File Title
1 Fingerprints Enhance Our Sense of Touch--Neurons Sensitive to Scale of a Single Fingerprint Ridge
2 Scientists Stunned to Discover Plants Beneath Mile-Deep Greenland Ice--Why This Spells Trouble
3 NASA Super Soaker Rocket Launches Reveal Water Vapor Effect in Upper Atmosphere
4 Ol Doinyo Lengai: The Symmetric "Mountain of God" in Tanzania Is Part of the East African Rift System
5 Vast COVID PPE Waste: Archaeologists Have a Role to Play in Informing Environmental Policy
6 MIT Researchers Predict the Oceans Will Start Emitting Ozone-Depleting CFCs
7 Optimal Human Landing System Architectures Identified for Landing on the Moon
8 Ghostly Particle Traced Back to a Shredded Star, Revealing a Gigantic Cosmic Particle Accelerator
9 Pick Up the Pace! Slow Walkers Almost Four Times More Likely to Die From COVID-19
10 Promising At-Home Treatment for COVID-19 Discovered: FDA Approved Drug for Leprosy
11 Gigantic, Scorching-Hot Planet May Be Orbiting Vega, One of the Brightest Stars in the Night Sky
12 In Case of Nuclear Disaster: Stem Cells Derived From Fat Show Promise as a Treatment for Mass Radiation Exposure
13 Unusual Material Features Spontaneous Superconducting Currents--Why It Superconducts at All Is Completely Unknown
14 Huge Decrease in Second-Wave COVID Mortality in Wealthier Areas
15 Lightning Strikes--Perhaps 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 of Them--May Have Sparked Life on Earth
16 Air Pollution Over China Returning to Pre-COVID Levels
17 Switchbacks Science: Explaining NASA's Parker Solar Probe's Mysterious Magnetic Puzzle
18 UK COVID Variant Spread Rapidly in Nursing Homes in England
19 Collapsing COVID: MIT Says Ultrasound Can Damage Coronaviruses
20 When Singing the Wrong Song Spells Trouble: Critically Endangered Regent Honeyeater Is Losing Its "Song Culture"
21 Astronauts on Missions to Mars Could Suffer Impaired Cognitive Performance, Misread Vital Emotional Cues
22 NASA Microphone Detects Turbulence Hundreds of Miles Away Using Infrasound
23 Discrepancies in the Hubble Constant Have Vexed Astronomers--NASA's Roman Space Telescope Could Help Resolve the Puzzle
24 When Volcanoes Go Metal: What Lava Flows Look Like on a Planet Made of Metal
25 Sweden's Quantum Computer Project Shifts up a Gear and Sets Higher Goals
26 Swiss Scientists Generate Electricity From Wood
27 Solar Activity Reconstructed Over a Millennium--Sun's Eleven-Year Cycle Traced Back to the Year 969
28 Complete Genetic and Clinical Analysis Compiled for Gene Linked to Epilepsy and Autism
29 Disappearing Forests and Wetlands in Belize Unmasked by NASA Satellite
30 Ultrafast Intra-atom Electron Motion Tracked Using Synchrotron Radiation
31 Restroom Air Hand Dryers Spread Contamination More Than Paper Towels--Can Also Spread Germs Onto Clothing
32 A Harvard Astronomer Said It's Alien Technology--Now Scientists Think They Found the True Origin of Strange Interstellar Object
33 Plants Would Grow Well in Solar Cell Greenhouses--Generating Electricity Without Reducing Plant Growth
34 What Makes Us Human? New Genetic Comparison Technique Reveals Evolution of the Human Brain and Face
35 Aspirin Is "Huge Win" for Those Looking to Reduce Risk From Some of the Most Devastating Effects of COVID-19
36 Feeding Cattle a Bit of Seaweed Reduces Their Greenhouse Gas Emissions 82%
37 Microbial Life of a Pure Martian Design
38 Researchers Discover Crucial Step in Formation of Deadly Brain Diseases
39 New Science Indicates Mars' Water Didn't Escape to Space--It's Trapped in the Red Planet's Crust
40 Sounding Rocket CLASP2 Helps Create Unprecedented Map of the Solar Magnetic Field
41 MIT Engineers Have Developed Self-Cooling Fabrics of the Future That Could Be Made From Recycled Plastic Bags
42 Pioneering Experiment Turns IBM's Largest Quantum Computer Into a Quantum Material
43 Dark Origins of One of Jupiter's Grand Light Shows Revealed by NASA's Juno Spacecraft
44 Air Purifiers Marketed for COVID-19 May Be Ineffective and Have Unintended Health Consequences
45 Catching Electrons in Action in an Antiferromagnetic Nanowire for Ultrahigh-Density Data Storage
46 Meteorological Beast in Our Solar System--Powerful Stratospheric Winds Measured on Jupiter for the First Time
47 How to Speed Up Muscle Repair--Bioengineers Discover Factors to Trigger for "Rapid Growth"
48 Researchers Baffled by Mystifying Circling Behavior Captured in Whales, Sharks, Penguins, and Sea Turtles
49 Oil in the Ocean Weathered by Photooxidation in Just Hours to Days
50 New Analysis Shows Potential for "Solar Canals" in California--Advancing Both Renewable Energy and Water Conservation
51 Massive Plume of Sand and Dust Has Blanketed Northern China
52 GOTHAM Investigators Uncover Warehouse-Full of Complex Molecules Never Before Seen in Space
53 Genetic Scalpel Invented for Microalgae to Efficiently Turn CO2 Into Biofuel
54 Hear the Crunching Surface of the Red Planet--Perseverance Rover Captures the Sounds of Driving on Mars
55 Breakthrough Means a Sustainable, Powerful Micro-Supercapacitor May Be on the Horizon
56 Hubble Shows Us the Future: A Galactic Collision
57 Ancient DNA Reveals Arctic Was Once Lush and Green, Could Be Again
58 New Species of Bacteria Discovered on Space Station--May Possess "Biotechnologically Useful Genetic Determinants" for Growing Crops
59 Black Hole in Cygnus X-1 Is So Massive That It Challenges Current Stellar Evolution Models
60 New Plutonium Breakthrough: Measuring the Previously "Unmeasurable" Helps Distinguish Nuclear Power Pollution From Global Fallout
61 Airborne Particulates More Dangerous Than Previously Thought--Can Trigger Pneumonia, Asthma, and Even Cancer
62 Today Is a Great Day for NASA!--Mega Moon Rocket Passes Key Test, Readies for Launch
63 Devourer of Storms: Jupiter's Great Red Spot Feeds on Smaller Storms
64 Researchers Have Identified a Potential New Target for Anti-COVID-19 Therapies
65 Stunning Hubble Images Capture Changing Seasons in Saturn's Vast and Turbulent Atmosphere
66 Engineers Creates New Ultralightweight, Crush-Resistant Tensegrity Metamaterials
67 Newly Discovered Fossils of Fish From Multiple Life Stages May "Rewrite Textbooks"
68 New Research Shows High Vitamin D Levels May Protect Against COVID-19, Especially for Black People
69 Researchers Debunk Decade-Old Photonics Myth, Demonstrate Practical Metal Nanostructures
70 Melting Glaciers Could Enhance Decomposition, Speeding Up Carbon Emissions Into the Atmosphere
71 Columbia Engineers Use DNA Nanotechnology to Build Tough 3D Nanomaterials
72 Mars Settlement Likely by 2050 Says Expert--But Not at Levels Predicted by Elon Musk
73 Rise of Marine Predators Transformed Ocean Life on Scale of Sudden Mass Extinctions
74 Cheaper Carbon Capture Is on the Way--Marathon Research Effort Drives Down Cost
75 Research Highlights: The Role of Adult Playfulness in Romantic Life
76 Free Open-Access Quantum Computer Now Operational
77 Meet NASA Astronaut & Artemis Team Member Jessica Watkins [Video]
78 New Electrochromic Material Can Rapidly Change Color Through Electricity
79 Cosmic Lens Reveals Faint Radio Galaxy More Than 8 Billion Light-Years From Earth
80 Tiny Bioelectronic Machine Poised to Unlock Brain's Mysteries
81 Higher Rate of Obesity With Spanish-Speaking Children Than English-Speaking Children in the U.S.
82 Smoke & Fire! NASA Tests the World's Most Powerful Rocket [Video]
83 Missing Baryons Found in Far-Out Reaches of Galactic Halos
84 Vitamin D Supplements May Protect Those With Low Levels From Severe COVID-19
85 Diabetes Medication Semaglutide Reduces Excess Body Fat in People With Obesity
86 Hunger Hormone Ghrelin Affects Monetary Decision Making in Females
87 Novel Coronavirus Circulated Undetected for Months Before First COVID-19 Cases Discovered in Wuhan, China
88 Killer of Critically Endangered Christmas Island Reptile Identified
89 Worlds With Underground Oceans--Like Europa, Titan, and Enceladus--May Be More Conducive to Supporting Life Than Earth
90 Melting Glaciers Contribute to Alaska Earthquakes, Cause Land to Rise at 1.5 Inches per Year
91 Sturdier Coronavirus Spike Protein Explains Faster Spread of COVID Variants From UK, South Africa, and Brazil
92 Whispers From the Dark Side: What Gravitational Waves Can Reveal About Dark Matter
93 Genetic Analysis Shows Crocodile Evolution Was Rebooted by Ice Age Glaciations
94 OneWeb Satellite Constellation to Boost Wi-Fi on Planes--Speeds Up to 195Mbps
95 Jupiter's Spectacular Ultraviolet "Dawn Storm" Auroras Are Surprisingly Earth-Like
96 Vaccination by Inhalation--Boosts Immune Responses to Respiratory Infections and Lung Cancer
97 Changing the Silkworm's Diet to Spin Silk 2x Stronger
98 Astronomers Puzzled After Hubble View of Torrential Outflows From Infant Stars Blows Hole in Current Theories
99 New Maps of Above Ground Biomass Is Set to Help Our Understanding of Global Carbon Cycling
100 NASA Remembers Legendary Flight Director Glynn Lunney--His Team Was Credited With Saving the Apollo 13 Crew
101 Lightning Strikes Played a Vital Role--Just As Important as Meteorites--in Life's Origins on Earth
102 Experts Warn: Vaccines Alone May Not Be Enough to End COVID-19 Pandemic
103 New Once-Weekly Insulin Helps Patients With Type 2 Diabetes Achieve Similar Results to Daily Insulin
104 Exploring Earth From Space: Amazon Rainforest
105 NASA's SAGE III Carries on Critical Measurements of Stratospheric Aerosols and Ozone
106 After Cracking the "Sum of Cubes" Puzzle for 42, Mathematicians Solve Harder Problem That Has Stumped Experts for Decades
107 Research Evidence Strongly Shows COVID-19 Link to Hearing Loss, Tinnitus, and Vertigo
108 Scientists Detect 55 Chemicals Never Before Reported in People--42 "Mystery Chemicals" Whose Sources Are Unknown
109 Simulating the Complicated History of Eta Carinae--Extraordinary Star Has Fascinated Mankind for Decades
110 Hubble Spots a Peculiar Sight: Unusual Spiral Galaxy With a Heavy Arm
111 Recent Summer Droughts in Europe Are Far More Severe Than Anything in the Past 2,100 Years
112 MIT's New Artificial Intelligence Algorithm Designs Soft Robots That Sense
113 Nine Experts Discuss What We've Learned From a Year of COVID-19
114 After 50-Year International Hunt, Physicists Discover Mythical Odderon Particle
115 NOAA Climate Report Shows Earth Had Its Coolest February on Record Since 2014