File Title
1 First DNA extracted from modern, ancient and fossil tropical shells
2 Artificial pancreas system upgraded with AI algorithm
3 Don't focus on genetic diversity to save our species
4 Fibre-integrated, high-repetition-rate water window soft X-ray source
5 'Walking' molecule superstructures could help create neurons for regenerative medicine
6 Hormone helps prevent muscle loss in mice on high fat diets, USC study finds
7 New sensor paves way to low-cost sensitive methane measurements
8 Environmental policies not always bad for business, study finds
9 COVID-19 infection in pregnancy not linked with still birth or baby death
10 Three longtime antibiotics could offer alternative to addictive opioid pain relievers
11 Study: Effects of past ice ages more widespread than previously thought
12 Big galaxies steal star-forming gas from their smaller neighbours
13 How outdoor pollution affects indoor air quality
14 Texas A&M-UTMB team identifies potential drug to treat SARS-CoV-2
15 Researchers learn that pregnant women pass along protective COVID antibodies to their babies
16 Polymer film protects from electromagnetic radiation, signal interference
17 Graphene Oxide membranes could reduce paper industry energy costs
18 Depressed and out of work? Therapy may help you find a job
19 OU research delineates the impacts of climate warming on microbial network interactions
20 Twist-n-Sync: Skoltech scientists use smartphone gyroscopes to sync time across devices
21 Stroke of luck: Scientists discover target for stroke therapy in blood-brain barrier
22 International study finds increased COVID-19 mortality among adults with Down syndrome
23 CABBI researchers challenge the CRP status quo to mitigate fossil fuels
24 Campaign promises more likely to be kept by governments run by women, research shows
25 Lack of symmetry in qubits can't fix errors in quantum computing, might explain matter/antimatter
26 Researchers create 'beautiful marriage' of quantum enemies
27 BIDMC researchers develop model to estimate false-negative rate for COVID-19 tests
28 Salmon scales reveal substantial decline in wild salmon population & diversity
29 Last-itch effort: Fighting the bacteria that exacerbate eczema with bacteria
30 Et tu, Brute? Teens may be more likely to be bullied by social-climbing friends
31 West Virginia's enduring, intertwined epidemics: Opioids and HIV
32 Traditional hydrologic models may misidentify snow as rain, new citizen science data shows
33 For breakthroughs in slowing aging, scientists must look beyond biology
34 Medications for enlarged prostate linked to heart failure risk
35 Scientists use machine-learning approach to track disease-carrying mosquitoes
36 Toddler sleep patterns matter
37 NYU Abu Dhabi researcher sheds new light on the psychology of radicalization
38 Politics and the brain: Attention perks up when politicians break with party lines
39 NASA's Swift helps tie neutrino to star-shredding black hole
40 Yale neurologists identify consistent neuroinflammatory response in ICH patients
41 Researchers develop speedier network analysis for a range of computer hardware
42 Sleep is vital to associating emotion with memory, according to U-M study
43 Focus on the positive to improve classroom behavior
44 Yale scientists repair injured spinal cord using patients' own stem cells
45 Tricking the novel coronavirus with a fake "handshake"
46 A dynamic forest floor
47 SwRI scientists image a bright meteoroid explosion in Jupiter's atmosphere
48 Antibiotic tolerance study paves way for new treatments
49 'Jumping genes' repeatedly form new genes over evolution
50 Effective treatment for insomnia delivered in a few short phone calls
51 Silver and gold nanowires open the way to better electrochromic devices
52 New "metalens" shifts focus without tilting or moving
53 Screening for macrocyclic peptides
54 Potentially harmful chemicals found in plastic toys
55 CHOP experts describe types of rashes associated with MIS-C
56 Researchers discover potential new therapeutic targets on SARS-CoV-2 Spike protein
57 Synthesis of a rare metal complex of nitrous oxide opens new vistas for atmosphere-friendly decomposition
58 Unique study of isolated bobcat population confirms accuracy of extinction model
59 Study could explain tuberculosis bacteria paradox
60 NYUAD researchers develop high throughput paper-based arrays of 3D tumor models
61 Air pollution puts children at higher risk of disease in adulthood
62 New therapeutic approach may help treat age-related macular degeneration effectively
63 Potential regional declines in species richness of tomato pollinators under climate
64 What is COVID-19's impact on Black and Latino persons living with HIV?
65 Positive vibes only: Forego negative texts or risk being labelled a downer
66 Parents of children with cancer have additional worries during COVID
67 How a gene called HAND2 may impact the timing of labor
68 UConn researcher offers lessons learned from a pre-pandemic study of telemedicine use
69 BU researchers identify biochemical process responsible for producing toxic tau
70 Material hardship taking a mental and physical toll on young adults during pandemic
71 Study suggests teacher-student bonds may be especially important for homeless kids
72 Cancer control: Non-DNA changes induce metabolism variations in hepatocellular carcinomas
73 Discovery of a mechanism by which epithelial tumours cause developmental delays
74 Immune-compromised people with HIV, APOE4 gene may have a compounded risk for Alzheimer's
75 Lonely adolescents are susceptible to internet addiction
76 Genomic insights into the origin of pre-historic populations in East Asia
77 High fructose diets could cause immune system damage
78 Improved vectors for ocular gene therapy
79 Dozens of new lichen species discovered in East African mountain forests
80 Scientists claim that all high-energy cosmic neutrinos are born by quasars
81 Magnetic effect without a magnet
82 Using human rights laws may be most effective way of harnessing international legislation to protect the Amazon
83 The perfect recipe for efficient perovskite solar cells
84 Advanced imaging technology captures translation of the maternal genome
85 Biological therapy has proved a suitable alternative to antibiotics
86 New catalyst could enable better lithium-sulfur batteries, power next-gen electronics
87 Researchers grow artificial hairs with clever physics trick
88 A research team identifies a metabolic footprint associated with the perception of satiety
89 Concept for a new storage medium
90 Big Data to model the evolution of the cosmic web
91 A novel gene discovery associated with a development disorder of pituitary origin
92 Scientists model a peculiar type of breast cancer
93 Plant responses to climate are lagged
94 The Milky Way may be swarming with planets with oceans and continents like here on Earth
95 Absence of natural killer cell receptor associated with severe COVID-19
96 Attachable skin monitors that wick the sweat away?
97 Terrestrial laser scanning for monitoring hydrological cycle of trees
98 A fifth of adults in Sweden report dental anxiety
99 The appearance of robots affects our perception of the morality of their decisions
100 A sleep disorder associated with shift work may affect gene function
101 Tinnitus: A tingling mystery to be decrypted
102 Controlling deflection in construction beams
103 Can bacteria make stronger cars, airplanes and armor?
104 Binary stars are all around us, new map of solar neighborhood shows
105 There is no one-size-fits-all road to sustainability on "Patchwork Earth"
106 Cancer cell vulnerability points to potential treatment path for aggressive disease
107 New insights on how inflammatory molecule contributes to skin and pancreatic cancers
108 Music is a must for young drivers, according to Ben-Gurion U. researchers
109 Study of auto recalls shows carmakers delay announcements until they 'hide in the herd'
110 Rapid evolution may help species adapt to climate change and competition