File Title
1 Even just a bit of advertising changes the game in word-of-mouth marketing
2 Vaccine development software shows promise in influenza effort, could help defeat coronavirus
3 Detective work inside plant cells finds a key piece of the C4 photosynthesis puzzle
4 Designing soft materials that mimic biological functions
5 Rapid administration of methoxyflurane versus standard care for pain management in the ED
6 Researchers find frustration is an additional factor of addiction
7 Repurposed arthritis drug did not significantly improve severe COVID-19 pneumonia
8 Future of immunotherapy could be 'off-the-shelf' treatments
9 The enemy within: Understanding the mechanisms of r-chop resistance in b-cell lymphoma
10 School-based dental program reduces cavities by more than 50%
11 Increase in medicaid managed care for youth linked to slightly more preventive care
12 What's happening to the most remote coral reefs on Earth?
13 Antibodies deplete cancer cells in mice and human cell lines; reach previously inaccessible targets
14 Stressed-out young oysters may grow less meat on their shells
15 Benign bone tumors are common in kids--historical X-rays lend new insights
16 Swapping alpha cells for beta cells to treat diabetes
17 Supertest evaluates performance of engineering students in Russia, the United States, India, China
18 Through the looking glass: Artificial 'molecules' open door to ultrafast polaritonic devices
19 Predicting microbial interactions in the human gut
20 A research group proposes six guidelines for managing the impacts of invasive species
21 Deep dive into bioarchaeological data reveals Mediterranean migration trends over 8,000 years
22 4D bioengineering materials bend, curve like natural tissue
23 Black Americans report high levels of vaccine hesitancy
24 Why some melanoma patients do not respond to immunotherapy
25 New MHRP pre-clinical SHIV remission study shows progress in delaying viral load rebound
26 Socioeconomic status plays a major role in cognitive outcomes
27 Mechanistic understanding of oxygen-redox processes in lithium-rich battery cathodes
28 On calm days, sunlight warms the ocean surface and drives turbulence
29 Natural product isolated from sea sponge tested against cancer cells
30 Potential target for treating many cancers found within GLI1 gene
31 Reinforced by policies, charters segregate schools
32 Addressing a complex world of pain in a single gene difference
33 AI shows public attitude toward COVID-19 is more 'infectious' than disease itself
34 The time is ripe! An innovative contactless method for the timely harvest of soft fruits
35 Goodbye UTIs: Duke scientists develop vaccine strategy for urinary tract infections
36 Scientists describe 'hidden biodiversity crisis' as variation within species is lost
37 WHO expert panel strongly advises against use of hydroxychloroquine to prevent COVID-19
38 How a plant regulates its growth
39 Transmission risk of COVID-19 from sewage spills into rivers can now be quickly quantified
40 Mutant gene-targeted immunotherapy approach developed
41 Metal whispering: Finding a better way to recover precious metals from electronic waste
42 Study examines what makes people susceptible to fake health news
43 Balanced T cell response key to avoiding COVID-19 symptoms, study suggests
44 Novel soft tactile sensor with skin-comparable characteristics for robots
45 New algorithm identifies 'escaping' cells in single-cell CRISPR screens
46 Neanderthal and early modern human culture co-existed alongside older traditions for 100,000 years
47 Hydrogel injection may change the way the heart muscle heals after a heart attack
48 Behavior of wild capuchin monkeys can be identified by marks left on their tools
49 Why some rural enrollees in Medicare Advantage are switching to traditional Medicare
50 The role of human behavior is critical for advancing comfort knowledge
51 Adverse childhood and combat experiences may drive veterans' suicidal thoughts
52 Second order optical merons, or light pretending to be a ferromagnet
53 Understanding the spatial and temporal dimensions of landscape dynamics
54 Lake turbidity mitigates impact of warming on walleyes in upper Midwest lakes
55 In era of online learning, new testing method aims to reduce cheating
56 Rarest seal breeding site discovered
57 Story tips: Quantum building blocks, high-pressure diamonds, wildfire ecology and more
58 Excessive social media use linked to binge eating in US preteens
59 Genetic study uncovers hidden pieces of eye disease puzzle
60 Assessing hemp-containing foodstuff
61 Hot electrons send CO2 back to the future
62 Lung cancer cells have differential signaling responses to KRAS inhibitor treatment
63 Watch: Recycled cotton becomes new fabric
64 The selection of leaders of political parties through primary elections penalizes women
65 The missing trillions
66 Pre-schoolers frequently using tablet or mobile can't see the forest for the trees
67 Searching for novel targets for new antibiotics
68 Tundra vegetation shows similar patterns along microclimates from Arctic to sub-Antarctic
69 Researchers watch anti-cancer drug release from DNA nanostructures in real time
70 Could our immune system be why COVID-19 is so deadly?
71 Identified: A mechanism that protects plant fertility from stress
72 Walking away from the beat--why police officers are voluntarily leaving in large numbers
73 New research will enhance corona safety during cruises
74 Will we enjoy work more once routine tasks are automated?--Not necessarily, a study shows
75 Childhood exposure to diversity is best chance for community cohesion in immigration
76 Hotter, drier, CRISPR: editing for climate change
77 A new theory for how memories are stored in the brain
78 Deciphering the genetics behind eating disorders
79 The risk of ADHD may be lower if children grow up in green environments
80 New cancer scan could guide brain surgery
81 Acute breakdown of the glial network in epilepsy
82 New skills of Graphene: Tunable lattice vibrations
83 Breast cancer screening recalls: simple MRI measurement could avoid 30% of biopsies
84 COVID-19: How to do lockdown? Russian scientists may have an answer
85 Protein kinases significantly contribute to the immunodeficiency in HIV patients
86 The jaws of life--how hypoxia exposure affects jaw cartilage growth
87 Plant clock could be the key to producing more food for the world
88 Science takes guesswork out of cheese production and reduces waste
89 Root cause: Plant root tips are constrained to a dome shape common to arch bridges
90 Virtually unlimited solar cell experiments
91 Model for wildlife tourism
92 Alcohol and tobacco sales climb during early months of COVID-19 pandemic
93 New treatment unlocks potential for baking raspberries
94 Wrasses dazzle: how fairy wrasses got their flamboyant colours
95 RUDN University professor suggested how to calculate the implant materials permeability
96 How 'great' was the great oxygenation event?
97 Half a trillion corals: world-first coral count prompts rethink of extinction risks
98 Bottling the world's coldest plasma
99 Low-level thinning can help restore redwood forests without affecting stream temperatures
100 Oregon State research shows how tissue's microscopic geometry affects spread of cancer
101 UBCO economist says private security systems bar others from protection
102 New study identifies mountain snowpack most "at-risk" from climate change
103 Assessing a compound's activity, not just its structure, could accelerate drug discovery
104 March SLAS Discovery explores COVID-19 drug therapies six months later
105 Financial incentives for hospitals boost rapid changes to opioid use disorder treatment
106 Scoot over! Study reveals E-scooter use in Washington D.C.
107 Geriatric emergency departments associated with lower medicare expenditures
108 Neandertals had the capacity to perceive and produce human speech
109 High school students tend to get more motivated over time
110 Bundled payments with co-pay waivers creates substantial cost savings