File Title
1 Leading blue energy revolution
2 What is the probability of ships becoming beset in ice in Arctic waters?
3 Twice as much carbon flowing from land to ocean than previously thought
4 Cellular Chinese whispers
5 Disability highest for schizophrenia and personality disorders
6 Contrast-enhanced mammography for breast cancer in women with augmented breasts
7 The side stream of malting could be better used in human nutrition
8 Targeting a new antibody supersite key to COVID immunity
9 Muscle cramp? Drink electrolytes, not water
10 Researchers identify a way to reverse high blood sugar and muscle loss
11 Escape from mongoose: frog's novel strategy
12 Safety concerns determine level of public support for driverless vehicles, finds NTU study
13 'By-the-wind sailor' jellies wash ashore in massive numbers after warmer winters
14 Artificial intelligence system can help prevent anemia in patients undergoing hemodialysis
15 A new study by Novateur Ventures provides global analysis of COVID-19 vaccines
16 2021 INS Standards highlight anti-reflux technology for needleless connectors
17 COVID-19 pandemic impacts mental health worldwide
18 Animal model opens way to test Alzheimer's disease therapies
19 TU Graz researchers identify chemical processes as key to understanding landslides
20 System detects errors when medication is self-administered
21 New pandemic medicine course helped MCG adapt during COVID-19
22 UTSA researcher studies key predictors for college retention
23 For the first time, an Alpine-wide study shows that snow cover has been declining
24 Size matters when it comes to atomic properties
25 Surveys find strong support for COVID-19 mitigation measures over time, with differences by age, beliefs, and party affiliation
26 How to get customers to talk about you
27 How bushfire smoke traveled around the world
28 Discovery of a 'winged' shark in the Cretaceous seas
29 Harbor porpoises attracted to oil platforms when searching for food
30 'Vulnerable' countries experience lower COVID-19 infection and death rates than the norm
31 Women in cities less likely to have children
32 Trump's 'Chinese virus' tweet linked to rise of anti-Asian hashtags on Twitter
33 Parsing dopamine's different pain sensitivity role in males, females
34 Artificial neuron device could shrink energy use and size of neural network hardware
35 Double duty: Gut's immune system helps regulate food processing, too
36 Study sheds light on COVID-19 risk for adults living with and without children
37 Yale researchers create '' for cells
38 Found in space: Complex carbon-based molecules
39 Parental burnout hits individualist Western countries hardest
40 Vaccines alone may not be enough to end pandemic
41 Powerful stratospheric winds measured on Jupiter for the first time
42 Four lichen species new to science discovered in Kenyan cloud forests
43 Dogs infected with Leishmania parasites smell more attractive to female sand flies
44 New analysis shows potential for 'solar canals' in California
45 Australian wildfires drove record-breaking aerosol levels over Southern Hemisphere
46 Scientists uncover warehouse-full of complex molecules never before seen in space
47 Osteoporosis drug prescribing often does not follow guidelines
48 1 in 3 older thyroid patients take medications that interfere with thyroid function tests
49 Eating before 8:30 a.m. could reduce risk factors for type 2 diabetes
50 Dolphins adapt to survive invasive coastal constructions
51 UNIST to develop new electrolyte additives for high-energy-density LIBs
52 Ethnic minorities in England less likely to report using e-cigarettes to reduce smoking
53 New app helps prevent medication harm and improve safety in patients with kidney disease
54 Enigmatic circling behavior captured in whales, sharks, penguins, and sea turtles
55 Parasites may make dogs smell good to insect vector
56 Effective interventions may prevent disease transmission in changing climate
57 Scientists uncover the underlying genetics that make flies champion fliers
58 New statistical model predicts which cities could become 'superspreaders'
59 How our microplastic waste becomes 'hubs' for pathogens, antibiotic-resistant bacteria
60 Tiny machine poised to unlock brain's mysteries
61 Gene therapy using 'zinc fingers' may help treat Alzheimer's disease, animal study shows
62 Better batteries start with basics--and a big computer
63 Tropical species are moving northward in U.S. as winters warm
64 Solving 'barren plateaus' is the key to quantum machine learning
65 COVID-19 transmission rare in schools with masking, distancing, contact tracing
66 Stroke risk higher than expected among COVID-19 patients
67 Technique based on artificial intelligence permits automation of crop seed analysis
68 More stroke patients receiving mechanical clot removal, yet racial disparities persist
69 Researchers design a biological device capable of computing by printing cells on paper
70 Adults in Canada report adverse childhood experiences
71 How RNA editing affects the immune system
72 Living a stress-free life may have benefits, but also a downside
73 Happiness can be learned
74 Is grant review feedback perceived as fair or useful? AIBS publication investigates
75 Polymerized estrogen provides neuroprotection in preclinical testing
76 Large-scale study finds AI-powered COVID-19 solution by RADlogics reduces turnaround time
77 Cancer immunotherapy may also treat certain autoimmune diseases
78 COVID-19 in pregnancy associated with adverse outcomes for mother and baby
79 Advancement creates nanosized, foldable robots
80 Increasing neurodiversity within organisations can boost skill base
81 Difficulty learning nonsense words may indicate a child's high risk of dyslexia
82 Importance of crisis standards of care for equitable allocation of scarce medical resources
83 New research shows substantially higher burden of COVID-19 compared to flu
84 Parkinson's disease: When molecular guardians need to be protected
85 Important advance in research on future drugs
86 Health declining in Gen X and Gen Y, national study shows
87 How flashlight fish communicate with light signals in the school
88 Is it worth investing in solar PV with batteries at home?
89 80% of Spanish health professionals were willing to be vaccinated during the second COVID-19 wave
90 Conformational equilibria in GPCRs provides critical clues about activation mechanisms
91 Vape aerosol and gene expression in human lung tissue compared to cigarette smoke
92 New discoveries on deadly fungus--might be a key for treatment
93 Hidden genetic defects contain real risks for serious diseases
94 Endocrine disruptors threatens semen quality
95 TPU scientists offer new plasmon energy-based method to remove CO2 from atmosphere
96 A new dye shakes up solar cells
97 Virtual reality could help to reduce pain for people with nerve injuries
98 Intelligent insect counter opens new opportunities for nature monitoring
99 ESC Preventive Cardiology 2021: Myths and facts about the prevention of heart disease
100 The eukaryotic cell nucleus resembles the layout of a superstore
101 Foreign-born run greater risk of workplace bullying
102 How do humpback whales rest?
103 Binge drinking in adolescence is linked to changes in the cerebellum in young adulthood
104 Reactive boride infusion stabilizes ni-rich cathodes for lithium-ion batteries
105 Scientists identify genetic pathway that suppresses Lou Gehrig's Disease
106 Three-dimensional imaging provides valuable insight to immune responses
107 New antibiotic clears multi-drug resistant gonorrhea in mice in single dose
108 Looking at optical Fano resonances under a new light
109 Lack of diversity in genomic databases may affect therapy selection for minority groups
110 Vaccination by inhalation