File Title
1 Flu shot associated with fewer, less severe COVID cases
2 Scientists observe complex tunable magnetism in a topological material
3 Deactivating cancer cell gene boosts immunotherapy for head and neck cancers
4 Global health care worker burnout is high and 'unsustainable'
5 Study: Precautions used to prevent COVID-19 decreased common respiratory illness rates
6 Researchers hunt for drugs that keep HIV latent
7 Neutrons reveal unpredicted binding between SARS-CoV-2, hepatitis C antiviral drug
8 BMI1, a promising gene to protect against Alzheimer's disease
9 Pilot study finds evidence of bartonella infection in schizophrenia patients
10 Arsenal used by parasite to affect cellular defense and enhance leishmaniasis is revealed
11 Changes in Antarctic marine ecosystems
12 With drop in LA's vehicular aerosol pollution, vegetation emerges as major source
13 Union-friendly states enjoy higher economic growth, individual earnings
14 Rare fossilized algae, discovered unexpectedly, fill in evolutionary gaps
15 New test traces DNA origins to monitor transplant rejection and reveal hidden cancers
16 Large-scale genome analysis identifies differences by sex in major psychiatric disorders
17 Delaying 2nd doses of COVID-19 vaccines has benefits, but effects depend on immunity
18 Engineering of Mississippi River has kept carbon out of atmosphere, study says
19 Domestication and industrialisation lead to similar changes in gut microbiota
20 Fear of COVID-19 is killing patients with other serious diseases
21 Real-world data at UT Southwestern shows benefit of early vaccination on health care workforce
22 Though risk is minuscule, infection after COVID-19 vaccination is possible
23 UMD develops technology allowing researchers to image wetland soil activity in real time
24 More than words: Using AI to map how the brain understands sentences
25 Corals may need their predators' poop
26 NUI Galway spearheads international research on critical care
27 The lambs break their silence
28 Massey researcher finds new strategy for fighting brain cancer
29 Telehealth consults increased more than 50-fold among privately insured working-age patients during first phase of the pandemic
30 Making molecular movies of a biological process of energy conversion
31 How UK, South Africa coronavirus variants escape immunity
32 Mussel sensors pave the way for new environmental monitoring tools
33 How human cells coordinate the start of DNA replication
34 Highlands of diversity: Another new chameleon from the Bale region, Ethiopia
35 Fewer rural students applying to medical school
36 Henry Ford physician leads consensus for global awareness to an underrecognized condition
37 A divided visual field
38 COVID-19 vaccination hesitancy remains unchanged
39 Exercise boosts blood flow to the brain, study finds
40 Sea-level rise in 20th century was fastest in 2,000 years along much of East Coast
41 Medicaid expansion made mouths healthier, study finds
42 Climate change can destabilize the global soil carbon reservoir, new study finds
43 Why are young adults having less casual sex?
44 Physical activity helps curb low-grade inflammation in children
45 Containing the coronavirus effects on the nervous system
46 Researchers show where and how plants detect the nutrient potassium
47 'Zombie' genes? Research shows some genes come to life in the brain after death
48 Artificial neurons help decode cortical signals
49 Lymph node collection kit may improve long-term survival after lung cancer surgery
50 Plantwise plant clinics help promote sustainable crop pest management in Rwanda and Zambia
51 Cephalopods: Older than was thought?
52 Moire effect: How to twist material properties
53 Identifying banknote fingerprints can stop counterfeits on streets
54 Breakthrough in developing new diagnostic procedure for pulmonary aspergillosis
55 New anti-cancer therapy: Converting glioma cells into neurons
56 New treatment can reduce facial pressure injuries from PPE in frontline healthcare workers
57 Variable pay schemes can make workers ill
58 Online mindfulness may improve mental health during COVID-19 pandemic
59 CRISPR study identifies gene that plays key role in metastasis of cancers to the lungs
60 The same sea level for everyone
61 New results challenge leading theory in physics
62 Rare genetic variant puts some younger men at risk of severe COVID-19
63 Individual SARS-CoV-2 neutralising antibody immunity lasts from days to decades
64 Prolonged immune response may contribute to post-COVID-19 blood clots
65 New result from the LHCb experiment challenges leading theory in physics
66 Recurrent neural network advances 3D fluorescence imaging
67 Preemies at greater risk for mortality in adulthood
68 Pandemic exacerbates challenges for international energy transition
69 Words conveyed with gesture
70 Association found between consumption of ultra-processed foods and drinks and colorectal cancer risk
71 Short-lived plant species are more climate-sensitive
72 Aging cells in abdominal fluid cause increased peritoneal dissemination of gastric cancer
73 Rodenticides in the environment pose threats to birds of prey
74 Taking microelectronics to a new dimension
75 Pfizer vaccine less effective against S. African variant, Ben-Gurion U. study finds
76 Discovery of non-toxic semiconductors with a direct band gap in the near-infrared
77 Demonstration of unconventional transverse thermoelectric generation
78 Variances in critical protein may guide fate of those infected with SARS CoV-2
79 Virtual pollination trade uncovers global dependence on biodiversity for food consumption
80 Outpatient management following diagnosis of acute pulmonary embolism
81 These baby great white sharks love to hang out near New York
82 Partnership with churches increases COVID-19 vaccine delivery among Black population
83 New diagnostic tool for the management of patients with sepsis
84 Light pollution drives increased risk of West Nile virus
85 Parkinson's gene may impair how new neurons are made throughout our lifetime
86 Babies prefer baby talk, whether they're learning one language or two
87 Snappy evolution was behind the success of ancient crocodiles
88 Novel thermometer can accelerate quantum computer development
89 Algorithms inspired by social networks reveal lifecycle of substorms, a key element of space weather
90 Dementia death risk is higher among the socioeconomically deprived
91 Scientists created edible food films for food packaging
92 BioRescue develops ethical risk assessment for northern white rhino rescue programme
93 Distinct chemical 'signatures' for concussion identified in spit of elite rugby players
94 How to prevent and treat high blood pressure with exercise
95 Rugby study identifies new method to diagnose concussion using saliva
96 OCD among new mothers more prevalent than previously thought
97 Microchip models of human lungs enable better understanding of disease, immune response
98 Nine potentially harmful stimulants found in supplements listing deterenol as ingredient
99 CHOP researchers find supplement prevents strokes in patients with rare genetic disorder
100 Social context affects gendered views of STEM subjects in England and Japan
101 Cost-effective, easily manufactured ventilators for COVID-19 patients
102 Enhanced ceramics could play pivotal role in advancing 5G technology
103 North American deserts are a biodiversity hotspot for butterflies
104 A leader's gender plays a role in local government sustainability policymaking
105 Food industry lobbying was intense on failed bill to limit marketing to Canadian children
106 Drug used during pregnancy may increase cancer risk in mother's adult children
107 Planting trees to save the planet: The Chinese experience
108 Researchers realized homogenization of surface active sites of heterogeneous catalyst
109 Exercise can improve sleep quality even when you don't perceive a difference
110 Pumice the key to solving seabird mass death mystery