File Title
1 Fourth generation of e-cigarettes is not harmless
2 Community 'voice' should guide expanding African cities
3 Viruses: Evolution on the outskirts
4 Trinity researchers tackle the spiders from Mars
5 Cancer screenings rebounded quickly after drop at start of pandemic
6 New study implicates disease-driving B cells in fatty liver disease development
7 Finding high-Q resonant modes in a dielectric nanocavity
8 Detonating fuse for breast cancer discovered
9 Houston refines hunt for COVID in wastewater
10 New treatment proves more effective and less toxic for neuroendocrine tumor patients
11 Scientists develop AI platform to assess blood vessel anomalies and eye disease
12 Cholesterol accumulation contributes to genetic movement disorder
13 Image analysis based on machine learning reliably identifies haematological malignancies
14 Study could help develop biosensors for non-invasive diagnosis of diseases
15 The dirt on crop insurance
16 Cancer study highlights racial disparities for patients facing dual diagnoses
17 Pandemic lockdowns boost, democratize online education
18 Virtual lab finds the right AI tool for each chemistry problem
19 Making plastics production more energy efficient
20 Anti-tuberculosis drug can be safely dosed even higher
21 Heritable traits that appear in teen years raise risk for adult cannabis use
22 Widening political rift in U.S. may threaten science, medicine
23 Agricultural biodiversity:
24 Machine learning shows potential to enhance quantum information transfer
25 Study finds racial equity in crisis standard of care guidelines
26 BU researchers explore forensic anthropology's current knowledge with transgendender bodies
27 BU researchers identify two drugs that delay bone marrow cancer development
28 Investigational gene regulation therapy could protect against Alzheimer's
29 Aging-US: Aging phenotype of MDPL syndrome associated with impaired DNA repair capacity
30 Scientists discover how humans develop larger brains than other apes
31 Predicting who may do best with psychedelic-assisted therapy
32 A project by Russian scientists will help create capsules for targeted drug delivery
33 Aging-US: Aging and rejuvenation--a modular epigenome model
34 Study finds that offshore pile driving noise alters feeding behaviors of longfin squid
35 Different diseases--common metabolic pathways
36 Research in metaphors enables better understanding of depression and patients' needs
37 Oncotarget: Ibuprofen disrupts protein complex in colorectal cells
38 Oncotarget: Predictors of immunotherapy benefit in Merkel cell carcinoma
39 COVID-19 related cyber-attacks leveraged government announcements
40 No connection between proximity to Stockholm terrorist attack and attitudes to terrorism
41 One in 10 older adults have gotten a "pandemic pet," poll finds
42 The bacteria that look after us and their protective weapons
43 Cyber security experts launch guidelines to help police crackdown on organised crime
44 Oncotarget: Hispanic Chronic myelomonocytic leukemia patients
45 Skoltech scientist bridges the gap between quantum simulators and quantum computers
46 Move your body for five minutes every hour to counteract lockdown inactivity
47 COVID-19 pandemic severely impacts mental health of young people
48 New porous material promising for making renewable energy from water
49 Upgrade for CRISPR/Cas: Researchers knock out multiple genes in plants at once
50 Tunable smart materials
51 Sealing fistulas with regenerative immiscible bioglue
52 Modification of graphene using laser light
53 Nanobiomaterial boosts neuronal growth in mice with spinal cord injuries
54 Direct reprogramming of oral epithelial cells into mesenchymal-like cells
55 Diamond color centers for nonlinear photonics
56 An exotic metal-insulator transition in a surface-doped transition metal dichalcogenide
57 Researchers' algorithm designs soft robots that sense
58 Majority of cancer patients with COVID-19 have similar immune response to people without cancer
59 Virtues of modeling many faults: New method illuminates shape of Alaskan quake
60 Hormone drugs may disarm COVID-19 spike protein and stop disease progression
61 Women missing out on workplace mentoring post #MeToo
62 Toronto researchers develop rapid low cost method to measure COVID-19 immunity
63 Its curvature foreshadows the next financial bubble
64 The astonishing self-organization skills of the brain
65 Modifying an implant: Dental implant biomaterials
66 Bacteria may aid anti-cancer immune response
67 Big breakthrough for 'massless' energy storage
68 Human fondness, faith in machines grows during pandemic
69 Study identifies concerning delays in TB diagnoses in the United States
70 Study aims to (re)define Latino manhood and masculinity
71 Motherless gorillas beat the odds
72 Study underscores need for multidisciplinary care for COVID-19 long-haulers
73 Does 'harsh parenting' lead to smaller brains?
74 Global biodiversity awareness tracked with Wikipedia page views
75 Antioxidant-primed stem cells show promise in repairing bone damaged by radiation
76 Having a single personal doctor may sometimes lead to unnecessary tests
77 Common inflammatory bowel disease treatment linked to reduced COVID-19 antibody response
78 Lung cancer resistance: the key is glucose
79 Severe mental illness linked to higher death rate after heart attack
80 New evidence in search for the mysterious Denisovans
81 Income drives the economy, not prices
82 Goodbye large neural probes
83 UBCO researcher recommends systematic approach to forest and water supply management
84 Graduates of comprehensive preschool program less likely to be obese in adulthood
85 United States ranks lowest in overall policies to help parents support children
86 Major 'State of the Planet' report out in advance of first Nobel Prize Summit
87 Want to improve your health? Head to a national park, and absorb the sounds
88 Prostate cancer uses metabolic switch to thrive after hormone therapy
89 Yale researchers create map of undiscovered life
90 Pay for elderly to live in care homes in lower income countries, rich nations advised
91 Explosive origins of 'secondary' ice--and snow
92 Insomnia, disrupted sleep, and burnout linked to higher odds of severe COVID-19
93 Inflammatory bowel disease biologic blunts immune response to COVID-19
94 Deep seafloor nutrient vital in global food chain
95 Ultra-processed foods are breaking your heart
96 Viagra may prolong life for men with coronary artery disease
97 Expressing some doubts about android faces
98 Catalytic hydrogenation of CO2 to methanol: Low temperature, high efficiency, and long working time
99 More primary care physicians could mean gains in life expectancy, fewer deaths
100 A single day of competition in the wild is encoded in the songbird brain, finds study
101 To produce more food, UF scientists look to get more mileage out of plant enzymes
102 Study estimates rising global burden of gallbladder and biliary tract cancer
103 Toxic PAH air pollutants from fossil fuels 'multiply' in sunlight
104 Total knee replacement cost effective for patients with osteoarthritis and extreme obesity
105 Negative mood linked to prolonged amygdala activity
106 How cellular fingertips may help cells "speak" to each other
107 Curtin research finds first clues to start of Earth's supercontinent cycle
108 Giant fossil's 'bird-brain'
109 Automatic trail cameras keep wildlife research going during pandemic
110 Curbing COVID-19 on campuses nationwide