File Title
1 In Severe COVID-19, Cytokine "Hurricane" in Lung Attracts Damaging Inflammatory Cells
2 Exploring a New Material Class to Help Keep Pace With Moore's Law
3 Earth Has a Hot New Neighbor: Discovery of a Nearby Exoplanet Suitable for Atmospheric Investigation
4 From Stardust to Pale Blue Dot: Carbon's Intriguing Interstellar Journey to Earth
5 Mystery Condition Can Leave People Suddenly Paralyzed--Possible Link to microRNA Discovered
6 Mystery Condition Can Leave People Suddenly Paralyzed--Possible Link to microRNA Discovered
7 Exploring Earth From Space: Global Easter Egg Hunt
8 How to Train a Robot (Using Artificial Intelligence and Supercomputers)
9 Crystals Reveal Early Humans in the Kalahari 105,000 Years Ago Were As Innovative as Their Coastal Neighbors
10 NASA OSIRIS-REx's Final Observation Run of Asteroid Bennu Before Returning to Earth
11 Pioneering Framework Could Reduce Energy Demand in Homes and Buildings
12 CERN Scientists Successfully Laser-Cool Antimatter for the First Time
13 Crucial Data on Mars Landings Collected by Sensors During Successful Arrival of NASA's Perseverance
14 Archaeologists Use AI for Modern Analysis of Rock Art
15 Brain's Role in Broken Heart Syndrome: How Stress-Related Brain Activity Can Temporarily Damage the Heart
16 A New State of Light: Physicists Observe New Phase in Bose-Einstein Condensate of Light Particles
17 Jupiter's Visible and Invisible Winds: Giant Planet's Powerful Magnetic Field Changes Over Time
18 Blind Spots Uncovered at the Intersection of AI and Neuroscience--Dozens of Scientific Papers Debunked
19 New Decoy Protein Treatment Fools Coronavirus, Rendering It Impotent
20 Astronomers See a "Space Jellyfish"--Stunning Cosmic Phenomenon
21 ESAIL Microsatellite Captures 2,000,000 Messages From 70,000 Ships at Sea in a Single Day
22 Bioengineers Learn the Secrets to Precisely Turning on and off Genes in Living Cells
23 How the Giant Asteroid That Wiped Out the Dinosaurs Gave Rise to Modern Rainforests
24 India Can Boost Clean Energy While Doubling Its Power Supply by 2030
25 Astronomers Spot Stellar Eggs Near Center of the Milky Way Hatching Into Baby Stars
26 How Life on Land Recovered After "The Great Dying" Mass Extinction Event
27 Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Spies Movement of Shadows Near the Moon's South Pole
28 Distant Stars Spiraling Towards a Collision Help Unravel the Mysterious Forces That Bind Sub-Atomic Particles
29 Physics Mystery Behind "Coffee Ring" Formation Uncovered
30 Faster Fusion Reactor Calculations Thanks to AI
31 Paraguay's First Satellite Deployed From Space Station--Will Help Track a Tiny, Life-Threatening Parasite
32 An Organic Material for Next Generation Energy-Efficient HVAC Technologies
33 NASA's Line From Spain to Deep Space
34 Gene Changes Linked to Severe Repetitive Behaviors Seen in Autism, Schizophrenia, and Drug Addiction
35 Revolutionary Research: Scientists Create First Model of an Early Human Embryo From Skin Cells
36 The Mystery of the Muon's Magnetism
37 A Striking Colorful Confluence in the Canadian Arctic
38 Bizarre Manta-Like Sharks Once Soared Through Late Cretaceous Oceans
39 Extra-Terrestrial Particles Discovered in Antarctica Reveal Ancient Meteoritic Impact 430,000 Years Ago
40 Why the Middle Is Neglected in Politics and Other Spectrums--Mathematical Model Reveals Surprises
41 Double-Duty: New Catalyst Generates Hydrogen Fuel While Cleaning Up Wastewater
42 If COVID Spread to North American Bats, It Could Be Disastrous--Here Is the Current Risk Assessment
43 Two Strange Planets: Unsolved Magnetic Mystery on Uranus and Neptune
44 First James Webb Space Telescope General Observer Scientific Programs Selected
45 Check Out Australia's Oldest Known Rock Painting--A 2 Meter Kangaroo Over 17,000 Years Old
46 Hubble Spies a Luminous Heart With Dark Tendrils
47 Harvesting Energy From Radio Waves to Power Wearable Electronic Devices
48 Outsmarting Cheaters: Doping by Athletes Tougher to Hide With New Detection Method
49 Making Cleaner, Greener, Biodegradable Plastics From Waste Fish Parts
50 It's Cold on Mars--What Temperatures As Low as -130F Mean for NASA's Ingenuity Helicopter
51 First Infection of Human Cells During Spaceflight Analyzed by Researchers
52 Decellularized Spinach Serves as an Edible Platform for Growing Artificial Meat
53 NASA's Ingenuity Mars Helicopter Prepares for Takeoff
54 Climate Change: Western Water Resources Threatened by Increased Winter Snowmelt
55 New Material Breakthrough Could Be the Key to Revolutionary, Transparent Electronics
56 Lightning Strikes Will More Than Double in Arctic As Climate Warms, Driving Increased Wildfires and Warming
57 Experiments Show Sunlight Destroys COVID Virus 8 Times Faster Than Scientists Thought
58 A Clue to How Some Fast-Growing Cancer Tumors Hide in Plain Sight
59 Redheads May Have Different Pain Thresholds--New Research Reveals Why
60 New Web App Ranks Spillover Risk for Newly Detected Viruses--Current Leader: Coronavirus 229E (Bat Strain)
61 Hawc: Are Photons With Monstrous Energies Coming From the Galaxy's Largest Accelerator?
62 Evidence of Antarctic Glacier's Tipping Point Confirmed for First Time--Risk of Rapid and Irreversible Retreat
63 Self-Learning, Self-Evolving Smart Quantum Technologies for Secure Communication
64 Deep Dive Into Key SARS-CoV-2 Protein Is a Step Toward New COVID-19 Drugs & Vaccines
65 New Method to Separate Beer Waste Into Proteins for Foods, and Fiber for Biofuels
66 Tsunami of Chronic Health Conditions Expected as a Result of COVID-19 Pandemic--Will Affect Society for Decades
67 NASA's Ingenuity Mars Helicopter Survives First Frigid Martian Night on Its Own
68 Searching for New Physics in the Subatomic World
69 Terahertz Imaging of Graphene Paves the Way to Optimization and Industrialization
70 Experimental Therapy For Parasitic Heart Disease--K777--May Also Help Stop COVID-19
71 Droughts Lasted Longer and Rainfall Was More Erratic Over the Last 50 Years in Most of the West
72 Scientists Have Identified 9 Potential New COVID-19 Treatments--Including Several That Are Already FDA-Approved
73 Chest CT Scans Illuminate Mortality Risk in People With COPD
74 Scientists Grow Tiny Brains in 3D-Printed Bioreactor
75 Dalian Coherent Light Source Reveals the Origin of S2 Fragments in the Interstellar Medium
76 Humans Were Apex Predators for Two Million Years--Our Stone Age Ancestors Mostly Ate Meat
77 Hubble Space Telescope Sees Volcanic Activity Reforming the Atmosphere on a Rocky Exoplanet
78 Size of Raindrops Help Identify Potentially Habitable Planets Outside Our Solar System
79 Snakefly Mystery Deepens After Surprising Fossil Discovery
80 New Insights on Cause of Severe Reactions Following Pfizer/BioNTech mRNA COVID-19 Vaccination
81 New Low-Cost Dynamically-Controlled Surface for 3D Printers Reduces Waste and Saves Time
82 Reality Is Almost Stranger Than Fiction: The Incredible Bacterial "Homing Missiles" That Scientists Want to Harness
83 Scientists Create a New Electronegativity Scale
84 Invisible Tattoo Made of Gold Nanoparticles Revolutionizes Medical Diagnostics
85 Two New Species of Screech Owls Discovered in Amazon Rainforest--Both Are Already Critically Endangered
86 Genetic Sequencing Shows Coronavirus Variation Drives Pandemic Surges
87 NASA Conducts 2nd RS-25 Engine Hot Fire Test for World's Most Powerful Rocket
88 Synthetic Mucus Can Mimic the Real Thing--Including Unique Antimicrobial Properties
89 Death Star Dueling Quasars Looming in the Sky: Hubble Spots Double Quasars in Merging Galaxies
90 Chemical Fingerprint of First Transiting Exoplanet Reveals Its Distant Birthplace
91 The Muon's Magnetic Moment Fits Just Fine: Strength of the Sub-Atomic Particle's Magnetic Field Aligns
92 Evidence of Exciting New Physics From U.S. Department of Energy's Muon G-2 Experiment--"Today Is an Extraordinary Day"
93 Surprising Entropy Measurements Reveal Exotic Effect in "Magic-Angle" Graphene
94 A New Natural Brilliant Blue for Food Coloring
95 Next-Generation Surgical Sutures Inspired by Human Tendons Can Deliver Drugs, Prevent Infections, and Monitor Wounds
96 NASA Perseverance Rover's First Weather Report From Jezero Crater on Mars
97 New Nondestructive Optical Technique Reveals the Structure of Mother-of-Pearl, a Tough Iridescent Biomineral
98 Epic Mars Selfie: NASA's Perseverance Rover With the Ingenuity Helicopter
99 Old Tires Turned Into Graphene That Makes Stronger Concrete
100 INSTASWAB: A Better Nasal Swab for COVID-19 Testing
101 Science Made Simple: What Are Muons?
102 406 Day: Celebrating Galileo Saving Lives
103 Two Currently Available Medications--an Antifungal and an Antidepressant--May Help Protect Against COVID-19
104 Mystery About How Particles Behave Outside a Black Hole Photon Sphere Solved With String Theory
105 Beautiful New Species of Parasitic Cuckoo Wasp Discovered in Norway
106 Earth's Permanent Oxygen Rise Occurred 100 Million Years Later Than Thought
107 Blood Test Developed to Detect Depression and Bipolar Disorder
108 NASA's OSIRIS-REx Completes Final Tour of Asteroid Bennu Before Its 180,000,000 Mile Trip Back to Earth
109 Year of the Quiet Ocean: Emerging Hydrophone Listening Network Will Study Seas Uniquely Quieted by COVID Pandemic
110 Chest-Beating Gorillas Don't Bluff: Honest Signal of True Body Size
111 Next-Gen. Information Technology: The Spintronics Revolution Could Be Just a Hopfion Away
112 Mars Didn't Dry Up in One Go--Martian Climate Cycled Between Dry and Wet Periods
113 POINTER: Seeing Through Walls to Help Locate Firefighters Who Need Rescuing
114 Testing Our Fundamental Understanding of the Universe: Muon G-2 Experiment Hints at Mysterious New Physics
115 Astonishing Secret Switch Discovered That Could Revolutionize Heart Attack Treatment
116 Oldest Modern Human Genome Reconstructed Using DNA From 45,000-Year-Old Skull