File Title
1 'Break a leg' not so lucky when it leads to limb deformities
2 Size of grass blades offers better understanding of their vulnerability to climate change
3 The very first structures in the Universe
4 GSA's journals add new research articles on COVID-19 and aging
5 Want a longer, healthier life? Resolve your arguments by day's end, OSU study says
6 Fossil fuel companies benefit from inefficient pricing on climate and health consequences
7 COVID-19 vaccines may not produce sufficient antibody response in transplant recipients
8 Harvard, Smithsonian astronomers help capture first image of black hole's magnetic fields
9 Genome sequenced for pesky pumpkin pathogen
10 Reading between the diamonds
11 Programs help shield Black youth from effects of racism
12 Decline in black cherry regeneration may herald wider forest change
13 Zooming in on muscle cells
14 Deadly heat waves will be common in South Asia, even at 1.5 degrees of warming
15 Group testing method developed for COVID-19
16 Shining a healing light on the brain
17 Survey of Geisinger employees shows increasing acceptance of COVID-19 vaccines
18 Vaccine science and side effects: How news messages affect views on vaccination
19 Exploiting cancer cells to aid in their own destruction
20 New machine learning tool diagnoses electron beams in an efficient, non-invasive way
21 Photosynthesis could be as old as life itself
22 'Silencing' protein to weaken COVID-19
23 Stay on track! Support system to help the visually impaired navigate tactile paving
24 New study finds false memories can be reversed
25 Fatty liver hepatitis is caused by auto-aggressive immune cells
26 Can the right probiotic work for breast milk-fed babies?
27 School-based telehealth connects underserved kids to quality and sustainable health care
28 Astronomers image magnetic fields at the edge of M87's black hole
29 Black hole shows magnetic fields surrounding it are strong enough to resist gravity
30 Shining light to make hydrogen
31 New drug candidate against COVID-19
32 New research finds seating assignments on airplanes can reduce the spread of COVID-19
33 A better treatment for sickle cell disease
34 A novel marker of adult human neural stem cells discovered
35 'Mother's own milk' for premature infants: Minority mothers need effective strategies
36 Updated Cochrane review assesses how accurate rapid tests are for detecting COVID-19
37 Dangerous landfill pollutants ranked in order of toxicity by MU researchers
38 Even small levels of nitrate in drinking water results in smaller babies
39 Small robot swimmers that heal themselves from damage (video)
40 Family ties protect against opioid misuse among U.S. young adults
41 Texas A&M researchers optimize materials design using computational technologies
42 Study of chili genetics could lead to greater variety on our plates
43 Three common antiviral drugs potentially effective against COVID-19
44 Waste from making purple corn chips yields a natural dye, supplements, kitty litter
45 Dow-like index for energy prices might help smooth transition to clean power
46 Pollutant levels after Hurricane Harvey exceeded lifetime cancer risk in some areas
47 For ancient farmers facing climate change, more grazing meant more resilience
48 Medical imaging dimensionality mismatch
49 Decades of radiation-based scientific theory disproven by Ben-Gurion University US-based study
50 Snapshot of COVID-19 vaccine intentions highlights challenges of achieving community immunity goals
51 How grasslands respond to climate change
52 New images reveal magnetic structures near supermassive black hole
53 Corona waste kills animals throughout the entire world
54 Study shows DHA supplement may offset impact of maternal stress on unborn males
55 Searching for hints of new physics in the subatomic world
56 Study illuminates the molecular details of lung development
57 Resident wellness program lowers burnout risks for urology trainees
58 The world's earliest stone technologies are likely to be older than previously thought
59 Children exposed to tobacco smoke use more emergent health services
60 Floating solar farms could help reduce impacts of climate change on lakes and reservoirs
61 Positive self-image and self-esteem protects against weight gain in adolescence
62 Want a healthier home? Start with your couch
63 Tiny currents may impact vital ocean food source
64 Clarity needed in classification systems for processed foods
65 Beware of fellow bacteria bearing gifts: Skoltech research presents new potential antimicrobial agents
66 Building a picture of fathers in the family justice system in England
67 Shame of contracting COVID-19 can prevent individuals declaring infection to authorities
68 RUDN University chemists found a way to increase the efficiency of metathesis reactions
69 Aspirin not as effective as anticoagulation
70 Effective Field Theories and the nature of the universe
71 First 3D images of a giant molecule
72 Gene that affects iron metabolism linked to improved performance in athletes
73 IFCC-IOF study investigates harmonization of assays for [beta]-CTX
74 Older than expected: Teeth reveal the origin of the tiger shark
75 Do you know the way to Berkelium, Californium?
76 Greenland caves: Time travel to a warm Arctic
77 Lighting up bone repair
78 Quantitative detection of fatty liver disease by assessing fat distribution in the liver
79 During the first wave of coronavirus pandemic older adults left home mainly for physical activity
80 Scaled, armoured or naked: how does the skin of fish evolve?
81 Keep it moving: How a biomaterial mobility may revolutionize immunomodulation
82 Beneficial bacteria help wheat stand the heat
83 Scientists embed antibiotics in the 3D printed implants used to regenerate damaged bone
84 New automated process makes nanofiber fabrication assessment 30% more accurate
85 E. Coli calculus: Bacteria find the derivative optimally
86 Wafer-thin nanopaper changes from firm to soft at the touch of a button
87 Psychological forest: What trees reveal about Antarctic researchers
88 Tuning in the noise? New electromagnetic circuit simulator visualizes radiation phenomena
89 Mixed reality gets a machine learning upgrade
90 Glycans are crucial in COVID-19 infection
91 Electrochemical synthesis of formate from CO2 using a Sn/reduced graphene oxide catalyst
92 Scientists improve a photosynthetic enzyme by adding fluorophores
93 Bees form scent-driven phone tree to pass along messages
94 Nanoparticle flu vaccine blocks seasonal and pandemic strains
95 Female salmon are dying at higher rates than male salmon
96 Study finds foster youth lack critical financial skills
97 Recharge your batteries
98 How blockchain and machine learning can deliver the promise of omnichannel marketing
99 An overlooked strand of the Southern San Andreas Fault may pose a major earthquake risk
100 Vaccination against mutated protein tested in brain tumor patients for the first time
101 New sequencing approach finds triple-negative breast cancers continue accumulating genetic changes during tumor growth
102 New cancer immunotherapy recruits help from lymphatic vessels
103 Midlife loneliness is a risk factor for Dementia and Alzheimer's disease
104 Extreme temperatures, heat stress and forced migration
105 Semiconductor qubits scale in two dimensions
106 Green leafy vegetables essential for muscle strength
107 Revealing complex behavior of a turbulent plume at the calving front of a Greenlandic glacier
108 News media keeps pressing the mute button on women's sports
109 Alzheimer's patients' cognition improves with Sargramostim (GM-CSF), new study shows
110 Behavioral training could help babies with Rett syndrome, mouse study suggests