File Title
1 Deciduous trees offset carbon loss from Alaskan boreal fires, new study finds
2 Coral reefs prevent more than $5.3 billion in potential flood damage for US property owners
3 The whitest paint is here--and it's the coolest. Literally.
4 Water scarcity footprint reveals impacts of individual dietary choices in US
5 Good dental health may help prevent heart infection from mouth bacteria
6 How common is stroke in people critically ill with COVID-19?
7 How many T. rexes were there? Billions.
8 Chimeric tool advanced for wide range of regenerative medicine, biomedical research applications
9 Dutch researchers establish the first entanglement-based quantum network
10 While species come and go, their ecosystems persist over millions of years
11 Study estimates duration of employment loss experienced by adults with kidney failure
12 Later school start times let students get adequate sleep
13 Bearded dragon embryos become females either through sex chromosomes or hot temperatures
14 Researchers generate human-monkey chimeric embryos
15 97% of Earth's land area may no longer be ecologically intact
16 Snake species from different terrains surrender surface secrets behind slithering success
17 The fate of the planet
18 Scientists may detect signs of extraterrestrial life in the next 5 to 10 years
19 Simulations reveal how dominant SARS-CoV-2 strain binds to host, succumbs to antibodies
20 The future of particle accelerators is here
21 A new guide for communicating plant science
22 Neural plasticity depends on this long noncoding RNA's journey from nucleus to synapse
23 On the pulse of pulsars and polar light
24 Tarantula's ubiquity traced back to the cretaceous
25 Female protective effect: Yale researchers find clues to sex differences in autism
26 Researchers revise indicator of mobility limitation in older adults
27 How tangled proteins kill brain cells, promote Alzheimer's, CTE
28 New CRISPR technology offers unrivaled control of epigenetic inheritance
29 COVID-19: Scientists identify human genes that fight infection
30 Hidden magma pools pose eruption risks that we can't yet detect
31 Differences in national food security best explained by household income, not agriculture
32 A new super-Earth detected orbiting a red dwarf star
33 Study shows past COVID-19 infection doesn't fully protect young people against reinfection
34 Researchers develop microscopic theory of polymer gel
35 Autism develops differently in girls than boys, new research suggests
36 Fast radio bursts shown to include lower frequency radio waves than previously detected
37 Experimental antiviral for COVID-19 effective in hamster study
38 Quality and quantity of enrichments influence well-being of aquaculture fishes
39 Inspired by data warehousing: A new platform integrates disparate information systems
40 Scientists call for climate projections as part of more robust biodiversity conservation
41 Virginia Tech and UVA virologists develop broadly protective coronavirus vaccines
42 Study identifies new targets in the angiogenesis process
43 Are our oil and gas pipelines safe during an earthquake?
44 Virtual humans are equal to real ones in helping people practice new leadership skills
45 Promising results from first-in-humans study of a novel PET radiopharmaceutical
46 Long-term consequences of CO2 emissions
47 Generation of super-resolved optical needle and multifocal array using graphene oxide metalenses
48 Experiments cast doubts on the existence of quantum spin liquids
49 Alpine plants are losing their white "protective coat"
50 Dust at work can lead to rheumatic diseases
51 Press reporting on nuclear waste disposal: National models of watchdog journalism?
52 Underweight and overweight women at higher risk of successive miscarriages
53 An antibody-drug combo to combat cancer
54 CNIO researchers explain the toxicity of USP7 inhibitors, under development for cancer treatment
55 Study sheds light on stellar origin of 60Fe
56 A rich marine algal ecosystem 600 million years earlier than previously thought
57 Scientists report remarkable enhancement of [alpha]-particle clustering in uranium isotopes
58 Fruit flies give researchers new insights into the 'highway of the nerve cells'
59 Highly dense urban areas are not more vulnerable to COVID-19, researchers say
60 Wearable sensors that detect gas leaks
61 Surprise twist suggests stars grow competitively
62 Combining news media and AI to rapidly identify flooded buildings
63 Egg and sperm cell size evolved from competition
64 Coronavirus does not infect the brain but still inflicts damage
65 Research shows to disrupt online extremism freewill is key
66 Thermoelectric material discovery sets stage for new forms of electric power in the future
67 Older adults most likely to make the effort to help others
68 Fit matters most when double masking to protect yourself from COVID-19
69 Science Advances publishes proteomics technology from Oblique Therapeutics AB
70 Key policy considerations for reducing public consumption of vice products
71 Studies suggest people with blood cancers may not be optimally protected after COVID-19 vaccination
72 A new treatment for rare muscular disease
73 New nanoscale device for spin technology
74 Triangular-shaped spikes key to coronavirus transmission, finds new study
75 New tech builds ultralow-loss integrated photonic circuits
76 Heart health of shift workers linked to body clock
77 The Trojan-Horse mechanism: How networks reduce gender segregation
78 New understanding of the deleterious immune response in rheumatoid arthritis
79 Vitamin D deficiency may impair muscle function
80 Sweat sensor could alert doctors, patients to looming COVID cytokine storm (video)
81 Study finds humans are directly influencing wind and weather over North Atlantic
82 Scientists find Galapagos volcano could help forecast future eruptions
83 Heart patients advised to move more to avoid heart attacks and strokes
84 New amphibious centipede species discovered in Okinawa and Taiwan
85 World's fastest photo-exfoliation
86 Run, process, run!
87 Biomarker for COVID-19 risk
88 Corals go hungry long before they bleach
89 Eco-friendly technique by NUS team to upcycle metal waste into multi-purpose aerogels
90 NUS researchers discover protein that causes neurological complications in HFMD
91 Surpassing the lower limit on computing energy consumption
92 The perfect fit: A 'shoe-in' for a great start to school
93 After 40 years, new fish species in named by students on Guam
94 Water muting with THz optoacoustics: A breakthrough for biomedical applications
95 New pulsed magnet reveals a new state of matter in Kondo insulator
96 Mayo study finds colon cancer driven by hereditary gene mutations in 1 in 6 patients
97 COVID-19 News from Annals of Internal Medicine
98 B cell activating factor possible key to hemophilia immune tolerance
99 Tiny implantable tool for light-sheet imaging of brain activity
100 Science and need--not wealth or nationality--should guide vaccine allocation and prioritization
101 How many Anthropocenes
102 Surprising ionic and flow behaviors with functionalized nanochannels
103 New AI tool tracks evolution of COVID-19 conspiracy theories on social media
104 Scientists identify protein that could serve as a therapeutic target in lung cancer
105 POT1 gene mutation predisposes to glioma and affects survival in a sex-specific manner
106 Light up your mind: A novel light-based treatment for neurodegenerative diseases
107 New algorithm uses online learning for massive cell data sets
108 Research inside hill slopes could help wildfire and drought prediction
109 Updated advice for safe COVID-19 vaccination in people with high-risk allergy histories
110 Airbnb hosts in college towns hike up prices game days to deter rival fans