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1 See further: Scientists achieve single-photon imaging over 200km
2 New blueprint of brain connections reveals extensive reach of central regulator
3 This hydrogen fuel machine could be the ultimate guide to self-improvement
4 Increased winter snowmelt threatens western water resources
5 Rise of oxygen on Earth: Initial estimates off by 100 million years
6 'Vaccine Nationalism' is a threat to equitable access and herd immunity
7 Scientists scour genes of 53,000+ people to better battle dangerous diseases
8 Outside factors may help children develop internal control
9 New study ties solar variability to the onset of decadal La Nina events
10 Certain high blood pressure medications may alter heart risk in people with HIV
11 DNA methylation from bacteria & mircobiome using nanopore technology discovered
12 Study finds psychiatric disorders persist 15 years after youth are detained
13 A diversity of wildlife is good for our health
14 Urgent care centers deter some emergency department visits, but costs remain high
15 Medication access for opioid use disorder lower among those involved with criminal justice
16 Lightning strikes will more than double in Arctic as climate warms
17 Long wait times increase for children seeking emergency care for mental health
18 Nearly 40,000 kids who lost a parent to COVID-19 need immediate support
19 Biodiversity's healthy byproduct--nutrient-rich seafood
20 NIH scientists develop breath test for methylmalonic acidemia
21 Sex differences in brain in response to midlife stress linked to fetal stress exposures
22 Overfishing of Atlantic cod likely did not cause genetic changes
23 Contraceptive planning is essential to optimal health for women with heart disease
24 International team identifies genetic link between face and brain shape
25 A new, positive approach could be the key to next-generation, transparent electronics
26 Researchers identify genes behind uterine leiomyosarcoma
27 Software package enables deeper understanding of cancer immune responses
28 Nuclear speckle structures inside cells enhance gene activity, may help block cancers
29 New paper shows benefits of Louisiana coastal restoration to soil carbon sequestration
30 Health policy researchers propose filling health care coverage gap to help 'near poor'
31 Ranking virus spillover risk
32 CRISPR-SNP-chip enables amplification-free electronic detection of single point mutations
33 A sun reflector for earth?
34 ACP best practice advice: Shorter course of antibiotics may be appropriate for some common infection [plus additional topic]
35 Mouse models of neurodevelopmental disorders display metabolic dysfunction
36 CNIC scientists identify mutations acquired by blood cells that accelerate heart failure progression
37 Paleopharmaceuticals from Baltic amber might fight drug-resistant infections
38 Making cleaner, greener plastics from waste fish parts
39 Doping by athletes could become tougher to hide with new detection method
40 COVID-19 convalescent plasma with greater antibody levels is safe and shows promise
41 How the spinifex got its hole
42 Aquatic ecosystems source of half of global methane emissions
43 Is combat-induced post-traumatic stress disorder unique to industrialized warfare?
44 Wild barley from Jordan holds key to stem rust resistance
45 A few hundred dollars makes a difference in use of long-lasting birth control
46 Black hole pairs found in distant merging galaxies
47 Key brain molecule may play role in many brain disorders
48 A quick morning reflection could make you a better leader--even if you're not the boss
49 Fossil discovery deepens snakefly mystery
50 Secure type: consumers say compact logos signal product safety
51 Research identifies gender bias in estimation of patients' pain
52 Study finds risk of leukemia higher than expected in children with Down syndrome
53 How preprints accelerated science communication during the pandemic
54 For breastfeeding moms, COVID-19 vaccinations may also protect babies
55 Dark Energy Survey physicists open new window into dark energy
56 New perspective to understand and treat a rare calcification disease
57 Gained in translation: Subgenome fractionation determines hybrid vigor in maize
58 No pain, no gain in exercise for peripheral artery disease
59 Carpal tunnel syndrome is not just an office workers' condition
60 Researchers find a connection between Trump's tweets and the exchange rate of the rouble
61 New USGS report shows high levels of arsenic and uranium in some wells
62 Screening for skin disease on your laptop
63 Leptin puts the brakes on eating via novel neurocircuit
64 Structural biology opens new perspectives for treating psychiatric disorders
65 Alien raindrops surprisingly like rain on Earth
66 A novel form of cellular logistics
67 The sea urchin microbiome
68 New material for catholytes and anolytes in organic redox flow batteries
69 Accelerated cellular aging associated with mortality seen in depressed individuals
70 'Brain glue' helps repair circuitry in severe TBI
71 People with HIV at high risk for intimate partner violence
72 US trade sanctions justified response to human rights abuses in China, law expert argues
73 Great tits change their traditions for the better
74 Understanding fruit fly behavior may be next step toward autonomous vehicles
75 Scientists uncover mutations that make cancer resistant to therapies targeting KRAS
76 Helping consumers trade fast fashion for durable, sustainable luxury goods
77 Study links prenatal phthalate exposure to altered information processing in infants
78 Deep learning networks prefer the human voice--just like us
79 Scientists reveal elusive inner workings of antioxidant enzyme with therapeutic potential
80 Houston flooding polluted reefs more than 100 miles offshore
81 New multiple sclerosis subtypes identified using artificial intelligence
82 A new type of battery that can charge ten times faster than a lithium-ion battery created
83 Competing for high status speeds up aging in male baboons
84 Breast cancer survivors' fear of cancer returning linked to genomic testing, psychological factors
85 Moffitt researchers demonstrate tissue architecture regulates tumor evolution
86 Being top baboon costs males their longevity
87 Small cell lung cancer: Scientists identify two new approaches for therapy
88 Seismic coda used to locate and define damage from explosions
89 Novel biomarker for glucocorticoids could help tailor treatments
90 AGA recommends intragastric balloons as an additional weight loss strategy for obese patients
91 Aquatic invasive species cause damage worth billions of dollars
92 Americans are super-spreaders of COVID-19 misinformation
93 Spin defects under control
94 Low-cost technology reduces the cost and carbon footprint of pressurized irrigation
95 Hubble spots double quasars in merging galaxies
96 LSU Health New Orleans study discovers source of Zika neurodevelopmental defects
97 New study expands evaluation of gene therapy for spinal muscular atrophy
98 First air quality profile of two sub-Saharan African cities finds troubling news
99 Radical attack on live cells
100 Rising Sika deer populations linked to bovine TB infections
101 Maternal stress in conception linked to higher chance of female foetus
102 A study by UPF analyses for the first time in Spain the effect of sexual orientation on wages
103 Towards the in vivo detection of cancer progression using circularly polarized LEDs
104 New wasp species discovered in Norway
105 The Lancet Psychiatry: Largest study to date suggests link between COVID-19 infection and subsequent mental health and neurological conditions
106 Adolescents born preterm have similar self-esteem/wellbeing levels to those born full-term
107 Tibetan Plateau will warm faster than expected
108 A new material enables the usage of 'calcium' for batteries
109 How do lakes affect energy, heat, and carbon exchange processes in mountainous areas?
110 Young people with autism improved their communication with their families during lockdown