File Title
1 How much longer will the oxygen-rich atmosphere be sustained on Earth?
2 Development of a multidimensional vibrational circular dichroism system with a quantum cascade laser
3 Cleaner air, less soil pollution: Unintended but beneficial side effect of Clean Air Act
4 A world first: A robot able to "hear" through the ear of a locust
5 Saarbruecken chemists develop variety of industrially important synthetic process
6 Lack of diversity in science
7 Polymerization process of hydrogel microspheres on video
8 In equilibrium
9 The conditions of 70% of people with chronic pain have worsened during the pandemic
10 A mechanism by which cells build 'mini-muscles' underneath their nucleus identified
11 Ultra-fast electron measurement provides important findings for the solar industry
12 Sniffing in the name of science
13 Desert beetle: a help for the drying planet
14 Scientists develop elements for the future electronics
15 HKBU develops dual-targeting drug for EBV-related cancers
16 Plastic solar cells combine high-speed optical communication with indoor energy harvesting
17 Coronavirus-like particles could ensure reliability of simpler, faster COVID-19 tests
18 UNESCO reveals largest carbon stores found in Australian World Heritage Sites
19 Dethroning electrocatalysts for hydrogen production with inexpensive alternative material
20 Researchers detects chiral structures using vortex light
21 University launches isolated power supply chip with new design
22 Gold-phosphorus nanosheets catalyzes nature gas to greener energy selectively
23 Mouse sperm generated in rats
24 TPU scientists develop efficient method to create high-strength materials for flexible electronics
25 'A Bluetooth mouse'--you can wirelessly read a mouse's mind
26 USC study shows promising potential for marine biofuel
27 'Fish DJ' tackles fish hearing
28 Child abuse surges in times of crisis--the pandemic may be different
29 New study gives the most detailed look yet at the neuroscience of placebo effects
30 Black NBA players have shorter careers than white players
31 Lead up to volcanic eruption in Galapagos captured in rare detail
32 Using stimuli-responsive biomaterials to understand heart development, disease
33 Tissue, scaffold technologies provide new options for breast cancer, other diseases
34 Littlest shop of horrors: Hungry green algae prefer to eat bacteria alive
35 Parents' school reviews correlated with test scores and demographics, not school effectiveness
36 New technology allows scientists first glimpse of intricate details of Little Foot's life
37 First ever detailed description of a volcanic eruption from Sierra Negra
38 New report offers detailed analysis of Capitol Hill siege
39 High fat diets may over-activate destructive heart disease protein
40 Most older adults haven't gotten screened or tested for hearing loss, poll finds
41 Secrets of sealed 17th century letters revealed by dental X-ray scanners
42 Animals fake death for long periods to escape predators
43 Origin of life--The chicken-and-the-egg problem
44 COVID-19 spread tracked via a rapid, large-scale early wastewater surveillance alert system
45 A materials science approach to combating coronavirus
46 Quick-learning cuttlefish pass 'the marshmallow test'
47 Requests for brand name over generic prescription drugs cost the Medicare program $1.7 billion in a single year, study finds
48 Complex fluid dynamics may explain hydroplaning
49 Three elder sisters of the Sun with planets
50 Study reveals impact of lockdown on violence in a UK capital city
51 Meeting the meat needs of the future
52 Belly fat resistant to every-other-day fasting: study
53 New study proposes a low cost, high efficiency mask design
54 How does plastic debris make its way into ocean garbage patches?
55 Common bacteria modified to make designer sugar-based drug
56 How the trap-jaw ant got its ultrafast bite
57 Mammal ancestors moved in their own unique way
58 Evolution of one of the fastest jaws in nature--function before form in trap-jaw ants
59 Coffee for the birds: connecting bird-watchers with shade-grown coffee
60 Here's how insects coax plants into making galls
61 2nd window ICG predicts gross-total resection/progression-free survival in brain metastasis
62 Drug seizures plummeted early in the COVID-19 pandemic, then climbed once lockdowns lifted
63 Skipping mammogram increases risk of death from breast cancer
64 Potential drug for Alzheimer's disease prevention found safe and effective in animals
65 Could rising temperatures send more people with MS to the hospital?
66 Nanoprinted high-neuron density optical linear perceptrons performing near-infrared inference on a CMOS sensor
67 An ultra-degree-of-freedom structured vector beam
68 Scientists discover how microorganisms evolve cooperative behaviors
69 Revisiting the Kobe earthquake and the variations of atmospheric radon concentration
70 Scientists adapt solar energy technology to detect chemical warfare agents & pesticides
71 Nerve damage after chemo: potential risk factors revealed
72 Limiting invasive species may be a better goal than eliminating them
73 Gender assumptions harm progress on climate adaption and resilience
74 Current issue articles for Geosphere posted online in February
75 Mobile app helps young adults talk with friends about risky drug, alcohol use
76 Pericardial injection effective, less invasive way to get regenerative therapies to heart
77 Report: The Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on CUNY students
78 Climate change 'winners' may owe financial compensation to polluters
79 NASA scientists complete 1st global survey of freshwater fluctuation
80 Neuroimaging reveals how ideology affects race perception
81 Researchers urge greater awareness of delayed skin reactions to Moderna COVID-19 vaccine
82 Lessons from Wuhan: What managers and employees need to know
83 High end of climate sensitivity in new climate models seen as less plausible
84 Nature: new compound for male contraceptive pill
85 Researchers discover that privacy-preserving tools leave private data anything but
86 Study: Bahamas were settled earlier than believed
87 Small-scale fisheries offer strategies for resilience in the face of climate change
88 Scientists investigate 3D-printed high-entropy alloys
89 Learning about health from trusted sources may help teens battle depression
90 How to track the variants of the pandemic faster
91 Camera traps reveal newly discovered biodiversity relationship
92 Conquering the timing jitters
93 Research news tip sheet: Story ideas from Johns Hopkins Medicine
94 Independent music squashed out of streaming playlists and revenue
95 'Best case' goals for climate warming which could still result in massive wildfire risk
96 Presence and prevalence of salivary gland ectasia and oral disease in COVID-19 survivors
97 Temperature and aridity fluctuations over the past century linked to flower color changes
98 Bioinspired materials from dandelions
99 The battle against hard-to-treat fungal infections
100 How math can help us understand the human body
101 Ghosts of past pesticide use can haunt organic farms for decades
102 New, highly precise 'clock' can measure biological age
103 Ecosystems across the globe 'breathe' differently in response to rising temperatures
104 Color blindness-correcting contact lenses
105 Sewage-handling robots help predict COVID-19 outbreaks in San Diego
106 Researchers reveal process behind harmful glial cell change in motor neurone disease
107 Researchers explore relationship between maternal microbiota and neonatal antibody response
108 Rapid test for respiratory infections liked by GPs and may reduce antibiotic prescribing
109 Evolution drives autism and other conditions to occur much more frequently in boys
110 Utah researchers illuminate potential precursors of blood cancers