File Title
1 Probiotics keep calves healthy, too!
2 A PTV-based polymer enabled organic solar cells with over 16% efficiency
3 COVID-19 survivors might need just one dose of two-part vaccine
4 Baby aspirin linked to lower risk of colorectal cancer death
5 Qubits comprised of holes could be the trick to build faster, larger quantum computers
6 Exploring the evolution of Earth's habitability regulated by oxygen cycle
7 Researchers devise more efficient, enduring CAR gene therapy to combat HIV
8 Adjusting interactions help some California's wild bee populations survive
9 Middle schoolers with elevated levels of mental health problems pre-pandemic showed reduction in symptoms during the early stages of the pandemic
10 USC Stem Cell study identifies molecular 'switch' that turns precursors into kidney cells
11 Evidence of Antarctic glacier's tipping point confirmed for first time
12 Reverse-order heart-liver transplant helps prevent rejection for certain patients
13 New risk factors linked to increased risk of COVID-19 infection
14 Significant vaccine distrust found among incarcerated populations, increasing risks
15 Articles for Geosphere posted online in March
16 New method uses device cameras to measure pulse, breathing rate and could help telehealth
17 Diversity can prevent failures in large power grids
18 Physicians must advocate for common sense gun laws for good of public health
19 Consumers are searching online but not buying. Why?
20 Signal detection theory can be used to objectively measure cognitive fatigue
21 How Fortnite and Zelda can up your surgical game (no joke!)
22 Infant antibiotic exposure can affect future immune responses toward allergies
23 A robot that senses hidden objects
24 Connecting the dots between engagement and learning
25 New GSA Bulletin articles published ahead of print in March
26 Study finds why some cancer drugs may be ineffective
27 Diet + exercise + chemo = increased survival in youth with leukemia
28 New research on Alzheimer's Disease shows 'lifestyle origin at least in some degree'
29 NASA OSIRIS-REx's final asteroid observation run
30 Disrupted biochemical pathway in the brain linked to bipolar disorder
31 Distant, spiralling stars give clues to the forces that bind sub-atomic particles
32 U of A team identifies protein that blocks body's ability to clear bad cholesterol
33 Finnish study detects lottery-like behavior in cryptocurrency market
34 Time to shift from 'food security' to 'nutrition security' to increase health and well-being
35 Telemedicine improves access to high-quality sleep care
36 Undetected coronavirus variant was in at least 15 countries before its discovery
37 Smart glass has a bright future
38 Researchers realize synthetic gauge fields in single optomechanical resonator
39 Mimes help us 'see' objects that don't exist
40 UConn researcher develops successful Zika vaccine in preclinical studies
41 Putting up a good fight: Regenerating the body's natural defenses by restoring lymphatic networks
42 Evaluating HPV self-sampling
43 Search for strange Skyrmion phenomenon fails but finds stranger magnetic beaded necklace
44 Low risk of researchers passing coronavirus to North American bats
45 Spin-to-charge conversion achieves 95% overall qubit readout fidelity
46 BrainGate: First human use of high-bandwidth wireless brain-computer interface
47 Landslides: New early warning systems reduce false alarms
48 2D materials for conducting hole currents from grain boundaries in perovskite solar cells
49 Towards a better understanding of natural hazard risk and economic losses in Europe
50 Pollen season in Switzerland earlier and more intense due to climate change
51 Titanium dioxide stars in the first IFJ PAN research at the Cracow synchrotron
52 Plasma jets stabilize water to splash less
53 Keeping it fresh: New AI-based strategy can assess the freshness of beef samples
54 Gut microbiota in cesarean-born babies catches up
55 Large study identified new genetic link to male infertility
56 Scientists observe role of cavitation in glass fracturing
57 Poor judgment of autistic adults
58 HKBU-led research reveals hyocholic acids are promising agents for diabetes prediction and treatment
59 3D design leads to first stable and strong self-assembling 1D nanographene wires
60 Cohesive circuit protection for wearable electronics
61 Researchers develop third and final 'made-to-order' nanotube synthesis technique
62 Multilingual people have an advantage over those fluent in only two languages
63 Scientists launch 'herculean' project creating atlas of human genome variants
64 A single injection reverses blindness in patient with rare genetic disorder
65 A gender gap in negotiation emerges between boys and girls as early as age eight
66 UTSA criminology professor studies impact of COVID-19 on gender-based violence
67 How brain cells repair their DNA reveals "hot spots" of aging and disease
68 Possible trigger for Crohn's disease identified
69 Potential new treatment strategy for breast cancer cells that have spread to the brain
70 Low-calorie diet and mild exercise improve survival for young people with leukemia
71 Two plant immune branches more intimately connected than previously believed
72 Genome sequencing shows coronavirus variation drives pandemic surges
73 SLAS Technology April issue dives into reactive oxygen species
74 NOAA study shows promise of forecasting meteotsunamis
75 Stem cell transplants prevent relapses of most common childhood cancer
76 Melting ice sheets caused sea levels to rise up to 18 metres
77 Where we live can affect male reproductive health, finds new study
78 A statistical solution to processing very large datasets efficiently with memory limit
79 Flowers!
80 Weight loss changes people's responsiveness to food marketing: study
81 Mice with hallucination-like behaviors reveal insight into psychotic illness
82 Study predicts which kids hospitalized with RSV likely to worsen
83 Capturing the complex
84 Studying Shakespeare could help medical students connect with patients
85 African elephants only occupy a fraction of their potential range
86 A new state of light
87 Exposure to harmful chemicals in plastic may contribute to postpartum depression
88 UMD helps quantify how climate change has slowed global agricultural productivity growth
89 Climate change cut global farming productivity 21% since 1960s
90 New mechanism by which senescent cells turn on genes encoding for tumor-regulating factors
91 Skin deep: Aquatic skin adaptations of whales and hippos evolved independently
92 Screen time for older adults: Mobile health tech can support seniors with heart disease
93 Diet and exercise may increase efficacy of chemotherapy for children with cancer
94 Polarized photovoltaic properties emerge
95 Whisker simulation gives insight into mammals' sense of touch
96 Different general anesthetics affect consciousness and memory in different ways
97 Unique macro-vertebrate at risk from blood sport and climate change
98 Replacing what was lost: A novel cell therapy for type I diabetes mellitus
99 Improving equity in the physics of medical devices
100 Mutations across the genome add up to blood cancer risk in three popular dog breeds
101 Dynamic model of SARS-CoV-2 spike protein reveals potential new vaccine targets
102 First-of-its-kind mechanical model simulates bending of mammalian whiskers
103 African elephants' range is just 17% of what it could be, study finds
104 Increasing applied pesticide toxicity threatens plants and insects