File Title
1 Urban growth creates distortions between providers and receivers of ecosystem services
2 Study identifies risk factors for COVID-19 infection, hospitalization, and mortality among U.S. nursing home residents
3 Vitamin A for nerve cells
4 Estimating lifetime microplastic exposure
5 In search of the first bacterium
6 Dramatic increases seen in rates of insomnia, sleep apnea among US military
7 Study details how Middle East dust intensifies summer monsoons on Indian subcontinent
8 Century-old problem solved with first-ever 3D atomic imaging of an amorphous solid
9 Revealing meat and fish fraud with a handheld 'MasSpec Pen' in seconds
10 Research news tip sheet: Story ideas from Johns Hopkins Medicine
11 Can drinking cocoa protect your heart when you're stressed?
12 Temperature sensor could help safeguard mRNA vaccines
13 Studies of U.S. national parks focused on popular parks, trending down
14 Field hospitals: The role of an academic medical center
15 Why SARS-CoV-2 replicates better in the upper respiratory tract
16 Scientists at CERN successfully laser-cool antimatter for the first time
17 Study finds that masks make little difference to facial identification
18 For people with dementia in assisted living, quality of life improves with mindful care
19 Study: Firms recruit dark personalities for earnings management
20 Thermal power nanogenerator created without solid moving parts
21 The Lancet GH: COVID-19 pandemic worsened pregnancy outcomes for women and babies worldwide
22 What are we breeding for, and who decides?
23 Study reveals large and unequal health burden from air pollution in California's Bay Area
24 International study shows alternative seafood networks provided resiliency during pandemic
25 Repurposing tocilizumab in scleroderma patients may prevent early lung disease
26 New hydrogel that cuts in half recovery time from muscle injuries
27 Targeted opioid that hones in on inflamed tissues stops colitis pain without side effects
28 Pumping the 'brain brake' in pediatric anxiety
29 A new technique to synthesize superconducting materials
30 Biodiversity is positively related to mental health
31 First images of freshwater plumes at sea
32 Scientists pinpoint our most distant animal relatives
33 Micro-environmental influences on artificial micromotors
34 Choose life: Why patients in China refuse standard treatment for a type of heart attack
35 Preconditions for life already 3.5 billion years ago
36 Medical studies without adequate pre-publication review could damage public trust in science
37 Prioritise opportunities to say final goodbye during COVID-19 pandemic, study finds
38 Is battery recycling environmentally friendly?
39 Psychological interventions can reduce engine idling and improve air quality
40 Pancake strategy for the win
41 Findings offer 'recipe' for fine tuning alloys for high-temperature use
42 Carbon-neutral 'biofuel' from lakes
43 More support needed for two children in every class with hidden language disorder
44 Pathways leading to the extramedullary development of tissue-resident lymphocytes found
45 'Designer' pore shows selective traffic to and from the cell nucleus
46 A new review on how to fight COVID-19 during the British wintertime
47 A successful phonon calculation within the Quantum Monte Carlo framework
48 Heat conduction record with tantalum nitride
49 New approach for the development of a drug treatment for obesity and the resulting diseases
50 Bringing KAIZEN to kid healthcare
51 Flood risk uncertainties assessed at the global scale
52 Advances in tropical cyclone observation may aid in disaster reduction and prevention
53 High thrombotic risk in cancer patients receiving immunotherapy
54 New study sews doubt about the composition of 70 percent of our universe
55 Newly discovered node in brain could expand understanding of dysfunctional social behavior
56 SMART study finds ridesharing intensifies urban road congestion
57 B.1.1.7 variant of COVID-19 spreading rapidly in United States
58 Scientists from Russia and Germany measured how the brain learn new words
59 NTU Singapore scientists design 'smart' device to harvest daylight
60 Tadpole nerve regeneration capacity provides clue to treating spinal cord injury
61 How chronic stress leads to hair loss
62 Millennials and Generation Z are more sustainability-orientated--even when it comes to money, researchers find
63 Exercise in mid-life won't improve cognitive function in women
64 Research shows how a sugary diet early in life could mean memory trouble later
65 450-million-year-old sea creatures had a leg up on breathing
66 Decellularized spinach serves as an edible platform for laboratory-grown meat
67 1 in 5 Americans did not seek needed medical treatment during the pandemic due to cost
68 How industrialized life remodels the microbiome
69 10,000-plus medical charts provides comparator for HIV prevention study in pregnant women
70 Lab-made hexagonal diamonds stiffer than natural diamonds
71 Deep diamonds contain evidence of deep-Earth recycling processes
72 Impacts of sunscreen on coral reefs needs urgent attention, say scientists
73 Steroid hormone could reduce risk of preterm birth for high-risk single baby pregnancies
74 Lakes on Greenland Ice Sheet can drain huge amounts of water, even in winter
75 Exercise, healthy diet in midlife may prevent serious health conditions in senior years
76 Why subsistence consumers need marketplace literacy
77 Floating gardens as a way to keep farming despite climate change
78 Experimental treatment offers hope of fertility for early menopausal women
79 Study contributes to our understanding of how cocaine withdrawal affects brain circuits
80 Governments and health leaders call for action on adolescent wellbeing
81 Mass COVID testing at UK universities is haphazard and unscientific, finds BMJ investigation
82 Increased rates of organ damage after discharge from hospital with COVID-19
83 Adherence to UK's test, trace, and isolate system is low
84 Creation of 3D organoid models to fine-tune radiation dose for nasopharyngeal cancer
85 Development of a broadband mid-infrared source for remote sensing
86 Tilapias are not precocious, they are just resilient
87 Changing hypertension definition may identify more high-risk pregnancies
88 Insight into the evolution of bones
89 Mice naturally engage in physical distancing, study finds
90 Mount Sinai study reveals genetic and cellular mechanisms of Crohn's disease
91 New study discovers ancient meteoritic impact over Antarctica 430,000 years ago
92 How many countries are ready for nuclear-powered electricity?
93 Study ratifies link of processed meat to cardiovascular disease and death
94 Blacks, Latinos and Native Americans severely underrepresented in health workforce
95 Gene therapy research shows potential for repairing damage caused by glaucoma and dementia
96 How much are invasive species costing us?
97 How comorbidities increase risks for COVID patients
98 Early humans in the Kalahari were as innovative as their coastal neighbours
99 US$1.28 trillion: The stark economic carnage of biological invasions threatening the world
100 'Sweat sticker' diagnoses cystic fibrosis on the skin in real time
101 Scientists create the next generation of living robots
102 Canadian-built laser chills antimatter to near absolute zero for first time
103 Seagrasses turn back the clock on ocean acidification
104 Tree fungus reduces fertilizer requirement for ketchup tomatoes
105 Exercise may help slow cognitive decline in some people with Parkinson's disease
106 Processed meat linked to higher risk of mortality and cardiovascular disease
107 How the gut microbiota develops in the first five years of life
108 Study provides first evidence of DNA collection from air
109 Home advantage persists in European football (soccer) even without fans present
110 Exploring how storytelling tropes cluster in popular films
111 Why the middle is neglected in politics and other spectrums
112 NIST 'agricomb' measures multiple gas emissions from...cows