File Title
1 Using a multipronged approach to investigate the diet of ancient dogs
2 Human lung and brain organoids respond differently to SARS-CoV-2 infection in lab tests
3 Privacy issues and security risks in Alexa Skills
4 COVID-19 vaccination axillary adenopathy detected during breast imaging
5 Experts call for home battery storage to protect vulnerable during outages
6 UK police find missing Brits quicker, at home or abroad.
7 Increased green space in prisons can reduce self-harm and violence
8 Research addresses the complex problems of malaria
9 From melody to language
10 Efficient, systematic genetic analysis helps dissect disease inheritance
11 Changes in writing style provide clues to group identity
12 Optimality in self-organized molecular sorting
13 Cancer research to gain from identification of 300 proteins that regulate cell division
14 Risk maps to predict West Nile virus spread a year in advance
15 Twin atoms: A source for entangled particles
16 Alternating lockdown strategy can help defeat COVID-19 and sustain socio-economic activity
17 'Trending' doctors' notes could help hospitals predict COVID-19 surges
18 Quantum systems learn joint computing
19 World's first video of a space-time crystal
20 New study suggests supermassive black holes could form from dark matter
21 Signal coupling between neuron-glia super-network may lead to improved memory formation
22 Exposure to superbacteria among visitors to the tropics proved more extensive than thought
23 DV survivor elder abuse risk
24 Many genes associated with the risk of coronary artery disease act through the liver
25 Microscopic behavior of developing breast cells uncovered
26 Fabricating the future with a new environment friendly method of polymerization
27 Materials scientists show way to make durable artificial tendons from improved hydrogels
28 Ultra-rapid detection of SARS-CoV-2 in public workspace environments
29 New fossil discovery illuminates the lives of the earliest primates
30 Tissue-engineered implants provide new hope for vocal injuries
31 Oktoberfest memories increase life-satisfaction, customer loyalty
32 Politicized pandemic shaped compliance with social distancing
33 Most women receive inappropriate treatment for urinary tract infections
34 Nature's funhouse mirror: understanding asymmetry in the proton
35 Asteroid dust found in crater closes case of dinosaur extinction
36 University of Chicago study uncovers inhibitory role of 'Ter cells' in cancer therapies
37 One-third of cancer survivors worried about treatment and healthcare disruptions during the pandemic
38 New study charts the complexity of SARS-CoV-2 neutralization
39 Researchers identify mechanism by which exercise strengthens bones and immunity
40 New experiences enhance learning by resetting key brain circuit
41 Researchers detect cold gas pipelines feeding early, massive galaxies
42 How "ugly" labels can increase purchase of unattractive produce
43 Buckyballs on DNA for harvesting light
44 Recycle anaesthetics to reduce carbon emission of healthcare, study concludes
45 A gearbox for tumor cell identity changes
46 Scientists map the brain of a nematode worm
47 One in five people in south London live with multiple long-term conditions
48 Vaginal pessaries prove effective in treating pelvic organ prolapse long-term
49 Fat jam in the cell
50 Accelerator physics: Experiment reveals new options for synchrotron light sources
51 Changes in writing style provide clues to group identity
52 Open data on malaria genomes will help combat drug resistance
53 Regular breast checks by trained health workers linked to fewer breast cancer deaths in India
54 Trial finds no overall effect of statins on muscle pain
55 Sound-frequency map for inner ear created with advanced X-ray technology
56 Reactivating aging stem cells in the brain
57 Daily emails about chemicals in tobacco lead some smokers to consider quitting
58 Study shows economic impact of post-op delirium
59 Mushrooms add important nutrients when included in the typical diet
60 Potential biomarker predicts the risk of kidney transplant rejection in patients
61 International team identifies 127 glaucoma genes in largest study of its kind
62 Unequal parenthood impacts may explain academia's publication gender gap
63 Researchers take aim at the evolution of traditional technologies
64 Measuring carbon nanotubes taken up by plants
65 Self-monitoring using digital health tools is associated with weight loss
66 Study: Diet high in poor quality carbohydrates increases heart disease and death
67 Building a brain: Pioneering study reveals principles of brain tissue structure, assembly
68 Yale scientists capture the choreography of a developing brain
69 Machine learning tool can predict malignancy in patients with multiple pulmonary nodules
70 Sulfur: the consequences
71 Mangrove forests store more carbon when they're more diverse
72 Indian agriculture: Groundwater depletion could reduce winter cropped acreage significantly in years
73 Slutpage visits may be common among US college students
74 Chimpanzees unite against a common enemy
75 NCI study finds people with SARS-CoV-2 antibodies may have low risk of future infection
76 Blood test for kidney rejection suggests new way to treat post-transplant patients
77 Older women who ate more plant protein had lower risk of premature, dementia-related death
78 Treating rheumatoid arthritis with micromotors
79 Ancestry estimation perpetuates racism, white supremacy
80 Study finds low rate of COVID-19 among dental hygienists
81 People with depression, anxiety may develop Alzheimer's at younger age
82 Does it matter what position you play when it comes to CTE?
83 Can polar bears and narwhals cling on as the ice shrinks?
84 Making a difference: comparative biologists tackle climate change
85 Evidence that Earth's first cells could have made specialized compartments
86 Pirate attacks more frequent in waters with destructive fishing practices
87 Atheists and believers both have moral compasses, but with key differences
88 Jumping frost crystals: Boreyko lab works toward electrostatic de-icing
89 Red light put moths in the mood
90 Southern California COVID-19 strain rapidly expands global reach
91 Uncovers the molecular mechanism behind synapse loss in Alzheimer's disease
92 Early-warning for seizures could be a game-changer for epilepsy patients
93 Can a robot operate effectively underwater?
94 OHSU study advances field of precision medicine
95 Development of an electroceutical to drastically reduce high-risk, preterm labor
96 Nanomedicine activation profile determines efficacy depending on tumor c-Myc expression
97 Could a common barnacle help find missing persons lost at sea?
98 Diversity among study participants credited with identifying gene linked to asthma
99 Researcher identifies potential new measure for Alzheimer's risk
100 Signal transduction without signal--receptor clusters can direct cell movement
101 Farmers in developing countries can protect both profits and endangered species
102 Scientists use Doppler to peer inside cells
103 New sustainable building simulation method points to the future of design
104 Urban Americans more likely to follow COVID-19 prevention behaviors than rural Americans
105 Social dilemma follows 2018 eruption of Kilauea volcano
106 Imaging space debris in high resolution
107 First complete coronavirus model shows cooperation
108 Study uncovers flaws in process for maintaining state voter rolls
109 What might sheep and driverless cars have in common? Following the herd
110 Landmark study details sequencing of 64 full human genomes to better capture genetic diversity