File Title
1 China's Long March 7A rocket puts satellite in orbit
2 Space launch from British soil one step closer
3 Rocket Lab plans new Neutron rocket, intends to go public
4 India launches PSLV-C51 carrying Brazil's Amazonia-1 and 18 Satellites
5 Virgin Galactic posts revenue loss of $238 million in Q4
6 Russia plans at least 10 launches from Baikonur in 2021
7 DLR is creating the rocket fuels of the future
8 Greener way to get satellites moving
9 Benchmark Space Systems and Orbit Fab Breaking Ground on Mobile Refueling Stations in Space
10 Researchers use origami to solve space travel challenge
11 NIST designs a prototype fuel gauge for orbit
12 NASA refueling mission completes second set of robotic tool operations in space
13 Ariane 6 pre-flight 'plumbing' tests
14 Early combined tests mimic Ariane 6 liftoff
15 Processing begins with the Pleiades Neo 3 satellite for Arianespace's next Vega launch
16 EUMETSAT and Arianespace confirm deal to launch of two Meteosat satellites with Ariane 6
17 Arianespace signs with Avio for 10 additional Vega C launchers
18 Asteroid crater on Earth provides clues about Martian craters
19 New study discovers ancient meteoritic impact over Antarctica 430,000 years ago
20 Scientists unearth meteorite from the birth of the solar system
21 Rare meteorite recovered in UK after spectacular fireball
22 Meteorites remember conditions of stellar explosions
23 Ceramic chips inside meteorites hint at wild days of the early solar system
24 Oldest carbonates in the solar system
25 NASA selects innovative, early-stage tech concepts for continued study
26 Facing pressure at home, Chinese tech giants expand in Singapore
27 China extends innovation lead over US
28 Pandemic drags German admin. out of the 1980s
29 EU plans data shakeup to boost home-grown innovation
30 China pushes domestic economy, tech power in five-year plan
31 China passes export law protecting national security, covering tech
32 Trump tech war with China changes the game for US business
33 Israeli tech start-ups take on the Emirates
34 Explore how space supports daily life around the world
35 Trump visa freeze delivers blow to US tech sector
36 Mars didn't dry up in one go
37 Trinity researchers tackle the spiders from Mars
38 New study challenges long-held theory of fate of Martian Water
39 Ice frozen under Mars' surface offers major resource to aid future settlements
40 Melting dusty ice may have carved Martian gullies
41 Where Should Future Astronauts Land on Mars? Follow the Water
42 NASA, International Partners assess mission to map ice on Mars
43 Crater study offers window on temperatures 3.5 billion years ago
44 Analyzing different solid states of water on other planets and moons
45 Lunar brightness temperature for calibration of microwave humidity sounders
46 NASA aims to wow public with landing video, images
47 Engine of Atlantis
48 China's lunar rover travels 682 meters on far side of moon
49 Skoltech and MIT explore human landing system architectures for Moon landings
50 A dose of Moonlight
51 One giant step: Moon race hots up
52 Moving into Cislunar Space
53 Lockheed Martin and NEC Put AI to Work on Programs like NASA's Artemis Mission
54 Apollo rock samples capture key moments in the Moon's early history, study find
55 China's lunar rover travels 652 meters on far side
56 Goddard's Core Flight Software Chosen for NASA's Lunar Gateway
57 NASA awards contract to launch initial elements for lunar outpost
58 Armstrong Assists with Orion for First Astronaut Mission
59 Lunar traffic to pick up as NASA readies for robotic commercial moon deliveries
60 NASA's Artemis Base Camp on the Moon will need light, water, elevation
61 Moon rock on Joe Biden's desk raises hopes for lunar return
62 Lunar Surface Trash or Treasure?
63 Lockheed Martin-Built Orion spacecraft is ready for its Moon mission
64 Orion Ready to Fuel Up for Artemis I Mission
65 NASA, Japan formalize Gateway Partnership for Artemis Program
66 More than 5,000 tons of extraterrestrial dust fall to Earth each year
67 Different neutron energies enhance asteroid deflection
68 The world's oldest crater from a meteorite isn't an impact crater after all
69 Asteroid dust found in crater closes case of dinosaur extinction
70 The comet that killed the dinosaurs
71 An asteroid "double disaster" struck Germany in the Miocene
72 The craters on Earth
73 A subterranean ecosystem in the Chicxulub Crater
74 Earth, moon were bombarded by asteroid shower 800 million years ago
75 Asteroid impact, not volcanoes, made the Earth uninhabitable for dinosaurs
76 Name given to asteroid target of ESA's planetary defense mission
77 Protecting Earth from asteroid impact with a tethered diversion
78 Dinosaur-dooming asteroid struck earth at 'deadliest possible' angle
79 Fire from the sky
80 How to deflect an asteroid
81 We found the world's oldest asteroid strike in Western Australia. It might have triggered a global thaw
82 Scientists find huge meteor crater in northeast China
83 Russia working on means to destroy dangerous asteroids hurtling toward Earth
84 Researcher calls on amateur astronomers to help with mission to prevent future asteroid impacts
85 Machine-learning methods lead to discovery of rare "quadruply imaged quasars"
86 New study sews doubt about the composition of 70 percent of our universe
87 The very first structures in the Universe
88 Mechanical cosmos recreated inside world's first analogue computer
89 Most distant cosmic jet providing clues about early universe
90 Will this solve the mystery of the expansion of the universe
91 Big Data to model the evolution of the cosmic web
92 Supercomputer turns back cosmic clock
93 More potential air leak locations found at ISS
94 In Russia, the legend of cosmonaut Gagarin lives on
95 60 years after Gagarin, Russia lags in the space race
96 RS-25 rocket engines return to launch Artemis missions
97 Florida rocket company rebrands, plans bigger rocket
98 SpaceX Starship test flight fails
99 NASA mega moon rocket passes key test, readies for launch
100 Goddard's first liquid-fueled rocket
101 Perseverance's take selfie with Ingenuity
102 Sensors collect crucial data on Mars landings with arrival of Perseverance
103 For some scientists, Mars 2020 is a mission of perseverance
104 Perseverance SuperCam science instrument delivers first results
105 Perseverance 'SuperCam' begins hunt for past life on Mars
106 NASA's Perseverance Drives on Mars' Terrain for First Time
107 Mastcam-Z's First 360-Degree Panorama
108 NASA's Mars Perseverance Rover Provides Front-Row Seat to Landing, First Audio Recording of Red Planet
109 Searching for life in NASA's Perseverance Mars samples
110 NASA's Curiosity team names Martian hill that serves as mission gateway