File Title
1 CU cancer researcher wins two awards to study drug-resistant cancer cells
2 Maintaining body weight won't save colorectal cancer survivors
3 Particulates are more dangerous than previously thought
4 New findings about immune system reaction to malaria and sickle cell disease
5 Study: Older multiple myeloma patients can be spared of long-term steroids
6 More is better, when it comes to case volume for complex gastrointestinal cancer surgery
7 Bioengineers learn the secrets to precisely turning on and off genes
8 Taking a look at the last millennium shows: Droughts in Germany could become more extreme
9 Turns out altruism is for the fish
10 Study shows stronger brain activity after writing on paper than on tablet or smartphone
11 'Opposite action' could improve industrial gas separation
12 Starving tumors by blocking glutamine uptake
13 High vitamin D levels may protect against COVID-19, especially for Black people
14 Carbon uptake in regrowing Amazon forest threatened by climate and human disturbance
15 New plutonium research helps distinguish nuclear power pollution from global fall out
16 Strengthening water resources planning in East Africa
17 In pandemic, potentially avoidable hospitalizations for non-COVID conditions fell more among whites
18 Researchers identify immune cells that contribute to transplant rejection
19 Hospital surge capacity survey before COVID-19 gives insight into pandemic preparedness
20 Building tough 3D nanomaterials with DNA
21 New technology 'retrains' cells to repair damaged brain tissue in mice after stroke
22 Study examines fermented milks' potential benefits for decreasing high blood pressure through modulation of gut microbiota
23 Holographic microscopy illuminates pain-driven changes in neuronal network activity
24 Emphasizing urgency alone won't increase support for major climate policies, study finds
25 An easy way to reduce socioeconomic disparities
26 'Hunger hormone' ghrelin affects monetary decision making
27 Tubeless automated insulin delivery system improves blood glucose outcomes
28 Real "doodles of light" in real-time mark leap for holograms at home
29 Increased risk of hearing impairment with new thyroid eye disease treatment
30 Common drugs for type 2 diabetes and obesity do not increase breast cancer risk
31 Hospitalized COVID-19 patients fare worse when they have high blood sugar
32 Semaglutide reduces excess body fat in people with obesity
33 Lifestyle program improves fertility for women with obesity, infertility
34 Largest-ever analysis of its kind finds Cushing's syndrome triples risk of death
35 Black women with PCOS have higher risk factors for heart disease, diabetes and stroke
36 Supplements may protect those with low vitamin D levels from severe COVID-19
37 Few patients at risk for common high blood pressure disorder receive screening
38 Obesity raises type 2 diabetes risk in women with PCOS
39 Transgender youth face higher risk of conditions that affect heart health
40 Sleep disturbances may contribute to weight gain in menopause
41 White button mushrooms could slow progression of prostate cancer
42 Children, teens with type 1 diabetes had better glucose control during COVID-19 lockdown
43 Poor diabetes control in children tied to high risk for COVID-19 complications, death
44 Hospitalized COVID-19 patients with obesity are significantly more likely to need ICU care
45 Children with adrenal insufficiency are 10 times more likely to die from COVID-19
46 New treatment shows promise in preventing heart failure after heart attack
47 Genetic evidence suggests men can develop PCOS-like condition
48 First targeted therapy for children with achondroplasia shows persistent height gain
49 Night owls with gestational diabetes may face higher risk of pregnancy complications
50 Study finds oral testosterone therapy undecanoate is effective, with no liver toxicity
51 Combination thyroid hormone therapies treat hypothyroidism as well as levothyroxine
52 COVID-19 can cause atypical thyroid inflammation
53 Spanish-speaking children experience higher rate of obesity than English-speaking children
54 Many endocrine patients, providers want to continue telehealth after pandemic
55 Superconductivity from buckled-honeycomb-vacancy ordering
56 Drought over the southwestern Tibetan Plateau triggered by ocean warming more than ten thousand miles away
57 Shell middens rewrite history of submerged coastal landscapes in North America & Europe
58 Atomic techniques reveal the evolution of a bacterial protein
59 Eating processed meat could increase dementia risk
60 Evidence supports COVID hearing loss link, say scientists
61 Personal values & political worldviews shape perception of COVID-19 risk more than its severity
62 Weekly insulin helps patients with type 2 diabetes achieve similar blood sugar control to daily insulin
63 Readmission rate high for adults hospitalized for diabetic ketoacidosis
64 High-performance quasi-2D perovskite light-emitting diodes: from materials to devices
65 Time-expanded phase-sensitive optical time-domain reflectometry
66 A simple laser for quantum-like classical light
67 Metasurfaces for manipulating terahertz waves
68 Underwater swimming robot responds with feedback from soft 'lateral line'
69 Study reveals plunge in lithium-ion battery costs
70 New genetic links found to rare eye disease
71 Penguin hemoglobin evolved to meet oxygen demands of diving
72 Scientists reveal regenerative treatment path for diabetic foot ulcers
73 Fungal species causing candidiasis use distinct infection strategies
74 Total knee replacement a cost-effective treatment for patients with knee osteoarthritis
75 Deaths from COVID-19 have progressively declined at nursing homes, researchers find
76 Key research advance could spawn new treatments for heart diseases
77 Fans prefer teams that built success over time more than with purchased super
78 A strong coffee half an hour before exercising increases fat-burning
79 Fruit fly egg takes an active hand in its own growth, highlighting parallels to mammals
80 UMass Amherst researchers develop ultra-sensitive flow microsensors
81 Phytol may be promising for eco-friendly agrochemicals to control root-knot nematodes
82 UNM study: As more are vaccinated, it makes economic sense to gradually open the economy
83 Metamorphosis is needed in entrepreneurship and management, pioneering economist says
84 Why commercialization of carbon capture and sequestration has failed and how it can work
85 Inflammation and pressure-sensing leads to 'feed-forward' loop in osteoarthritis
86 What early-budding trees tell us about genetics, climate change
87 Planting the seed for DNA nanoconstructs that grow to the micron scale
88 Energizing India
89 Study outlines testing strategies for safer air travel during the pandemic
90 Large new study reveals rates of brain abnormalities in healthy children
91 Healthy sleep may rely on long-overlooked brain cells
92 Long-haul COVID: Columbia physicians review what's known
93 University of Ottawa researchers close in on root of slow motor learning in autism
94 Don't let the small stuff get you down--your well-being may depend on it
95 Worth one's salt
96 First closeups of how a lithium-metal electrode ages
97 New basalt type discovered beneath the ocean
98 Antibody injections could become more affordable with new production method
99 Uniform drying time for goldenseal to enhance medicinal qualities of forest herb
100 Ending tuberculosis is a race against time and drug resistance
101 Redox imaging allows measurement of drug responses in lab-grown cancer samples
102 Arctic methane release due to melting ice is likely to happen again
103 A sense for the unseen: Novel DNA sensor can rapidly detect antibiotic-resistant pathogens
104 Electrode interphase formation
105 Trinity scientists find that binding iron improves the effect of anti-TB drug Bedaquiline
106 New Barrett's esophagus monitoring method could aid in easier and more precise prognoses
107 Focusing on the unhealthy brain to speed drug discovery
108 To live independently longer, look to inexpensive home hacks
109 Reading minds with ultrasound: A less-invasive technique to decode the brain's intentions
110 Transcutaneous stimulation improves hand function in people with complete tetraplegia