File Title
1 In First, Scientists Trace Dangerous Solar Energetic Particles to Their Roots on the Sun
2 DeepBAR: Faster Drug Discovery Through Machine Learning
3 Piercing Through a Galaxy's Dusty Core to Uncover the Secrets of an Active Supermassive Black Hole
4 Cells May Use "Fingers" to Communicate Instructions for Wound Closure
5 Friends and Strangers Theorem--Math Professor Makes Breakthrough in Ramsey Numbers
6 Neuroscientists Track How Bad Moods Develop and Persist in the Brain
7 Viagra May Prolong Life for Men With Coronary Artery Disease--Lower Risk of Experiencing a New Heart Attack
8 New Type of Rock Created During Exceptionally Hot Volcanic Eruptions Discovered Beneath the Pacific Ocean
9 Is the AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine Safe and Effective? Here Are the Results From a Large Clinical Trial
10 Freezing Fragmentation--Explosive Origins of "Secondary" Ice and Snow
11 Scientists Make Advances Towards Quantum Supremacy
12 Record-Breaking Jet of Particles Spied From a Supermassive Black Hole in the Early Universe
13 We're Surprisingly Similar to Earth's First Animals--Humans Share Genes With Ancient Oceanic Creatures Missing Heads
14 Cutting Edge Ground Recorders to Measure Acoustics of NASA X-59 Quiet Supersonic Flights
15 In Search for New Flu Treatments, Chemists Gain New Insights Into the Behavior of Water in an Influenza Virus Channel
16 Supercomputers Aid Scientists Studying Quarks, the Smallest Particles in the Universe
17 Social Network Inspired Algorithms Reveal Lifecycle of Auroral Substorms, a Key Element of Space Weather
18 Parkinson's Gene PINK1 May Impair How New Neurons Are Made Throughout Our Lifetime
19 Analysis Reveals Plunge in Lithium-Ion Battery Costs--Further Steep Declines Possible
20 Volcanic Eruption Lights Up Iceland Following Swarms of Small Earthquakes
21 Automated Chemistry Combines Chemical Robotics and AI to Accelerate Pace for Advancing Solar Energy Technologies
22 How Effective Is the First Shot of the Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 Vaccines?
23 Mural Painted More Than 2,500 Years Ago Depicts Salt as an Ancient Maya Commodity at a Marketplace
24 New Result From Large Hadron Collider Challenges Leading Theory in Physics--Cannot Be Explained by Our Current Laws of Nature
25 Babies Prefer Baby Talk, Regardless of Which Languages They're Used to Hearing
26 Enhanced Ceramics Could Play Pivotal Role in Advancing High-Frequency 5G Technology
27 Supercomputer Analysis Reveals Why UK, South Africa Coronavirus Variants Are More Contagious, Deadly
28 New DNA Evidence in Search for the Mysterious Denisovans
29 Up to 99% of Mars' Water May Still Be Trapped in Planet's Crust--Not Lost to Space As Long Theorized
30 Does COVID-19 Have Seasons? An Update With the Latest From the World Meteorological Organization
31 Zapping Quantum Materials With Lasers Reveals How Atoms Relate
32 Reading Minds With Ultrasound: Caltech's New Brain-Machine Interface
33 Snappy Evolution and Spectacular Variation Was Behind the Success of Ancient Crocodiles
34 DNA Analysis of Victims of 6,200-Year-Old Massacre Reveals Oldest Documented Site of Indiscriminate Mass Killing
35 Saturn's Spring Witnessed Up Close by an Emissary From Earth
36 Measuring the Invisible: Seeking Universe's Smallest Particles for Answers to Its Biggest Questions
37 Just 1 of Global Warming Causes a ~50% Increase in Population Displacement Risk
38 Complex Carbon-Based Molecules Found in Space--"A Major Leap Forward in Astrochemistry"
39 300+ COVID-19 Machine Learning Models Have Been Developed--None Is Suitable for Detecting or Diagnosing
40 Alzheimer's Patients Saw Improved Cognition and Memory With Sargramostim, a Medication Commonly Used After Chemotherapy
41 Big Breakthrough for "Massless" Energy Storage: Structural Battery That Performs 10x Better Than All Previous Versions
42 Copper Foam Is Highly Efficient, Durable as a Filter for Reusable Masks and Air Cleaners
43 Event Horizon Telescope Images Magnetic Fields at the Edge of M87's Supermassive Black Hole
44 Acoustic Graphene Plasmons Breakthrough Paves Way for Optoelectronic Applications
45 NASA Satellite Captures a Nighttime Volcanic Eruption on Iceland's Reykjanes Peninsula
46 Scientists Discover How Humans Develop Much Larger Brains Than Other Apes
47 New Nanoparticle Flu Vaccine Blocks Many Seasonal and Pandemic Strains
48 Crucial Milestone for Scalable Quantum Technology: 2D Array of Semiconductor Qubits That Functions as a Quantum Processor
49 New Research Finds Green Leafy Vegetables Essential for Muscle Strength
50 Weird Strike-Slip Earthquake Reveals Hidden Mechanism
51 NASA Ingenuity Mars Helicopter--With a Piece of the Wright Brothers' Plane--Prepares for First Flight on Another Planet
52 Record Floods in Australia Mapped From Space
53 The Blast That Shook the Ionosphere--Beirut Explosion's Atmospheric Wave Rivaled Ones From Volcanic Eruptions
54 Medieval Lawyers Wrote on Sheepskin Parchment Because It Helped Prevent Fraud
55 Complex Behavior of a Turbulent Plume at the Calving Front of a Greenlandic Glacier
56 Researchers Tackle the Enigmatic "Spiders" From Mars
57 Researchers Warn: Preservative Used in Hundreds of Popular Foods May Harm the Immune System
58 20 Years Ago: Space Station Mir Reenters Earth's Atmosphere and Disintegrates
59 Chemists Warn: Toxic Air Pollutants From Fossil Fuels "Multiply" in Sunlight
60 Post-acute COVID-19 Syndrome: Columbia Physicians Review What's Known About "Long-Haulers"
61 Innovative Propulsion System Gets Ready to Study Moon Orbit for NASA's Artemis Program
62 Fisherman at Risk in "Perfect Storm"--Forced to Choose Between Safety and Income
63 Carbon Capture & Storage: Stanford and Carnegie Mellon Researchers Reveal Cost of Key Climate Solution
64 A Monumentally Powerful Particle Accelerator Discovered in the Cygnus Cocoon
65 Ocean's Mammals at Crucial Crossroads--25% of Species at Risk of Extinction
66 Major Los Angeles Earthquake Threat May Be Posed by Overlooked Strand of the Southern San Andreas Fault
67 Aphid-Like Insects Stole DNA From Plants--Gene Shields Them From Leaf Toxins
68 Flu Shot Associated With Fewer, Less Severe COVID Cases--Why Is Still Unclear
69 NASA Completes Weld of SLS Rocket Adapter for First Artemis Launch with Crew
70 Everyone's Unique--Paleontologists Reveal Great Variability Within Dinosaur Species
71 Changes in Ocean Chemistry Reveal How Sea Level Affects the Global Carbon Cycle
72 Shining a Healing Light on the Brain: Pivotal Discovery Could Treat Epilepsy, Parkinson's, Depression and Chronic Pain
73 Ancient Light From the Big Bang Illuminates Matter That Fuels Galaxy Formation
74 Microplastics Turn Into "Hubs" for Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria and Pathogens
75 Mysterious Killer of Bald Eagles Finally Identified
76 Stressed Brain Linked to "Broken Heart" Syndrome
77 Meet NASA Astronaut & Artemis Team Member Frank Rubio [Video]
78 Cooling Homes Without Warming the Planet--New Technology for More Efficient AC
79 Meandering Rivers Naturally Create "Counter-Point Bars" No Matter Underlying Geology
80 New Design Could Enable Longer Lasting, More Powerful Lithium-Ion Batteries
81 Scientists Find Evidence That Novel Coronavirus Infects Cells in the Mouth--Saliva May Play Role in COVID Transmission
82 Seaweed Supplements Significantly Reduce Livestock Greenhouse Gas Emissions
83 New Perovskite Fabrication Method for Solar Cells Paves Way to Low-Cost, Large-Scale Production
84 MIT Engineers Make Low-Cost Filters From Tree Branches to Purify Drinking Water
85 NASA Data Sonification Allows You to Hear Majestic Cosmic Objects: Stellar, Galactic, and Black Hole
86 Ancient Genetics Trace the Origin and Decline of the Legendary Scythians
87 Discovery of How Teeth Sense Cold Explains Age-Old Home Remedy for Toothaches
88 Frosty Sand Dunes of Mars Captured in Stunning NASA Image
89 Deadly Heat Waves Will Soon Be Common in South Asia, Even at 1.5 Degrees of Global Warming
90 ESA Hamster Ball: Robotic Sphere to Explore the Depths of Lunar Caves
91 Tantalizing Evidence: Is the Nearest Star Cluster to the Sun Being Destroyed?
92 Turning Wood Into Recyclable, Biodegradable Plastic
93 Cheating the Coronavirus: New Drug Candidate Against COVID-19
94 Hoinga Surprise--Debris of Stellar Explosion Found at Unusual Location
95 Intriguing New Results From Large Hadron Collider Challenge Leading Theory in Physics
96 Hidden Structure Found in Essential Metabolic Machinery--"I Didn't Think It Was Real"
97 Cutting-Edge 3D Satellite Technology Shows These Baby Great White Sharks Love to Hang Out Near New York
98 Wharton Professor Explains All the Buzz About Bitcoin
99 Floating Solar Farms Could Help Protect Lakes and Reservoirs From Harmful Effects of Climate Change
100 NASA Analysis: Earth Is Safe From Asteroid Apophis Impact for at Least 100 Years
101 20th Century Sea-Level Rise Was Fastest in 2,000 Years Along Much of U.S. East Coast
102 Astronomers' Polarized Image Shows Magnetic Fields at the Edge of M87's Black Hole
103 New Chili Hybrids: Genetics Research Could Lead to Variety of New Flavors
104 Direct Observations by NASA Confirm that Humans are Throwing Earth's Energy Budget off Balance
105 Largest-Ever DNA Mapping of the Philippines Shows 5 Major Immigration Waves Over 50 Millennia
106 Chemists Achieve Breakthrough in Light-Mediated Synthesis of Three-Dimensional Molecular Structures
107 Zealandia Switch: The Missing Link in Understanding Ice Age Climates
108 Don't Miss the Next Full Moon: The Worm Moon (and, by Some Definitions, a Supermoon)
109 Moire Effect: How to Twist Exciting New Material Properties
110 Zombie Cells? Research Shows Some Genes Come to Life in the Brain After We Die
111 Incredibly Powerful 900+ Mph Winds in Jupiter's Atmosphere Measured for the First Time
112 Researchers Warn: Not All "Good" Cholesterol Is Healthy