File Title
1 Spin hall effect of light with near 100% efficiency
2 Electron cryo-microscopy sheds light on how bioenergy makers are made in our body
3 Ultraviolet 'television' for animals helps us better understand them
4 New method converts methane in natural gas to methanol at room temperature
5 Asthmatics no higher risk dying from COVID, review of studies on 587,000 people shows
6 Handcuffing the culprit cancer: Immunotherapy for cold tumors with trispecific antibody
7 Songbirds' reproductive success reduced by natural gas compressor noise
8 Is odor the secret to bats' sex appeal?
9 Poor swelter as urban areas of US Southwest get hotter
10 Which suicide prevention strategies work?
11 Antibody response may drive COVID-19 outcomes
12 New report calls for universal coverage of long-term care for older adults in U.S.
13 Migratory birds track climate across the year
14 First report on mass shootings from Columbia University database
15 Engineers place molecule-scale devices in precise orientation
16 UCLA study finds combination therapy suppresses pancreatic tumor growth in mice
17 Deep learning may help doctors choose better lung cancer treatments
18 Explainable AI for decoding genome biology
19 Fuel for earliest life forms: Organic molecules found in 3.5 billion-year-old rocks
20 The messenger matters in safe gun storage, suicide prevention education
21 UCI researchers eavesdrop on cellular conversations
22 UNH researchers release child maltreatment report showing mixed trends
23 Tuning electrode surfaces to optimize solar fuel production
24 Stents or bypass surgery more effective for stable patients with high-risk cardiac anatomy
25 Chatter between cell populations drives progression of gastrointestinal tumors
26 Study suggests link between DNA and marriage satisfaction in newlyweds
27 Rich nations see virus rates fall quicker--study
28 Mount Sinai researchers identify mechanisms that are essential for proper skin development
29 Neoadjuvant combination immunotherapy improves outcomes for early stage non-small cell lung cancer
30 Light and genetic probes untangle dynamics of brain blood flow
31 Researchers uncover new information on the effects of antidepressants
32 A natural protection racket among damselfish and mysid shrimp
33 New UCF study examines leeches for role in major disease of sea turtles in Florida
34 Like it or not, history shows that taxes and bureaucracy are cornerstones of democracy
35 Internet trends suggest COVID-19 spurred a return to earlier values and activities
36 Promoting and protecting human milk and breastfeeding during COVID-19
37 Genetics may play role in determining immunity to COVID-19
38 First black hole ever detected is more massive than we thought
39 Surface testing for SARS-CoV2 in hematology/oncology settings reveals negligible detection
40 Human brain taps into visual cues when lacking a sense of touch--study
41 Social tool tracks brand reputation in real time and over the long term
42 South American lizard's blood pressure mechanism is more efficient at cool temperatures
43 Paper: STEM skills gap modest among IT help desk workers
44 Study: Preschoolers with higher cardiorespiratory fitness do better on cognitive tests
45 How lithium-rich cathode materials for high energy EV batteries store charge at high voltages
46 Spotted lanternfly: Research accelerates in effort to contain invasive pest
47 Pandemic got you down? A little nature could help
48 Shale gas development in PA increases exposure of some to air pollutants
49 Older adults and antibiotics: Study shows healthy attitudes but unhealthy practices
50 COVID-19 in Africa is severely underestimated, finds Zambia study by Boston University
51 Deep seabed mining must benefit all humankind
52 Wolves prefer to feed on the wild side
53 Human impact on solar radiation levels for decades
54 Investigating the wave properties of matter with vibrating molecules
55 The distribution of vertebrate animals redefines temperate and cold climate regions
56 LHC/ATLAS: A unique observation of particle pair creation in photon-photon collisions
57 A study with 1,600 dogs: More than 20 gene loci associated with canine hip dysplasia
58 Giant predatory worms roamed the seafloor until 5.3 million years ago
59 Smartphone study points to new ways to measure food consumption
60 Hospital hygiene: A closer look reveals realistic frequency of infection
61 Study reveals a new potential mechanism underlying loss of muscle mass during menopause
62 New piece of the puzzle increases understanding of speciation
63 Ultrafast electron dynamics in space and time
64 Climate change concern unaffected by pandemic, study shows
65 An efficient method for separating O-18 from O-16, essential for use in cancer treatment
66 Ancient relic points to a turning point in Earth's history 42,000 years ago
67 Blueprint for fault-tolerant qubits
68 Unique feeding behavior of Asian kukri snakes gutting frogs and toads
69 Local and national restrictions in England reduced contacts in small and varied ways
70 Physics of tumours: Cancer cells become fluidised and squeeze through tissue
71 Quantum computing: when ignorance is wanted
72 Unexpected decrease in ammonia emissions due to COVID-19 lockdowns
73 A novel gel electrophoresis technique for rapid biomarker diagnosis via mass spectrometry
74 How location dictates biological clocks of species: Study in beetles offers new insights
75 Locked MOFs are the key to high porosity
76 A new piece of the HIV infection puzzle explored
77 New revelations of tiger genomes
78 Selective concentration of cationic species
79 Magnetic attraction: Breakthrough test for malaria
80 Perception critical to women's breast reconstruction decision making
81 Supercomputer turns back cosmic clock
82 TGen-led study confirms cell-free DNA in urine as potential method for cancer detection
83 Transit-oriented development causing displacement: study
84 Increasingly fragmented tiger populations may require 'genetic rescue'
85 Cone snail venom shows potential for treating severe malaria
86 D-Wave demonstrates performance advantage in quantum simulation of exotic magnetism
87 New recommendations aim to eliminate racial bias in myeloma trials
88 Study finds no gender discrimination when leaders use confident language
89 Improving stroke treatment with a modified therapeutic molecule
90 The Lancet Healthy Longevity: Study finds racial and ethnic disparities in flu vaccine uptake among people aged 65 and older in the USA
91 First COVID-19 lockdown cost UK hospitality and high street 45 billion pounds in turnover, researchers estimate
92 AI may mistake chess discussions as racist talk
93 Irregular sleep schedules connected to bad moods and depression, study shows
94 (Re)Shaping cities to combat inequality
95 Boys who play video games have lower depression risk
96 I, the obstacle--dogs show body-awareness, a new component of mental self-representation
97 Two distinct pathways leading to the development of septic shock pave the way for personalized medicine in sepsis
98 As insurers end grace period for COVID-19 hospital costs, study estimates potential bills
99 'Classic triad' of symptoms misses positive COVID-19 cases, study finds
100 Scientists identify over 140,000 virus species in the human gut
101 Deja brew? Another shot for lovers of coffee
102 Metabolic mutations help bacteria resist drug treatment
103 Store fat or burn it? Targeting a single protein flips the switch
104 Organoids grown from bile duct cells repair human livers; may aid liver transplant processes
105 More than half of Earth's rivers strongly impacted by human activity
106 Magnetic reversal 42,000 years ago triggered global environmental change
107 The mass of Cygnus X-1's black hole challenges stellar evolution models
108 Gut microbiome implicated in healthy aging and longevity
109 In dueling ants vying to become queen, behavioral and molecular cues quickly determine who will win
110 Lab-grown 'mini-bile ducts' used to repair human livers in regenerative medicine first