documents to aid fraud detection
2 Aerosol formation in clouds
3 Liver cancer: which patients benefit from immunotherapy?
4 Non-drug therapies as good as or better than drugs for treating depression in people with dementia
5 Miscarriage linked to increased risk of early death
6 Even small increases in NO2 levels could be linked to heightened risk of heart and respiratory death
7 Early training delays symptom onset in mouse model of Rett syndrome
8 Liver cancer appears to be resistant to immunotherapy in patients with liver condition
9 Researchers find cellular evidence behind lasting immune response in some cancer survivors
10 Lawyers used sheepskin as anti-fraud device for hundreds of years to stop fraudsters pulling the wool over people's eyes
11 Patients should receive COVID-19 vaccine before surgery to reduce risk of death
12 Gender bias in the workplace starts with communication during recruitment
13 New CABI research confirms presence of highly invasive apple snail in Kenya
14 Astronomers image magnetic fields at the edge of M87's black hole
15 Physicians' financial conflicts of interest may play a role in black lung diagnoses
16 Engineered immune cells deliver anticancer signal, prevent cancer from spreading
17 1 of global warming causes a ~50% increase in population displacement risk
18 Leaky blood-brain barrier linked to brain tissue damage in brain aging disease
19 Doubling down on headache pain
20 Creating patterns spontaneously in synthetic materials
21 Copper foam as a highly efficient, durable filter for reusable masks and air cleaners
22 Repurposed heart and flu drugs may help body fight sepsis
23 Once-in-a-century UK wildfire threats could happen most years by end of century
24 Towards a better understanding of societal responses to climate change
25 Weird earthquake reveals hidden mechanism
26 Soils or plants will absorb more CO2 as carbon levels rise--but not both
27 Overhearing negative claims about social groups may influence development of bias in children
28 Optical fiber could boost power of superconducting quantum computers
29 NIST team compares 3 top atomic clocks with record accuracy over both fiber and air
30 Meta-analysis shows children prefer people who speak like them
31 Ancient Maya houses show wealth inequality is tied to despotic governance
32 Deforestation, forest conversion and palm oil plantations linked to disease outbreaks
33 Higher health care costs linked with excess weight across range of BMIs
34 Bronze Age mining sites received deliveries of pre-processed foods
35 Stanford economist and others assess aquaculture's promise and peril
36 Higher education levels linked to greater well-being for Australian women, survey shows
37 3D-printed artificial lung model
38 IQWiG publishes new version of its General Methods--English translation now available
39 Leap forward' in risk management of rectal cancer
40 Shrub willow as a bioenergy crop
41 Discovery of a third T cell lineage
42 No increase in colorectal cancer after obesity surgery
43 UCI study finds high-fiber diet brings significant changes to human gut microbiome
44 Turning wood into plastic
45 A T-cell stimulatory protein and interleukin-10 synergize to prevent gut inflammation
46 Researchers harvest energy from radio waves to power wearable devices
47 Ocean currents predicted on Enceladus
48 Bringing Total Worker Health to a multinational agribusiness in Latin America
49 Skoltech researchers create a new human height inheritance model
50 Chemists achieve breakthrough in the production of three-dimensional molecular structures
51 Carrying naloxone can save lives but newly abstinent opioid users resist
52 No evidence that people alter daily travel after having symptoms that could be COVID-19
53 Pediatric heart transplant method developed by U of A doctors allows for more surgeries, better outcomes: Study
54 When synthetic evolution rhymes with natural diversity
55 Cholesterol may be key to new therapies for Alzheimer's disease, diabetes
56 Scientists uncover a process that stands in the way of making quantum dots brighter
57 Fast-acting, color-changing molecular probe senses when a material is about to fail
58 The 'great leveler' revisited: Why the Corona pandemic might boost inequality in society
59 Narcissism driven by insecurity, not grandiose sense of self
60 Vaccine hesitancy poses threat to efforts to end pandemic: New commentary
61 Circadian clock gene Rev.-erb linked to dawn phenomenon in type 2 diabetes
62 Leveraging the 5G network to wirelessly power IoT devices
63 Therapeutic bed can help keep preterm newborns' brain oxygen levels stable
64 New class of versatile, high-performance quantum dots primed for medical imaging, quantum computing
65 New discoveries of deep brain stimulation put it on par with therapeutics
66 Protein fingerprinting in minutes
67 New genetic clues point to new treatments for 'silent' stroke
68 Wisdom, loneliness and your intestinal multitude
69 'Climbing droplets' could lead to more efficient water harvesting
70 In certain circumstances, outsourcing poses risks to vendors
71 Combination therapy protects against advanced Marburg virus disease
72 Rural Alaskans struggle to access and afford water
73 Women accumulate Alzheimer's-related protein faster
74 Will COVID-19 vaccines need to be adapted regularly?
75 Common Alzheimer's treatment linked to slower cognitive decline
76 Should you take fish oil? Depends on your genotype
77 Global evidence for how EdTech can support pupils with disabilities is 'thinly spread'
78 Scientists identify 'Goldilocks' protein critical for getting immune response 'just right'
79 Intensity of tropical cyclones is probably increasing due to climate change
80 Does selfishness evolve? Ask a cannibal
81 A new way to visualize mountains of biological data
82 New UCF nanotech gives boost to detection of cancer and disease
83 The case of the cloudy filters: Solving the mystery of the degrading sunlight detectors
84 Consumers will dub activist brands as 'woke-washers' if they cannot prove moral competency
85 Study introduces 13 new, threatened species of sparkly moths from Hawaii
86 Game on: Science edition
87 Oncotarget: Phase 1 study of Z-Endoxifen in patients with solid tumors
88 Moffitt researchers use mathematical modeling to analyze dynamics of CAR T-cell therapy
89 Gene discovery confirms role of serine deficiency in rare eye disease
90 Study reveals how long-term infection and inflammation impairs immune response as we age
91 Genomic sieve analysis can inform SARS-CoV-2 vaccine development
92 New nanotransistors keep their cool at high voltages
93 Massive study reveals few differences between men and women's brains
94 'Keep off the grass': the biofuel that could help us achieve net zero
95 Headline: How energy modelling influences policymaking and vice versa
96 ArtEmis: Affective language for visual art
97 Urban agriculture can help, but not solve, city food security problems
98 Evidence for reduced antibody protection against SARS-CoV-2 variants
99 Nearly half of poison control calls for supersized alcopops involve underage drinkers
100 More protein doesn't mean more strength in resistance-trained middle-aged adults
101 DNA damage 'hot spots' discovered within neurons
102 New biomarkers of malignant melanoma identified
103 New 'bi-molecule' with multiple technological applications discovered
104 The imaginary part of quantum mechanics really exists!
105 New study sheds light on how X and Y chromosomes interact
106 A divided cell is a doubled cell
107 Researchers dig deeper into how migrating cells interact in the body
108 Where do the gender differences in the human pelvis come from?
109 Warriors' down bedding could ease journey to realm of the dead
110 Salivary gland cells revealed as sites of COVID-19 infection