File Title
1 Oil spill has long-term immunological effects in dolphins
2 How likely are consumers to adopt artificial intelligence for banking advice?
3 Physical conditions linked to psychological distress in patients with cancer
4 Study examines aspirin and statin use among older Americans
5 New crystalline ice form
6 Addressing the biological causes of racial disparities in prostate cancer
7 UNEP synthesis of scientific assessments provides blueprint to secure humanity's future
8 Increasing temperatures will hit meat and milk production in East Africa
9 Gulf war illness not caused by depleted uranium from munitions, study shows
10 New Data sheds light on genesis of our body's powerhouses
11 Giving oxygen to the question of air quality
12 Pore-like proteins designed from scratch
13 Setting hospital prices would save more than increasing competition or price transparency
14 Scientists: Chemical pollution is a global threat that needs global action
15 COVID-19: Over 20.5 million years of life may have been lost due to COVID-19
16 Study finds risk factor for blood clots occurs in more than 10 percent of transgender men using testosterone
17 The original antigenic sin: How childhood infections could shape pandemics
18 Quartz crystals in the stomach of fossil bird complicates the mystery of its diet
19 Animal behaviour: Dogs may have body-awareness and understand consequences of own actions
20 Genetic variants for skin color in African Americans linked to vitamin D deficiency
21 Post-transplant mortality among veterans enrolled in the VA and Medicare
22 Temperature affects susceptibility of newts to skin-eating fungus
23 Pre-existing immunity protects against airborne spread of flu viruses
24 Study finds real-time dialogue with a dreaming person is possible
25 Time-lapse reveals the hidden dance of roots
26 Depression, anxiety, loneliness are peaking in college students
27 Direct cloning method CAPTUREs novel microbial natural products
28 LSU Health study finds psychosocial factors may drive peritoneal dialysis patient dropout
29 First multi-whole-genome study of IBD in African Americans
30 Researchers find evidence of protein folding at site of intracellular droplets
31 Eating more refined grains increases risk of heart attack & death: SFU researcher
32 Combined vaccination and physical distancing enough to prevent future COVID-19 surges
33 Study reveals how a longevity gene protects brain stem cells from stress
34 Mayo Clinic researchers develop test to measure effect of breast cancer gene variants
35 'In the blink of an eye' statistics
36 Targeting MAPK4 emerges as a promising therapy for prostate cancer
37 Parasites' dispersal capacity and rates of genetic introgression--a study
38 The melting of large icebergs is a key stage in the evolution of ice ages
39 A speed limit also applies in the quantum world
40 Biotechnologists developed an effective technology for nutrient biocapture from wastewater
41 Call to action for research ethics in the time of COVID-19 and BLM
42 RUDN University chemist used iodine to synthesize new chalcogenides
43 The Lancet: 3-month interval between first and second dose of Oxford COVID-19 vaccine results in higher vaccine efficacy than 6-week interval
44 Data show lower daily temperatures lead to higher transmission of COVID-19
45 New technology enables predictive design of engineered human cells
46 Innovative parenting programs address inequality in young children's development
47 Basque ethnic identity and collective empowerment are associated with wellbeing
48 Location tracking apps and privacy implications
49 Sweet marine particles resist hungry bacteria
50 Sex that is not for reproduction
51 Prion diseases: new clues in the structure of prion proteins
52 New research on mitochondrial function can play significant part in serious disease
53 The CLASP2 space experiment achieves an unprecedented map of the Sun's magnetic field
54 3D biopsies to better understand brain tumors
55 What impact will robots and autonomous systems have on urban ecosystems?
56 How the brain processes sign language
57 Life of a pure Martian design
58 Animal evolution--glimpses of ancient environments
59 Tuberculosis: New biomarker indicates individual treatment duration
60 COVID-19 may have caused the loss of more than 20.5 million years of life worldwide
61 Deep brain stimulation prevents epileptic seizures in mouse model
62 Origin of life--Did Darwinian evolution begin before life itself?
63 Atomic nuclei in the quantum swing
64 Dynamics of nanoparticles using a new isolated lymphatic vessel lumen perfusion system
65 Amination strategy improves efficiency of CO2 electrocatalytic reduction
66 HKUST decodes a deep-sea vent-endemic snail hologenome
67 Artificial intelligence predicts nonlinear ultrafast dynamics in optics
68 42,000-year-old trees allow more accurate analysis of last Earth's magnetic field reversal
69 An eco-route for heavy-duty vehicles could reduce fuel consumption
70 Communal activities boost rehabilitation for older adults in long term care
71 Insight-HXMT gives insight into origin of fast radio bursts
72 Sounding rocket CLASP2 elucidates solar magnetic field
73 Northern Hemisphere cold surges result of Arctic and tropical Pacific synergistic effects
74 Oregon experiments find that electrical sparks are possible on Mars
75 A better tool for the job: Laser-based technique to elucidate the mysteries of exosomes
76 Seeing stable topology using instabilities
77 Turbocharging the killing power of immune cells against cancer
78 Release of nutrients from lake-bottom sediments worsens Lake Erie's annual 'dead zone'
79 How to calculate the social cost of carbon? Researchers offer roadmap in new analysis
80 Swimming upstream on sound waves
81 What happens when consumers pick their own prices?
82 Spina bifida can be caused by uninherited genetic mutations
83 The Lancet: USA failing to reach populations most in need of HIV prevention and treatment services as epidemic grows in the South and rural areas
84 Study reveals energy sources supporting coral reef predators
85 COVID-19: Future targets for treatments rapidly identified with new computer simulations
86 Conservation paradox--the pros and cons of recreational hunting
87 To end HIV epidemic, we must address health disparities
88 New study highlights lack of diversity and inclusion in vaccine clinical trials
89 Race, income, education affect access to 3D mammography
90 Good cop, bad cop
91 Making sense of the mass data generated from firing neurons
92 Global study of 48 cities finds nature sanitizes 41.7 million tons of human waste a year
93 CUHK physicists discover new route to active matter self-organisation
94 Optical frequency combs found a new dimension
95 Dogs synchronize their behavior with children, but not as much as with adults, study finds
96 Low-loss single-mode hybrid-lattice hollow-core photonic crystal fiber
97 Researchers 'cautiously optimistic' about desert bighorn sheep recovery in Mojave Desert
98 Researchers demonstrate new method to track genetic diversity of salmon, trout
99 Biological assessment of world's rivers presents incomplete but bleak picture
100 Advancing understanding of hop genome to aid brewers, medical researchers
101 Sewage study shows which countries like to party hard
102 Ten lessons from the virus crisis
103 Periodontal disease increases risk of major cardiovascular events
104 Improving immunotherapies for blood cancers: real-time exploration in the tumor
105 A salt solution for desalinating brine
106 CovMT: Tracking virus mutations across the world
107 Bioengineered hybrid muscle fiber for regenerative medicine
108 Pioneering research reveals gardens are secret powerhouse for pollinators
109 Investment needed to bring down pancreatic cancer death rates in Europe
110 Colorful connection found in coral's ability to survive higher temperatures
111 Psychological 'signature' for the extremist mind uncovered by Cambridge researchers
112 Low-quality maternal diet during pregnancy may be associated with late-childhood obesity