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1 Cancer deaths in U.S. down by nearly one-third in last 20 years, analysis finds
2 Study: COVID-19 pneumonia more deadly because it spreads like 'wildfires'
3 Toxin in undercooked meat linked to rare brain tumors
4 Pot use rises over the course of the year, study says
5 College campuses may be COVID-19 'super-spreaders,' study finds
6 CDC: Young adults account for most COVID-19 cases among young people
7 500K in U.S. diagnosed with Lyme disease annually, but some may not have it
8 Bacteria in the gut may influence COVID-19 severity, study says
9 Aphasia affects brain similar to Alzheimer's disease, but without memory loss
10 Study: Retinal stem cells from cadavers may help restore vision in blind
11 Sperm samples may help predict autism risk in children
12 Biden plan for COVID-19 vaccine doses won't cause shortages, official says
13 Smoking raises risk for deadly 'bleeding strokes,' study says
14 Study: 'Mindfulness' may help boost mental health, but it has limits
15 Poll: Many in U.S. don't see link between racism, health outcomes
16 COVID-19 reduced U.S. life expectancy, particularly among minorities
17 Saliva-based COVID-19 tests as accurate as those using nose, throat samples
18 CDC: New COVID-19 strain could become 'predominant' in U.S. by March
19 Shorter COVID-19 quarantine effective for college athletes
20 Program helps low-income women get mammograms, study shows
21 Regular aspirin use can lower risk for death in bladder, breast cancers
22 Drug offers hope against disease with progressive lung scarring
23 COVID-19 protection measures likely limiting flu spread
24 During lockdowns, women took on most of burden of childcare
25 Separation, divorce may fuel fear of abandonment in kids, study says
26 Cancer-related suicides in U.S. dropped during last two decades, study finds
27 Study: As more legal pot stores open, more young adults start using
28 COVID-19 patients treated in busy ICUs at higher risk for death, study finds
29 Education program reduces pregnancy complications in at-risk mothers
30 Fried food a big factor in heart disease, stroke
31 Study suggests electrical stimulation may ease OCD
32 Study: Expensive air ambulance rides may not be worth the cost
33 U.S. sees 5-fold increase in methamphetamine overdose deaths
34 COVID-19 cases, deaths highest in regions with greatest income inequality
35 Study: Combination antibiotics may fuel inappropriate use globally
36 Two-drug combo may help fight meth addiction
37 Alcohol plays a role in U.S. cancer rates, deaths, report says
38 Study: Children much more likely to spread COVID-19 to others
39 Biden COVID-19 adviser: Previous failings may slow vaccine effort
40 Study: Antibody combo offers benefit in mild, moderate COVID-19
41 Study: Vaccine protects against melanoma recurrence up to 4 years
42 Device may predict inflammatory bowel flares using human sweat
43 Money might buy happiness, after all, study suggests
44 Experts: Vaccines likely to be effective against new COVID-19 variants
45 People more likely to social distance if friends, family do it, too
46 MRI study reveals slowed brain activity during light sleep
47 CDC: Flu continues to have 'low' impact as COVID-19 pandemic rages
48 CDC: 10 life-threatening reactions linked with Moderna COVID-19 vaccine
49 Poll: Half in U.S. still not wearing masks when out in public
50 Study: Rising number of people getting weight-linked headaches
51 Study: Anxiety, depression driving some to drink more during pandemic
52 Seasonal virus cases fell by two-thirds due to COVID-19 control measures
53 Study: Women who survive cancer as kids nearly 30% less likely to have children
54 Current, former smokers with COVID-19 twice as likely to need hospital care
55 CDC: One in five people in U.S. has a sexually transmitted infection
56 Study casts doubt on 'early warning system' for kidney patients
57 Strong blood thinners may help people with moderate COVID-19
58 Healthy eating may delay onset of Parkinson's disease, study says
59 Study: Half of recent ICE detainee deaths linked to preventable causes
60 Just 2% of U.S. teens eat recommended level of vegetables
61 CDC: COVID-19 spread in schools much lower than in rest of community
62 Past TIA increases stroke risk four-fold, study finds
63 Study: Children who use touchscreens more easily distracted than peers
64 Afternoon nap could boost mental agility, study says
65 Men with breast cancer face higher heart health risks
66 Lung, mobility problems plague COVID-19 patients months after recovery
67 High blood pressure often mistaken for menopausal symptoms in women
68 COVID-19 may keep heart disease as top global killer, analysis suggests
69 Drugmakers jointly study combo antibody treatment for mild COVID-19
70 Hormonal IUD effective option for emergency contraception, study finds
71 Pandemic has greatly slowed pace of cancer research
72 Retired doctors, nurses to be approved to give COVID-19 vaccine
73 Study: Healthcare workers may have reduced risk for severe COVID-19
74 Study: Lockdowns may not have long-term psychological effect
75 RAND: U.S. brand-name drug prices nearly 3 times higher than other countries
76 Experts: Slow vaccine rollout shows U.S. public health 'disinvestment'
77 Study: Fluid-filled spaces in the brain linked to worsening memory
78 ACA's Medicaid expansion helped find undiagnosed cases of HIV
79 Study: Mothers may pass COVID-19 antibodies to newborns
80 Pfizer vaccine effective against 'U.K.' strain of COVID-19, study finds
81 Most high school students OK with wearing masks, survey says
82 Study: Black, Hispanic kids get fewer imaging tests in ER than White kids
83 Experts: Double-masking not a bad idea, though not supported by studies
84 Music may help patients recover more quickly after surgery
85 Survey: Parents have made good, bad changes to meals during pandemic
86 Frequent or severe headaches can make kids miss school, perform poorly
87 Half of college football concussions sustained in preseason
88 CDC: Black people make up just 5% of those vaccinated against COVID-19
89 Metformin may help prevent some breast cancers, study says
90 Depending on genes, omega-3s from fish may curb asthma in kids
91 Heart surgeries down by half in U.S. as patients avoid hospitals during pandemic
92 Study: MRI-guided ultrasound treats prostate cancer with few side effects
93 Russia's Sputnik V COVID-19 vaccine 92% effective, study finds
94 Younger adults fuel COVID-19 spread in U.S., study finds
95 CBD won't help people kick a cocaine habit, study says
96 Study: One-third of U.S. teens, young adults misuse prescription drugs
97 Advances in treatments against severe COVID-19 may have stalled
98 Poll: Most people in U.S. overwhelmed by issues facing the nation
99 CDC: ER visits for drug overdoses, suicide attempts rise during pandemic
100 Experts: COVID-19 variants may stall herd immunity, but double-masking could help
101 Animal tranquilizer driving deadly rise in opioid ODs in Philadelphia
102 Study: COVID-19 advice from experts resonates more than celebrities, politicians
103 1 in 5 older people in U.S. doesn't have room to 'isolate at home' with COVID-19
104 MS doesn't put women at higher risk during pregnancy, study says
105 Study: Vaccines have saved 37M lives, mostly children, since 2000
106 Report: Breast cancer now the most commonly diagnosed cancer globally
107 CDC: LGBT adults may be at higher risk for severe COVID-19
108 Green tea, coffee linked to lower risk for 2nd heart attack, stroke
109 Small study shows younger COVID-19 survivors can be reinfected
110 Gout drug may help treat inflammation linked to severe COVID-19, study finds