File Title
1 Scientists Repeat Century-Old Experiment to Reveal Evidence of Evolutionary Rescue in the Wild
2 Methane Emissions From Oil and Natural Gas Production Higher Than Previously Thought
3 Low-Dose Aspirin Use for Heart Disease May Reduce Likelihood of COVID-19 Infection
4 Launch of Europe's Largest Astronomy Network: OPTICON-RadioNet PILOT
5 Functional Eradication--Limiting Invasive Species May Be a Better Goal Than Eliminating Them
6 The Very First Structures in the Universe: Astrophysicists Simulate Microscopic Clusters From the Big Bang
7 Octopuses Have Two Major Alternating Sleep States--And May Even Experience Dreams
8 New Nanotransistors Keep Their Cool at High Voltages--Perform Highly Efficient Power Conversion
9 Three Decade Wildlife Mystery Solved: International Investigation Discovers Bald Eagles' Killer
10 Science Made Simple: What Is Earth's Energy Budget?
11 Encased in an Icy Shell, the Ocean on Saturn's Moon Enceladus Appears to Be Churning
12 Valor Glass: Supporting the COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout With Extra-Strength Glass
13 Bitcoin Boom Driving Increased Energy Consumption, Exacerbating Global Chip Shortage, and Threatening International Safety
14 Lessons From a Failed Experiment: When "Eradicated" Species Bounce Back With a Vengeance
15 NISAR Spacecraft: Major New Earth Satellite to Track Disasters, Effects of Climate Change
16 Radioactive Molecules May Help Solve Cosmic Mystery of Missing Antimatter
17 In Tune With the Moon: Female Menstrual Cycle Influenced by Moonlight and Even the Moon's Gravity
18 Meet NASA Astronaut & Artemis Team Member Kate Rubins [Video]
19 Tracing a Modern Biosphere on Mars: Is There Life on Mars Today--And Where?
20 Spectacular Return to the Veil Nebula
21 A New Way To Observe Laser Interactions Could Improve Laser-Based Manufacturing
22 Space Travelers Will Need High-Intensity Exercise To Protect Heart Health From Long-Term Effects of Weightlessness
23 Red Sea Rainforests: Coral Reef Ecosystems Thrive off the Coast of Saudi Arabia
24 Chromatic Light Particle Effect Demonstrated for the Development of Photonic Quantum Networks
25 Centipedes Incorporated the Toxic Weapons of Bacteria and Fungi Into Their Venoms
26 Eating Out Frequently Is Associated With an Increased Risk of Death
27 Seen From Space: Ever Given Container Ship Wedged in the Suez Canal--and the Resulting Traffic Jam
28 Another Martini for Better Simulations: General Purpose Force Field for Coarse-Grained Molecular Dynamics
29 MIT Method Offers Inexpensive Imaging With Unprecedented Accuracy--At the Scale of Virus Particles
30 Early Universe Explosion Reveals Elusive "Goldilocks" Black Hole
31 Uprooting Cancer: Innovative Hydrogel Rapidly Reverts Cancer Cells Back to Cancer Stem Cells
32 Diffusion in Living Organisms: How Cells Transport Molecules With "Active Carpets"
33 This New Ultrathin Sensor Could Save Your Lungs--And the Climate
34 Neuroscientists Uncover Why the Brain Enjoys Music
35 New $2 Test Can Accurately Detect COVID-19 Antibodies in a Drop of Blood in Less Than an Hour
36 Mummified Parrots Found by Archaeologists Point to Trade in the Ancient Atacama Desert
37 Common Medications Contain Animal Byproducts--No FDA Regulations to Alert Patients
38 Your Neighborhood May Influence Your COVID-19 Risk--Data Shows Racial and Economic Disparities
39 Charged Up: Scientists Find New Pathway to Harnessing the Sun for a Clean Energy Future
40 Colossal Voltage: Uranium Compound Achieves Record Anomalous Nernst Conductivity
41 Ingenious Experiments Show Monkeys Consciously Experience the Visual World the Same Way People Do
42 First Solid Clues Uncovered to Start of Earth's Supercontinent Cycle
43 Fasting Acts As Diet Catalyst--Intensifies Effects of Switching to a Healthy Diet
44 Gearing Up Nanoscale Machines: Molecular-Scale Gear Trains for Transmitting Rotational Force
45 International Data Fusion Approach Homing In on Longer-Lasting Perovskite Solar Cells
46 Got Your COVID-19 Vaccine? Here's What You Should Do Next
47 Feared Apophis Impact Ruled Out--Asteroid Will Pass Close Enough to Earth to See With Naked Eye
48 Discovering Hidden Archaeological Sites With AI and Satellite Images
49 64% of Farmland at Risk of Pesticide Pollution--Revealed in Global Map of Agricultural Land Across 168 Countries
50 Mechanism Discovered for Making Superconductors More Resistant to Magnetic Fields
51 How to Make People Follow COVID-19 Restrictions Without Appealing to Fear
52 Mysterious Interstellar Visitor May Be the Most Pristine Comet Ever Found
53 Tooth Worms: Researchers Discover Why Cold Induces Tooth Pain--And How to Stop It
54 CHiPS: MIT Astronomers Discover New Galaxy Clusters Hiding in Plain Sight
55 Greater Wisdom, Lower Loneliness and Your Intestinal Multitude
56 NASA's Metal Mission: Final Assembly of Psyche Spacecraft Begins--Destined to Explore a Metal-Rich Asteroid
57 Throwing Nuclear Darts at the Speed of Light: Physicists Flip Particle Accelerator to Gain a Clearer View of Atomic Nuclei
58 Drinking a Strong Coffee 30 Minutes Before Exercising Increases Fat-Burning
59 The "One Who Causes Fear"--Extremely Powerful New Meat-Eating Predator Discovered
60 Scientists Show Electronic Technology Can Save People From Shark Bites
61 NASA's Curiosity Mars Rover Snaps Stunning Selfie With 'Mont Mercou'
62 Narwhal Spiraled Tusks Reveal Toxic Mercury Exposure Related to Climate Change
63 Calling All Future Astronauts! Applications Are Open for ESA's First Astronaut Selection in Over a Decade
64 Urgent Need for More Research on the Impact of Sunscreen on Coral Reefs
65 Healthy Diet and Exercise in Midlife May Prevent Serious Health Conditions in Senior Years
66 Puzzling New Type of Ancient Crater Lake Discovered on Mars
67 NASA's Pandora Mission Would Help Probe Alien Worlds
68 Researchers Collect DNA From the Air--Potential for New Ecological, Health and Forensic Applications
69 Detailed Map of COVID-19 Lung Pathology Revealed With Advanced Technology
70 Stiff Competition: Lab-Made Hexagonal Diamonds Stiffer Than Natural Cubic Diamonds
71 Researchers Urge You to Avoid Processed Meats--Linked to Higher Risk of Mortality and Major Cardiovascular Disease
72 New Model Raises Doubt About the Composition of 70% of Our Universe--Dark Energy May Simply Not Exist!
73 World's First Laser-Based Manipulation of Antimatter (The Otherworldly Counterpart to Matter)
74 Seagrass Meadows Turn Back the Clock on Ocean Acidification--Can Reduce Local Acidity by Up to 30%
75 Discovery Unravels Darwin's "Abominable Mystery" Surrounding Origin of Flowering Plants
76 Diamonds That Formed Deep in the Earth's Mantle Contain Evidence of Deep-Earth Recycling Processes
77 Advance in Ground-Breaking "Optical Tweezers" to Boost Biomedical Research
78 First Detection of X-rays From Uranus
79 Artificial Life Forged in a Lab? Scientists Create Synthetic Cell That Grows and Divides Normally
80 Intact Plant Fossils Discovered Beneath Greenland's Ice Sheet After Lucky Find of Ice Cores Drilled by U.S. Military in 1966
81 Vaccinated? Here's How Your Life May Change After Getting the COVID-19 Vaccine
82 Powering the Energy Transition With Better Long-Duration Power Storage
83 NASA Satellites Capture Traffic Jam on the Suez Canal
84 The Aurora's Very High Altitude Booster Creates Dazzling Displays
85 The Trouble With Being Tall: Giraffe's Exceptional Anatomy and Suite of Evolutionary Adaptations
86 Exposure to Harmful Chemicals in Plastics and Personal Care Products May Contribute to Postpartum Depression
87 NASA's Roman Space Telescope Predicted to Find 100,000 Transiting Planets
88 Climate Change Has Cut Global Agricultural Productivity by 21% Since 1961
89 Marsquake! NASA's InSight Detects Two Sizable Quakes on Mars
90 CDC Real-World Research: Protective Benefits of mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines Confirmed
91 Genetic Mutations Add Up to Very High Blood Cancer Risk in Three Popular Dog Breeds
92 Western U.S. Drought Conditions Continue in Spring 2021--And It's Expected to Worsen
93 Redefining a Second: Three of the World's Leading Atomic Clocks Compared With Record Accuracy
94 Asdex Upgrade: Paving the Way for a Fusion Power Plant
95 Highly Contagious Coronavirus Variant Spread Across the Globe--Undetected for Months--Before Its Discovery
96 Satellite Data Shows Lakes on Greenland Ice Sheet Can Drain Huge Amounts of Water, Even in Winter
97 Search for Strange Skyrmion Phenomenon Fails but Finds Stranger Magnetic Beaded Necklace
98 Europa Clipper--NASA's Mission to Search for Life on Jupiter's Moon Europa--Just Hit a Significant Milestone
99 NIRVANA: Fast, Portable Test Can Diagnose COVID-19 and Track Variants
100 Strange New Auroral Feature Discovered on Jupiter
101 AI Capable of Generating Novel, Functionally Active Proteins to Speed Up Drug Development
102 Surprising Evidence for PeVatrons, the Milky Way's Most Powerful Particle Accelerators
103 Giant Fossil's "Bird-Brain"--Whopping Head Was Crammed for Space
104 Do You Know the Way to Berkelium, Californium? Scientists Map Uncharted Paths With Heavy Elements
105 Solving the Chicken-and-the-Egg Problem--"A Step Closer to the Reconstruction of the Origin of Life"
106 Twice As Much Carbon Flowing From Land to Ocean Than Previously Thought--900-1,900 Million Tons per Year
107 US Deaths Normally Change Less Than 2% Each Year--In 2020 With COVID, They Rose a Staggering 22.9%