File Title
1 Tiny chip-based device performs ultrafast modulation of X-rays
2 Drug development platform could provide flexible, rapid and targeted antimicrobials
3 Food allergies, changes to infant gut bacteria linked to method of childbirth, ethnicity
4 Helpful, engineered 'living' machines in the future?
5 The immune link between a leaky blood-brain barrier and schizophrenia
6 E-cigarette users in rural Appalachia develop more severe lung injuries
7 Using engineering methods to track the imperceptible movements of stony corals
8 'Dead clades walking': Fossil record provides new insights into mass extinctions
9 Research brief: Improving drug efficacy against prostate cancer and related bone growths
10 Filling federal oversight gaps
11 Understanding our restoring force
12 'Undruggable' cancer protein becomes druggable, thanks to shrub
13 'Information theory' recruited to help scientists find cancer genes
14 How lessons from past emergencies could improve the pandemic response
15 Back pain shows association with increased mortality risk in women
16 Earthquakes continued after COVID-19-related oil and gas recovery shutdown
17 Was Cascadia's 1700 earthquake part of a sequence of earthquakes?
18 Fixed network of smartphones provides earthquake early warning in Costa Rica
19 Boosting fiber optics communications with advanced quantum-enhanced receiver
20 Marine animals inspire new approaches to structural topology optimization
21 Texas A&M study: Racial, ethnic diversity in schools influence mental health
22 Astronauts' mental health risks tested in the Antarctic
23 Gold digger: Neural networks at the nexus of data science and electron microscopy
24 Explanations in online symptom checkers could improve user trust
25 Body mass index, age can affect your risk for neck pain
26 Patients with traumatic brain injuries face challenges navigating healthcare system
27 Environmental DNA and RNA may be key in monitoring pathogens such as SARS-CoV-2
28 Chaperone protein imbalance promotes toxic tau buildup in the aging brain
29 Fearsome tyrannosaurs were social animals, study suggests
30 New infrastructure approach could save millions
31 Probiotic Lactobacillus acidophilus shows promise for treating inflammatory bowel disease and other inflammatory gut conditions
32 Study could lead to production of more efficient optoelectronic devices
33 Preventing evictions remains critical to controlling COVID-19, study finds
34 Overgrowth of gut yeast in newborns may increase asthma risk
35 Specialized technique captures unique protein structures in neuropathy disorders
36 Study reveals roadmap of muscle decline with age
37 Study highlights role of physical, mental health in cognitive impairment
38 Sexual receptivity and rejection may be orchestrated by the same brain region
39 New findings suggest organ tissues become increasingly immune throughout life
40 Significant life expectancy increase for adults living with HIV on ART in Latin America
41 URI oceanographers reveal links between migrating Gulf Stream and warming ocean waters
42 All-in-one test for COVID-19 surveillance
43 Database developed on key mollusk to study pollution in coastal areas
44 Is social media use a potentially addictive behaviour?
45 Ten ways to ensure bees benefit from the solar power boom
46 How the language you speak aligns to your genetic origins and may impact research on your health
47 Biologists discover a new type of placental structure in animals
48 New study reveal targeted therapy working in early breast cancer
49 Chickens and pigs with integrated genetic scissors
50 A study finds gender bias in music recommendation algorithms
51 The British variant is 45% more contagious than the original virus
52 Crucial action needed for coral reefs
53 Differing immune responses discovered in asymptomatic cases vs. those with severe COVID-19
54 New biomaterial regrows blood vessels and bone, RCSI research
55 Molecular Tomographer algorithm maps gene expression in space
56 2D nanomaterial MXene: The perfect lubricant
57 Scientists at IRB Barcelona discover the cause of neurodegeneration in Lafora disease
58 New catalyst for lower CO2 emissions
59 Review summarizes known links between endocrine disruptors and breast cancer risk
60 A gene finding links severe canine juvenile epilepsy to mitochondrial dysfunction
61 Reliably detecting cocoa off-flavors
62 AI agent helps identify material properties faster
63 Our attention is captured by eye-glance
64 Brain-on-a-chip would need little training
65 Cool and COVID-safe: How radiant cooling could keep our cities comfortable and healthy
66 Human land use wasn't always at nature's expense
67 Asymmetric synthesis of aziridine with a new catalyst can help develop novel medicines
68 Little Foot fossil shows early human ancestor clung closely to trees
69 Atomic-level insights gained for a key lipid-binding protein implicated in cancer
70 Flushing a public toilet? Don't linger, because aerosolized droplets do
71 Growth in home health care failing to keep up with surging demand, study finds
72 Individualized training is key for autistic adolescents learning to drive
73 Efforts to reduce opioid prescriptions may be hindering end-of-life pain management
74 Better marketing for a better world
75 Experimental Biology 2021 press materials available now [links]
76 Designing healthy diets--with computer analysis
77 Study finds dramatic gains in life expectancy for people with HIV in Latin America
78 Combining light, superconductors could boost AI capabilities
79 Clinical trial assesses stem cells' ability to prevent major cause of preemie deaths
80 Handwashing responsible for bacteria in sinks, largest non-hospital study shows
81 Simple oral hygiene could help reduce COVID-19 severity--study
82 Rock glaciers will slow Himalayan ice melt
83 The COVID-19 is a unique opportunity to move towards more sustainable and equitable society
84 Predicting the onset of diseases
85 Researchers raise alarm over stalled adoption of biotechnology to improve food security
86 Simple treatment during pregnancy can protect baby from memory problems in later life
87 Medical and ethical experts say 'make general anaesthesia more widely available for dying patients'
88 Study helps unravel why pregnant women develop heart failure similar to older patients
89 Carleton's Dominque Roche investigates why researchers are wary of sharing data
90 Can extreme melt destabilize ice sheets?
91 One in five American adults experience chronic pain
92 Stone skipping techniques can improve reentry of space vehicles
93 Base editors flex sights on sickle-cell disease
94 Predicting the next pandemic virus is harder than we think
95 Certain gut microbes make mosquitoes more prone to carry malaria parasite
96 Understanding spoilage and quality issues may improve American artisan cheesemaking industry
97 Gut's immune response in COVID-19 may not provide efficient protection of other organs
98 Forensics puzzle cracked via fluid mechanical principles
99 Reversal of blood droplet flight predicted, captured in experiments
100 Newly discovered airway cells may shed light on SIDS and other conditions
101 Noncalcified coronary plaque burden higher in people with HIV
102 Newly-discovered molecule provides dual protection against vascular inflammation
103 Poor iodine levels in women pose risks to fetal intellectual development in pregnancy
104 Intrinsic in-plane nodal chain and generalized quaternion charge protected nodal link in photonics
105 Pregnant women stressed, depressed and lonely during COVID-19 pandemic
106 Newly developed AI uses combination of ECG and X-ray results to diagnose arrhythmic disorders
107 Scientists glimpse signs of a puzzling state of matter in a superconductor
108 Study models economic impact of proposed law to regulate high-risk diagnostic tests
109 COVID-19 peaks reflect time-dependent social activity, not herd immunity
110 Collaborative research could help fine-tune the production of antimalarials, chemo drugs