File Title
1 New drug molecules hold promise for treating fatal child disease
2 Stress was leading reason teachers quit before pandemic, and COVID has made matters worse
3 New technique reveals switches in RNA
4 New model helping identify pregnant women whose previous kidney injury puts them, babies at risk
5 Scientists link star-shredding event to origins of universe's highest-energy particles
6 New study on the forecasting of extreme rainfall events in Mediterranean countries
7 Salt reduction will prevent nearly 200,000 cases of heart disease and save 1.64 billion pounds
8 Future ocean warming boosts tropical rainfall extremes
9 New dating techniques reveal Australia's oldest known rock painting, and it's a kangaroo
10 Brain organoids grown in lab mature much like infant brains
11 Loss of sense of smell and taste may last up to 5 months after COVID-19
12 Tweaking corn kernels with CRISPR
13 Female heart disease patients with female physicians fare better
14 Study quantifying parachute science in coral reef research shows it's 'still widespread'
15 Medieval containers hint at thriving wine trade in Islamic Sicily
16 Ghost particle from shredded star reveals cosmic particle accelerator
17 Empathy helps explain how parental support can prevent teen delinquency
18 Stem cells provide hope for dwindling wildlife populations
19 Brain seasonality: Bean bug neurons need biological clock gene for seasonal egg-laying
20 Experimental treatment appears to subdue type 1 diabetes in laboratory mice
21 Steady now: Unfortunate timing and rate of change may be enough to tip a climate system
22 Acid reflux disease may increase risk of cancers of the larynx and esophagus
23 Long-term exposure to low levels of air pollution increases risk of heart and lung disease
24 Structured exercise program, not testosterone therapy improved men's artery health
25 Drones used to locate dangerous, unplugged oil wells
26 Scientists launch a pre-emptive strike on deadly post-transplant infection
27 Life from Earth could temporarily survive on Mars
28 Distorting memories helps the brain remember
29 Hypertensive pregnancy associated with risks of heart disease later in life
30 Amoxicillin-clavulanate safe and effective compared with metronidazole-with-fluoroquinolone for dive [plus additional topic]
31 Oncotarget: MEK inhibitors relevant to SARS-CoV-2 infection
32 Oncotarget: MEK is a promising target in the basal subtype of bladder cancer
33 Oncotarget: Targeting engineered cytokine with interleukin to the neovasculature of tumors
34 Follow the smell of the ocean to find where marine predators feed
35 Machine learning method identifies precancerous colon polyps
36 CUHK study brings new direction for treating neurological diseases
37 Using landscape connectivity to control deadly mosquito-borne viruses
38 Green revolution in electronic displays expected to ease energy and health crises
39 Historical document details martyrdom of Japanese Christian retainers 400 years ago
40 3D holographic microscopy powered by deep-learning deciphers cancer immunotherapy
41 Older people often incorrectly assume medicines don't have potential side effects
42 Losing Obamacare protections during pandemic could increase health disparities
43 New vaccine needed for serious childhood pneumonia
44 How much is a clam worth to a coastal community?
45 New research identifies the most important global supply chain linkages
46 Researchers use new tool to study stress in root-colonizing bacteria
47 Seeing schizophrenia: X-rays shed light on neural differences, point toward treatment
48 Abundance of iron drives cell death and could inform novel treatments for neuroblastoma
49 Machine learning aids in simulating dynamics of interacting atoms
50 Oxidation processes in combustion engines and in the atmosphere take the same routes
51 Transformed by light: Fast photochromism discovered in an inexpensive inorganic material
52 Positive reinforcements help algorithm forecast underground natural reserves
53 You've got to move it, move it
54 School of Community Health Sciences publishes study on sugar-sweetened beverage taxes
55 Scientists found in marine mold substance that antidotes paraquat
56 Dingo effects on ecosystem visible from space
57 Managing suicide risk in research study participants
58 Models to predict dengue, zika and yellow fever outbreaks are developed by researchers
59 High-throughput screening for Weyl semimetals with S4 symmetry
60 Transforming urban systems: Toward sustainability
61 New strategy blocks chronic lung disease in mice
62 Monoclonal antibodies against MERS coronavirus show promise in phase 1 NIH-sponsored trial
63 Targeted delivery of highly toxic anti-cancer drug to brain tumors
64 New comprehensive study on feeding patterns of tiger mosquitos in Europe
65 Scientists propose a new heavy particle similar to the Higgs boson
66 Study shows new treatment pathway to prevent and treat endometrial cancer recurrence
67 UIC researchers invent new gene-editing tool
68 Alaska thunderstorms may triple with climate change
69 The unveiling of a novel mechanism of resistance to immunotherapy targeting HER2
70 Gay men who 'sound gay' encounter more stigma and discrimination from heterosexual peers
71 Study finds COVID risk communication targeting younger adults may have biggest impact
72 Distinguishing between two very similar pediatric brain conditions
73 Like wine, environmental conditions impact flavor of whiskey, study finds
74 Fat cells may influence how the body reacts to heart failure, study shows
75 College students displaced from campus due to COVID-19 show worse psychological outcomes
76 Reclusive neutron star may have been found in famous supernova
77 Agile underwater glider could quietly survey the seas
78 Markey's ACTION program develops cancer education curriculum for Appalachian schools
79 LSU Health New Orleans study finds disadvantaged census tracts linked to COVID incidence
80 'Problem of missing ice' finally solved by movement of the Earth's crust
81 A memory without a brain
82 Biopolymer-coated nanocatalyst can help realize a hydrogen fuel-driven future
83 Toxins from one bacterial species contribute to genetic diversity of others
84 New blood pressure-lowering guidelines could benefit 25 million Americans with chronic kidney disease
85 Protective ship coatings as an underestimated source of microplastic pollution
86 University of Minnesota researchers develop two new rapid COVID-19 diagnostic tests
87 Genetic tool improves estimation of prostate cancer risk in diverse ethnic/racial groups
88 'Good bacteria' in breast milk changes over time
89 Kittens could hold key to understanding deadly diarrheal disease in children
90 Mouse study shows bacteriophage therapy could fight drug-resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae
91 The way a fish swims reveals a lot about its personality, say scientists
92 For selenium in rivers, timing matters
93 For students of color, online racism leads to real-world mental health challenges
94 How women, migrants and workers are represented in the German Bundestag
95 Microbiome boost may help corals resist bleaching
96 'Missing ice problem' finally solved
97 High energy radiotherapy could 'paint' tumours to avoid harming healthy tissue
98 Saki monkeys get screen time for more control over their lives in captivity
99 Game theory may be useful in explaining and combating viruses
100 Glaciers accelerate in the Getz region of West Antarctica
101 Innate immune system worsens the situation in severe COVID-19
102 Spintronics: New production method makes crystalline microstructures universally usable
103 Cre-controlled CRISPR: Conditional gene inactivation just got easier
104 Hebrew University finds first evidence of delayed radio flares after star is destroyed by black hole
105 Families have high awareness of healthy eating but struggle to access good food
106 Overall deaths did NOT increase for most of China during initial COVID-19 outbreak
107 Seasonal variation in daylight influences brain function
108 Terahertz imaging of graphene paves the way to industrialization
109 New therapeutic target for Huntington's treatment
110 Largest comprehensive Middle East GWAS reveals Arab genetic risk factors