File Title
1 Prioritizing who gets vaccinated for COVID-19 saves lives
2 Research reveals why redheads may have different pain thresholds
3 OECD PISA report on student growth mindset to be released April 8
4 Michigan's Middle Eastern and North African population face barriers to optimal health
5 Study sheds light on interplay among PTSD, combat experience, alcohol use
6 Study identifies possible COVID-19 drugs--including several that are FDA-approved
7 COVID-19 patients can be categorized into three groups
8 COVID-19 mask study finds layering, material choice matter
9 Significant decline in subarachnoid hemorrhage hospitalizations due to COVID-19
10 Keep pace: Walking with a partner is great but might slow you down
11 Serving size, satisfaction influence food waste on campus
12 Unusual mechanism in rare mutation associated with Alzheimer's uncovered
13 Experimental therapy for parasitic heart disease may also help stop COVID-19
14 Novel cancer vaccine targets oncogenes known to evade immunity in melanoma and neuroblastoma models
15 Toddler TV time not to blame for attention problems
16 Lanternfly's attraction to vertical silhouettes could help monitor, trap it
17 How pathogenic bacteria weather the slings and arrows of infection
18 Fungi could manipulate bacteria to enrich soil with nutrients
19 Radicalization to extremist ideologies is often triggered by negative life events
20 Cannabis use disorder linked to increased complications after spinal surgery
21 Kirigami-style fabrication may enable new 3D nanostructures
22 Scientists turn to deep learning to improve air quality forecasts
23 Mapping policy for how the EU can reduce its impact on tropical deforestation
24 Depositing Fe species inside ZSM-5 to oxidize cyclohexane to cyclohexanone
25 Oxygen-promoted synthesis of armchair graphene nanoribbons on Cu(111)
26 Commercially available ultralong organic room-temperature phosphorescence
27 In-situ nanoscale insights into the evolution of solid electrolyte interphase shells
28 MOF-based sensor for water quality testing
29 Scientists developed a safe and cheap technology of disinfection of the packed eggs
30 Criteria for selecting COVID-19 patients for lung lung transplantation
31 Realtime imaging of female gamete formation in plants
32 Most US adults who vape want to quit, study finds
33 US deaths normally change less than 2% each year; in 2020, they rose nearly 23%
34 Understanding itch: New insights at the intersection of the nervous system & immune system
35 Thirteen new Alzheimer's genes identified in first-of-its-kind human genome study
36 Consumer resistance to sustainability interventions
37 Massive X-ray screening identifies promising candidates for COVID drugs
38 Deprivation is 'driving' COVID-19 ethnic disparities, claims new analysis
39 Unravelling the secret of a critical immune cell for cancer immunity
40 Hidden diversity of coral more important for conservation than previously thought
41 From stardust to pale blue dot: Carbon's interstellar journey to Earth
42 Health and academic professionals with dependents at high risk of quitting after COVID-19
43 Whole-body screening and ed. in melanoma-prone families may improve early detection rates
44 Protein based biomarker identifies the chemo drug sensitivity
45 Dual-bed catalyst enables high conversion of syngas to gasoline-range liquid hydrocarbons
46 Science has not kept pace with aquaculture
47 Evidence for PeVatrons, the Milky Way's most powerful particle accelerators
48 Study finds airborne release of toxin from algal scum
49 Therapeutic resistance linked to softer tissue environment in breast cancer
50 Targeting microRNAs could unmask hidden vulnerability in breast cancer stem cells
51 The first non-invasive biomarker to track and verify efficacy of senolytic drugs
52 Tracking receptor proteins can unveil molecular basis of memory and learning
53 Less sugar, please! New studies show low glucose levels might assist muscle repair
54 Streamlining the process of materials discovery
55 As lumber prices skyrocket, professor develops method to predict future price changes
56 Making the case for adjusting quality measures for social risk factors
57 Researchers develop a technique to produce transplantable livers in the laboratory
58 For some Black students, discrimination outweighed integration's benefits
59 Raindrops also keep fallin' on exoplanets
60 End-of-life care remains aggressive for people with ovarian cancer
61 Nearly half of those convicted of sharing explicit images of partners online show remorse
62 How climate change affects Colombia's coffee production
63 Understanding how cancer can relapse
64 Virtual "urgent care" may lead to higher rates of downstream follow-up care
65 Surprising disconnect between physical characteristics and genetic ancestry in certain "admixed" populations
66 For 80% of Americans with resolved drug problem, significant personal achievements
67 UMass Amherst team discovers use of elasticity to position microplates on curved 2D fluids
68 New batteries give jolt to renewables, energy storage
69 Reopen and regenerate: Exosome-coated stent heals vascular injury, repairs damaged tissue
70 The Deep-time Digital Earth program: data-driven discovery in geosciences
71 Reclamation releases technical reports supporting the 2021 SECURE Water Act Report
72 Amazing integration of technology and art: a 3D LotusMenu in your palm
73 New method expands the world of small RNAs
74 NIST demo adds key capability to atom-based radio communications
75 Women had 'alarmingly high rates' of mental health problems during start of the pandemic
76 Unique mini-microscope provides insight into complex brain functions
77 Report: Disparities limiting access to healthcare services in PA's underserved communities
78 An artful study of cellular development in leaves
79 U of M researchers develop 99.9% accurate genetic test for early detection of Palmer Amaranth
80 Less than a nanometer thick, stronger and more versatile than steel
81 Surgical technique may reduce positive margin rate in breast cancer patients with DCIS
82 Approaches for disinfecting occupied rooms efficiently and safely with UV light
83 Ozone pollution harms maize crops, study finds
84 Maddening itch of liver disease comes from a surprising source
85 UCF study shows masks, ventilation stop COVID spread better than social distancing
86 New paper explores possible effects of bridge construction on manatees
87 Public trust in the CDC falls during coronavirus pandemic
88 Going deep: Artificial intelligence improves accuracy of breast ultrasound diagnoses
89 Researchers extend the life of a dipolar molecule
90 USC study projects significant savings from potential Alzheimer's disease treatment
91 Nonlinear wave mixing facilitates subwavelength imaging
92 Anxiety among fathers is higher than recently reported, new study suggests
93 EMS workers 3 times more likely to experience mental health issues
94 Beef industry can cut emissions with land management, production efficiency
95 Piping plovers breed less and move more in the northern great plains
96 Story tips: Mighty Mo material, fueling retooling, goods on the move, doubling concrete and more
97 Study highlights benefits of tax planning for companies facing financial constraints
98 Skoltech team used mass spectrometry to study composition of meteorites
99 To intervene or not to intervene? That is the future climate question
100 High expression of cell death genes associated with early death from lung cancer
101 People do not learn from regretting one night stands
102 New IT system may help film scriptwriters achieve box-office success
103 Fireflies have a potential--protective 'musical armor' against bats
104 Development of source technology for the use of wearable devices without recharging
105 New 'quantum' approach helps solve an old problem in materials science
106 Adult nocturnal fishflies found to visit flowers for food
107 POLST and other advance medical planning should not be a one-time conversation
108 Deep dive into key COVID-19 protein is a step toward new drugs, vaccines
109 Humans were apex predators for two million years
110 Ultrashort peptides go a long way for tissue engineering