File Title
1 Hatches Open, 10 Crew Members Occupying Station
2 Ant Responses to Social Isolation Surprisingly Resemble Those of Humans
3 What's the Buzz About Bitcoin Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology?
4 Conspiracy Theories Influence Our Behavior--Even if We Do Not Believe in Them!
5 I Know What You Bought at Chipotle--New Algorithm Identifies Purchases From Only the Bill Total
6 Weird X-ray Surges Detected in Crab Pulsar's Radio Bursts by NASA's NICER
7 African Elephants Have Plenty of Habitat if Spared From the Ivory Trade
8 Corona Inhibitors: X-ray Screening Identifies Promising Drugs for Treatment of COVID-19
9 NASA's Mars Helicopter to Make Historic First Flight Attempt--"Martian Wright Brothers Moment"
10 Connection Found Between Household Chemicals and Gut Microbiome
11 Long Live Superconductivity! Short Flashes of Laser Light With Sustaining Impact
12 Overfishing of Atlantic Cod Likely Did Not Cause Genetic Changes--Hope for Recovery
13 New Research Shows Masks and Ventilation Stop COVID Spread Better Than Social Distancing
14 A Radio Telescope Built in a Crater on the Moon--And Other Innovative NASA Tech Concepts Being Researched
15 NASA's Lucy Spacecraft Stretches Its Wings in Successful Solar Panel Deployment Test
16 Quantum Photonics Breakthrough Promises a New Era of Powerful Optical Circuits
17 Origin of Modern Rainforests Traced to Cataclysmic Asteroid Impact That Destroyed Nearly 75% of All Terrestrial Life on Earth
18 Newly Discovered Virus-Cell Interaction May Explain COVID-19's High Infection Rate
19 NASA Mourns the Death of Apollo-Era Astronaut Philip K. Chapman
20 Popeye With a Whiff of Rotten Eggs: New Metabolic Capabilities of Gut Bacteria Discovered
21 Under the Radar: Searching for Stealthy Supersymmetry at the Large Hadron Collider
22 Pioneering Pollinator Research Reveals Genetic Clues to Darwin's "Abominable Mystery"
23 Historic First Flight of Mars Helicopter Delayed by NASA--Here's Why
24 A New Artificial Island: Preparing for Rising Seas in the Maldives
25 Colored LED Lighting Enhances Growth, Biosynthesis of Microalgae for Next-Generation Biofuel
26 Archean "Water World"--Early Earth's Hot Mantle May Have Led to a Vast Global Ocean
27 Current Climate Model Simulations Significantly Overestimate Future Sea-Level Rise
28 NASA's Mars Odyssey Orbiter: 20 Historic Years of Mapping the Red Planet
29 NASA Seeks to Create a Better, Safer Battery With SABERS
30 Failed Stars Caught Speeding: Astronomers Clock the Fastest-Spinning Brown Dwarfs
31 Earliest Homo Populations in Africa Had Primitive Ape-Like Brains--Just Half the Size of Today's Humans
32 Dynamic Model of SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein Reveals Potential New COVID Vaccine Targets
33 Paleontologists Discover Two Unusual New Species of Ancient, Burrowing Mammal Ancestors
34 Extraordinary Hubble Image: Light Bends From the Beyond
35 How Well Do COVID-19 Vaccines Actually Work Over the Longer Term?
36 Astronomers Sketch U Monocerotis--A Rare Type of Stellar Binary--Using Over a Century of Observations
37 Thick Sea-Ice Warms Greenland Fjords
38 Large Jump in Respiratory Disease Following Volcanic Eruptions
39 Satellites Monitor Unpredictable Explosive Behavior of Mount Etna--Europe's Most Active Volcano
40 NASA Releases Stunning Image of Mars: Blue Dunes on the Red Planet
41 Major Milestone Reached for Sewage and Food Waste Biocrude Conversion Process
42 Children Less Infectious Than Adults With COVID-19--Daycare & In-Person School May Be Relatively Safe
43 Ingredient in Household Cleaner Improves Efficiency of Fusion Reactions
44 Genetic Research Reveals Hidden Diversity of Coral More Important for Conservation Than Previously Thought
45 Good News: Your Toothbrush Reflects You, Not Your Toilet
46 Machine Learning at Speed: Optimization Code Increases Performance by 5x
47 Genes and Corresponding Proteins Discovered That May Lead to New Depression Treatments
48 Cancer DNA Blood Tests Validated--Fast, Cheap and Less Invasive Method to Diagnose and Monitor Cancer
49 Predicting Effects of Genetic Mutations: For Tomato Genes, One Plus One Doesn't Always Make Two
50 Unusual Fossil Discovered That Reveals Last Meal of a Prehistoric Pollinator
51 Gray Wolves Survived Ice-Age Extinction by Adapting Their Diet
52 Contrary to Theory, Stress Does Not Lead to Loss of Self-Control in Eating Disorders
53 COVID-19 Causes "Unexpected" Cellular Response in the Lungs, Surprising Scientists
54 New Mechanism Identified Behind Leading Cause of Blindness
55 MIT Scientists Translated the Structure of a Spider Web Into Music--Watch & Listen
56 Planetary Scientists Discover That Mars Underwent a Great Oxygenation Event Billions of Years Ago
57 Doctors Still Reluctant to Prescribe Medical Cannabis for Pain Relief
58 Using a Nuclear Blast to Deflect an Asteroid: Different Neutron Energies Enhance Asteroid Deflection
59 Cyclone Seroja Slams Australia, Causing Significant Damage to Coastal Towns
60 Ancient Ammonoids' Complex Shell Designs May Have Aided Buoyancy Control
61 Significant Brain Changes Found in Children Who Regularly Snore--May Explain Hyperactivity and Aggression
62 NASA's Ingenuity Helicopter Needs a Flight Control Software Update Before First Flight on Mars
63 Not Your Average Refinery: Sustainable Energy Production Through Electrochemical Reduction
64 Novel Three-Atom Molecular Fountain Experiment Could Identify a Candidate for Dark Matter
65 Better Imperfections: Optically Active Defects Improve Carbon Nanotubes
66 What a Glacial River Reveals About the Greenland Ice Sheet and Global Sea Level Rise
67 Poll: 1 in 4 Parents Give Youth Sports Low Rankings for Enforcement of COVID-19 Guidelines
68 Using Humor and Emotion to Combat Science Misinformation
69 Genetically Modifying Mosquitoes to Eliminate Malaria
70 Network Model Shows How Combining Mask Wearing, Social Distancing Suppresses COVID-19 Virus Spread
71 40th Anniversary of First Space Shuttle Mission--"Something Just Short of a Miracle"
72 Exploring Climate Change and Seafood Sustainability of US Tuna Fisheries
73 Life on Venus? Scientists Shed More Light on Molecules Linked to Life on Other Planets
74 Human Screams Communicate at Least Six Emotions--Surprisingly Acoustically Diverse
75 Awestruck Scientists Watch 2D Puddles of Electrons Spontaneously Emerge in a 3D Superconducting Material
76 50% of Kids With Inflammatory Syndrome After COVID-19 Have Neurological Symptoms
77 Space Debris Danger to Satellites: Over 129 Million Objects in Orbit Around the Earth [Video]
78 British Medical Journal: Cloth Face Covering Reduces Exercise Performance and Physical Capacity
79 Competing Evolutionary Forces Drive Rapid Evolution of Salamander Coloration
80 Noise Can Be Detrimental to Plant Life--Effects Persist Even Years After the Noise Has Been Removed
81 Superbug Killer: New Nanotech Destroys Bacteria and Fungal Cells, While Leaving Human Cells Unharmed
82 NASA's Swift Helps Tie "Ghost Particle" to Star-Shredding Black Hole
83 Catastrophic Wildfires on the Fish Lake Plateau Reduced by Indigenous "Cultural Burning"
84 Toxic Gas in Rat Brains Reveals Potential for New Dementia Treatments
85 Ancient Pottery Reveals First Evidence of Prehistoric Honey Hunting in West Africa 3,500 Years Ago
86 Climate Change Is Making Indian Monsoon Seasons More Chaotic--Potentially Grave Consequences for Agriculture and Economy
87 Researchers Use Genetics To Identify Potential Drugs for Early Treatment of COVID-19
88 Dark Matter Is the Most Likely Source of Excess of Gamma Rays From Galactic Center of the Milky Way
89 COVID Variant B117 Is More Transmissible, but Does Not Increase Severity of Symptoms
90 Intriguing Secret to Jupiter's Curious Aurora Activity Revealed in New Research
91 Screams of "Joy" Are Often Mistaken for "Fear" When Heard Out of Context
92 Monkeydactyl--Strange New Jurassic Flying Reptile Reveals the Oldest Opposable Thumbs
93 Unlike Anything Seen Before--Gigantic Flying Pterosaurs Had Spoked Vertebrae to Support Their "Ridiculously Long" Necks
94 Micrometeorites: More Than 5,000 Tons of Extraterrestrial Dust Falls to Earth Each Year
95 Nearest Exoplanet to Our Solar System: Jupiter-Mass Planet Orbiting Epsilon Eridani
96 New Technique Reliably Measures Whether Rivers or Lakes Have Run Out of Air
97 NASA Satellites Detect Signs of Unrest Years Before Volcanic Eruptions
98 Brain Shrinkage: Your Neighborhood May Affect Your Brain Health
99 Psychedelic Magic Mushroom Compound, Psilocybin, Performs at Least As Well as Leading Antidepressant
100 NASA to Provide Live Coverage of Expedition 64 Space Station Crew Landing
101 New Deep Learning AI Tool Can Revolutionize Microscopy
102 How Do We Know if an Asteroid Headed Our Way Is a Dangerous Threat?
103 Telescopes Unite in Unprecedented Observations of Famous Black Hole Across the Entire Electromagnetic Spectrum
104 Public Trust in the CDC Falls During COVID Pandemic
105 Beast From the East--Snow Chaos in Europe Caused by Melting Sea-Ice in the Arctic
106 Unique U.S. Army Developed COVID-19 Vaccine Begins Phase 1 Clinical Trial
107 Preventing Heart Infection From Mouth Bacteria With Good Dental Health
108 Doctors Identify Two Distinct Types of COVID-19-Associated Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome
109 Dansgaard-Oeschger Events: Abrupt Ice Age Climate Changes Behaved Like Cascading Dominoes
110 Researchers Visualize the Motion of Vortices in Quantum Superfluid Turbulence
111 Size Isn't Everything: Megafauna Extinction Mystery
112 Norovirus Clusters Known to Cause Stomach Flu Are Resistant to Environmental Stresses and UV Disinfection
113 Serbian Tennis Player Novak Djokovic Now Has a Tiny New Snail Species Named After Him
114 How Stress and the Circadian Clock Affect Sleep
115 UCI researchers' invention could lead to longer-lasting batteries