File Title
1 Modelling ancient antarctic ice sheets helps us see future of global warming
2 FSU College of Medicine research links Parkinson's disease and neuroticism
3 New NASA visualization probes the light-bending dance of binary black holes
4 Officials, voters, show greater concern about ocean waste after kids' presentations
5 Unlocking new avenues for curing cancer: Cell receptor neuropilin-1 could hold the key
6 Microorganisms on the Rio Grande Rise are a basis for life and a possible origin of metals
7 A more complete account
8 Understanding how DNA repairs itself may lead to better cancer treatment
9 Worm infestation in intestine has a remote effect on viral defenses
10 Japanese-European research team discovers novel genetic mitochondrial disorder
11 Study: New approach may boost prostate cancer immunotherapies
12 Tracking the progress of fusion power through 60 years of neutral particle analysis
13 Investigating heavy quark physics with the LHCb experiment
14 Penn study suggests those who had COVID-19 may only need one vaccine dose
15 Ten reasons why the coronavirus is airborne
16 Plastics could see a second life as biodegradable surfactants
17 Physicists develop theoretical model for neural activity of mouse brain
18 Spending time on household chores may improve brain health
19 New research shows breast cancer treatment in patients over age 70 can be safely reduced
20 Genetic ancestry versus race can provide specific, targeted insights to predict and treat many diseases
21 Forest elephants are now critically endangered--here's how to count them
22 A neuromagnetic view through the skull
23 Epidemic of firearm injury spurs new wave of research
24 Long-term survival rates for immunotherapies could be misinterpreted
25 New paper shows how disease can affect economies for generations
26 Meatpacking plants increased COVID-19 cases in US counties
27 Study of marten genomes suggests coastal safe havens aided peopling of Americas
28 Estrogen status--not sex--protects against heightened fear recall
29 Water purification system engineered from wood, with help from a microwave oven
30 COVID-19 reduces access to opioid dependency treatment for new patients
31 eBird data used to shape eagle management
32 Trial shows York leishmaniasis vaccine safe and induces immune responses in patients
33 CHOP-led research study identifies key target in treatment-resistant hemophilia A
34 Discount on charging electric cars helps to solve traffic jams
35 Visio-vestibular examination is critical part of diagnosing concussion in young athletes
36 No increase in brain health problems in middle age for men who played football in high school
37 Environmental protection could benefit from 'micro' as well as 'macro' thinking
38 Mathematical method builds synthetic hearts to identify how heart shape could be linked to disease
39 Oxygen migration enables ferroelectricity on nanoscale
40 Drought-induced mortality of conifers
41 Betting on drones as smart agricultural tools for pesticide use in farms
42 One year of SARS-CoV-2 evolution
43 CityU biologists discover super-enhancers that switch on breast cancer genes
44 ACTA Pharmaceutica Sinica B Volume 11, Issue 3 publishes
45 BIO Integration Journal, Volume 2, Issue Number 1, publishes
46 The Lancet Respiratory Medicine: Past COVID-19 infection does not fully protect young people from reinfection
47 Keep calm! How blood vessels are kept in check
48 New way of diagnostics detects 'undetectable' genetic defects
49 The architect of genome folding
50 Designing better antibody drugs with artificial intelligence
51 Keeping fit with HIIT really does work
52 A study identifies a universal property for efficient communication
53 Fewer advertisers but more subscribers to the Nordic news media during the pandemic
54 Discovery of epigenetic factors predicting the severity of COVID-19
55 HIV has been had
56 Recent wildlife documentaries affect public understanding of wider conservation
57 Objective analysis of stress in the classroom
58 Researchers identify five double star systems potentially suitable for life
59 Confirmed: Island gigantism and dwarfism result of evolutionary island rule
60 3500 year-old honeypot: Oldest direct evidence for honey collecting in Africa
61 Researchers unveil new 'time machine' technique to measure cells
62 First 3D-printed proton-conductive membrane paves way for tailored energy storage devices
63 Classification scheme developed for newly identified multiple sclerosis-like disease
64 Scientists more confident projecting ENSO changes under global warming
65 German National HPC Centre provides resources to look for cracks in the standard model
66 The architect of genome folding
67 Potential impact of pass/fail USMLE Step 1 scoring on radiology residency applications
68 Outcome predictive performance of admission chest radiographs in COVID-19 patients
69 TPU scientists find method to more effectively predict properties of ClO2 isotopologues
70 Researchers demonstrate very high specificity of prime editors in plants
71 New benefits from anti-diabetic drug metformin
72 How changing income assistance payment schedules impact drug use and related harm
73 Patients who are overweight or obese at risk of more severe COVID-19
74 McMaster scientists discover trained immune cells are highly effective against cancer
75 Study indicates longer reproductive life span experienced by US women
76 Potential ways to improve survival for cancer patients who receive fragmented care
77 Treatment not always needed to prevent vision loss in patients with elevated eye pressure
78 Transparent nanolayers for more solar power
79 An ion pump to deliver chemotherapy agents to the brain
80 How can we conserve Seychelles giant trevallies?
81 Uncovering the secrets of some of the world's first color photographs
82 Researcher uses bat-inspired design to develop new approach to sound location
83 With the right carbon price path there is no need for excessive CO2 removal
84 Discovery of epigenetic factors predicting the severity of COVID-19
85 Lung cancer screening predicts risk of death from heart disease
86 The Hunger Games: Uncovering the secret of the hunger switch in the brain
87 Respiratory viral pathogens, quickly caught on-site!
88 UZH researchers find new measure to predict stress resilience
89 New type of cell contributes to increased understanding of ALS
90 Immunotherapy alone extended life for metastatic lung cancer patients with KRAS mutation
91 Process simultaneously removes toxic metals and salt to produce clean water
92 UCI-led study uses plankton genomes as global biosensors of ocean ecosystem stress
93 Experts' predictions for future wind energy costs drop significantly
94 Study finds link between racial factors and likelihood of getting proven diabetes treatment
95 Couples and young-onset dementia: Study of coping offers hope for new interventions
96 In surprising twist, some Alzheimer's plaques may be protective, not destructive
97 Latest Neuropixels probes can track neurons over weeks
98 CNIO researchers discover that a drug already in use in humans corrects obesity in mice
99 The Internet brings people into big cities, new study suggests
100 Nerve stimulation reduces pain and opioid use after orthopedic surgery
101 Temporal link between medicinal cannabis for epilepsy and early puberty
102 Heavy energy drink consumption linked to heart failure in a young man
103 Norovirus clusters are resistant to environmental stresses and UV disinfection, new study finds
104 Nuclear DNA from sediments helps unlock ancient human history
105 Study strengthens links between red meat and heart disease
106 Novak Djokovic now has a tiny new snail species named after him
107 Pregnancy increases kidney stone risk, Mayo Clinic study finds
108 Want to be robust at 40-plus? Meeting minimum exercise guidelines won't cut it
109 Baked meteorites yield clues to planetary atmospheres
110 Two distinct types of COVID-19-associated acute respiratory distress syndrome identified