File Title
1 UTEP survey reveals hidden health and wellness benefits of COVID-19 pandemic
2 OU study highlights need for improving methane emission database
3 Nuclear physicists on the hunt for squeezed protons
4 Identifying patient-specific differences to treat HCM with precision medicine
5 A tangled food web
6 Scientists investigated more thoroughly Walker breakdown in 3D magnetic nanowires
7 New machine learning tool facilitates analysis of health information, clinical forecasting
8 Risk genes in schizophrenia--their importance in choosing appropriate antipsychotic drug
9 Removing one barrier to opioid use disorder treatment
10 Just published: Compilation of research on PFAS in the environment
11 A cat of all trades
12 UIC researchers find new biomarker for active sarcoidosis
13 New model describes wave behavior in straits, predicts killer waves
14 Study: Bladder cancer is more advanced in South Texas
15 Study finds changes in gut microbiome connected to Alzheimer's-like behavior
16 New radiology research shows promising results for focused ultrasound treatment of Alzheimer's
17 Smaller plates help reduce food waste in campus dining halls
18 Johns Hopkins develops drive-thru type test to detect viral infections in bacteria
19 Comet makes a pit stop near Jupiter's asteroids
20 Freshwater outflow from Beaufort Sea could alter global climate patterns
21 Chip simplifies COVID-19 testing, delivers results on a phone
22 Male lyrebirds create an 'acoustic illusion' to snare potential mates
23 Harnessing the power of proteins in our cells to combat disease
24 Artificial 'brain' reveals why we can't always believe our eyes
25 Toronto's COVID-19 bike lane expansion boosted access to jobs, retail
26 New treatment location challenges thoughts on addiction
27 Researchers map metabolic signaling machinery for producing memory T cells
28 Scientists induce artificial 'magnetic texture' in graphene
29 Theory could accelerate push for spintronic devices
30 Post-wildfire landslides becoming more frequent in southern California
31 Internet fiber optics could provide valuable insight into geological phenomena
32 Getting ahead of climate change
33 Survey reveals racial, political differences in COVID-19 responses
34 Zebra finches choose nest materials based on past experience, new research shows
35 Researchers identify drugs with potential to stop plaque buildup in arteries
36 Tiny crustaceans' show fastest repeatable movements ever seen in marine animals
37 European unions' support varies for precarious workers
38 New research shows unpredictable work schedules impact restaurant revenue
39 Preventing seizures after brain injury could stave off dementia
40 New research on hagfish provides insight into evolutionary origin of the eye
41 Eating human food could mean trouble for urban coyotes, study shows
42 Johns Hopkins study shows mother's diet may boost immune systems of premature infants
43 Collaboration leads to 2D polymer discovery
44 Population of critically endangered Bahama Oriole is much larger than previously thought
45 Plant-based diets improve cardiac function, cognitive health
46 New signaling pathway in neurons
47 New tool reveals security and privacy issues with contact tracing apps
48 Perceived discrimination makes black females more likely than males to exercise, eat healthy
49 Study finds short window for donating convalescent plasma to COVID-19 patients
50 Sub-diffraction optical writing information bits: towards a high-capacity optical disk for Big Data
51 Study identifies potential link between Soldiers exposed to blasts, Alzheimer's
52 AI identifies social bias trends in Bollywood, Hollywood movies
53 WHOI and NOAA fisheries release new North Atlantic right whale health assessment review
54 How could rising sea level impact the National Flood Insurance Program?
55 What motivates natural resource policymakers in Africa to take action on climate change?
56 What's ahead for people with disabilities in the post-pandemic workplace?
57 Model identifies risk of serious complications following surgery
58 64 human genomes as new reference for global genetic diversity
59 Graphene filter makes carbon capture more efficient and cheaper
60 Building bridges between atoms and making catalysts of high quality
61 Short-term climate modeling forecasts drought for Southeast US
62 Sea turtle: Sentinels and victims of plastic pollution in the Adriatic Sea
63 Heavy rain affects object detection by autonomous vehicle LiDAR sensors
64 Human rights law can provide a transparent and fair framework for vaccine allocations
65 Scientists probe electronic angular momentum to a chemical reaction for the first time
66 Molecular bridges power up printed electronics
67 A solid solvent for unique materials
68 Dentists' tool boost as engineers get to root of tiny bubbles
69 Super-resolution RNA imaging in live cells
70 Important steps for transforming toxic molecules in air at low temperatures
71 Virus detection method is versatile and accessible
72 Embed germ defense behaviours at home to reduce virus spread now and in the future--new study
73 Smartphones could help to prevent glaucoma blindness--study
74 Climate change-driven snowmelt in Alps triggers abrupt seasonal change
75 Cryptic fleshy coat aids larvae in crawling on a moss carpet
76 Rapidly rising levels of sight loss are 'tip of the iceberg'
77 Belowground biodiversity in motion
78 Computer training to reduce trauma symptoms
79 Effective anxiety therapy changes personality
80 Engaging in mobile gambling for social interaction can lead to problem gambling
81 Arthritis drugs may reduce mortality and time in ICU for sickest COVID patients
82 New insights into the mechanism of nuclear fission
83 Could post-COVID-19 tourists become less adventurous?
84 Men obstructed from entering female-dominated occupations
85 How hypertension leads to atherosclerosis research scientists find
86 Weakness is strength for this low-temperature battery
87 Biobattery-powered microneedle patch can deliver drugs and procure testing samples
88 Disease tolerance: Skeletons reveal humans evolved to fight pathogens
89 NTU scientists develop laser system that generates random numbers at ultrafast speeds
90 Decrease in peanut allergy among infants after guideline changes
91 New training program enhances disaster preparedness for healthcare personnel
92 An international team discovers the "heaviest black hole collision" might be a boson star merger
93 Study suggests greater need for grief support due to COVID-19
94 Real-world effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccine--research by Clalit Research Institute
95 Extreme melt on Antarctica's George VI ice shelf
96 Novel pooled testing strategies can significantly better identify COVID-19 infections
97 Health professional societies address critical care clinician burnout
98 Guideline for reducing opioid use post-surgery leads to high pain management satisfaction
99 Opioid agonist treatment could greatly reduce drug related deaths if used more widely
100 Chimpanzees and humans share overlapping territories
101 A-maze-ing pheasants have two ways of navigating
102 Face masks helped to reduce viral transmission during COVID's first wave in Italy
103 Rare bee found after 100 years
104 On the line: Watching nanoparticles get in shape
105 A Canadian success story: world-first to treat Fabry disease with gene therapy
106 Did teenage 'tyrants' outcompete other dinosaurs?
107 Scientists identify cells responsible for liver tissue maintenance and regeneration
108 Overlooked cilium could be genetic key to common diseases
109 Study shows opioid use among US patients with knee osteoarthritis costs 14 billion dollars in societal costs
110 Study estimates two-thirds of COVID-19 hospitalizations due to four conditions