File Title
1 COVID-19: An Analysis of Coronavirus Mutations in More Than 1,000 People
2 Fisheye Over Sinai: Capturing the Intersection of Two Continents From Space
3 Solar-Powered Lunar Ark Proposed As "Modern Global Insurance Policy"
4 How Fast Is the Universe Expanding? New Hubble Constant Measurement Highlights Discrepancy Between Estimates of Our Cosmic Fate
5 Summers May Last Nearly Half the Year in the Northern Hemisphere by 2100
6 The Very Concept of Dark Matter Itself, Questioned in New Research
7 Original Error: Retracing the History of the Mutation That Gave Rise to Cancer Decades Later
8 The Mystery of the Missing Energy in Singlet Fission Solar Cells--Solved
9 Solution to Puzzling Phenomenon of Strangely Beautiful, Vortex-Like Structures May Improve Cold Spray Efficiency
10 Moire Than Meets the Eye: Carbon Nanotubes Self-Assemble Into Complex Structures for Materials Research
11 2D Heterostructures Rolled Like Sushi May Lead to Ultra Miniaturized Electronics
12 NASA Astronaut Mark Vande Hei Assigned to International Space Station Crew
13 Antarctica's Magnetic Link to Ancient Neighbors: Australia, India and South Africa
14 Ultralow-Temperature Supercapacitors Using Porous Carbon Aerogel--Could Power Mars & Polar Missions
15 Combating COVID-19: Generic Antibodies Can Be Retrained to Recognize SARS-CoV-2
16 Injecting Bone Marrow Cells Helps Heal the Brain After Stroke
17 The End of Hydroxychloroquine as a Treatment for COVID-19: Year of Madness Capped by Trial Showing Drug Has No Benefit
18 IceCube Detection of a High-Energy Particle--Antineutrino "Unmistakably of Extraterrestrial Origin"
19 Fossilized Fish Larvae Discovery Challenges Long-Accepted Theory of Vertebrate Origin
20 High-Performance Single-Atom Catalysts Developed for High-Temperature Fuel Cells
21 New Clues About Early Universe From Black Hole Powered Cosmic Jet 13 Billion Light-Years From Earth
22 If You Had COVID-19, Second Shot of Vaccine May Not Be Necessary
23 Leaked Documents Raise Concerns Over Integrity of mRNA Molecules in Some COVID-19 Vaccines
24 New Evidence Emerges on How Early Tetrapods Learned to Live--and Eat--on Land
25 A Better Way to Measure Acceleration--Tiny Accelerometer Uses Laser Light to Produce a Signal
26 New Discovery Explains Blood Pressure-Lowering Properties of Green and Black Tea
27 Global Phenomenon of Firefly Tourism Takes Flight, Sparking Wonder and Concern
28 Unlocking the Mysteries of the Bio/Nano Interface
29 Breaking the Warp Barrier for Faster-Than-Light Travel: New Theoretical Hyper-Fast Solitons Discovered
30 Younger Tyrannosaurus Rex Were Incapable of Delivering the Ferocious Bone-Crunching Bites of Adults
31 NASA's Perseverance Rover Uses Its SuperCam Instrument to Laser Zap a Rock on Mars
32 Hidden Genes in Bacteriophages Could Be Key in Development of New Antibiotics
33 Highest-Energy Cosmic Rays Detected in Star Clusters--Energies Beyond Those From Supernovae Capable of Devouring Entire Solar Systems
34 Class Assignment Leads to Published Aerospace Engineering Research
35 Electric Stimulation Could Help Speed Wound Healing
36 The Skeleton of the Deadly Malaria Parasite Reveals Its Secrets
37 World's First: Dinosaur Discovered Sitting on Nest of Eggs With Fossilized Babies
38 Princeton Study: New Climate Models With High Climate Sensitivity Are Implausible
39 NASA & Blue Origin Partner to Create Artificial Gravity Environments, Bring Lunar Gravity Conditions Closer to Earth
40 Discovery of Potential Cosmic-Ray Accelerator in the Galaxy Opens Window in Search for the "PeVatron"
41 Twin Peaks: More Human Twins Are Being Born Than Ever Before
42 Indiscriminate Killing Revealed in Genetic Analysis of Ancient Massacre
43 New High-Temperature Superconductor Synthesized by Scientists
44 Meet NASA Astronaut & Artemis Team Member Jessica Meir [Video]
45 Space Debris Threatens Our Continued Use of Near-Earth Space for the Benefit of Humankind
46 Scientists Devise a 2D-Material-Based Stacked Structure to Reduce Computing Power Consumption
47 2,000-Year-Old Greek Astronomical Calculator: Experts Recreate a Mechanical Cosmos for the World's First Computer
48 Shutting the Nano-Gate: Breakthrough May Lead to Single-Molecule Sensors and Cheaper Genomic Sequencing
49 Photonic Sunflower--Controlled by Light Alone, New Smart Materials Twist, Bend and Move
50 NASA's Perseverance Mars Rover's First Scientific Focus Is a Rock Named "Maaz" in Honor of Navajo Language
51 Evolution of One of the Fastest Jaws in the Natural World: Function Before Form in Trap-Jaw Ants
52 Accurate Aging of Wild Animals Thanks to Discovery of First Epigenetic Clock for Bats
53 Ten Years After the Tsunami: One of the Hardest Hit Coastal Cities in Japan Is Still Working to Recover
54 A Software Error Sent NASA's Hubble Space Telescope Into Safe Mode Last Sunday--Now It Has Recovered
55 Artificial Intelligence System Calculates Suicide Attempt Risk--Here's How It Performed
56 Astronomers Detect a Supermassive Black Hole on the Move--Unusual Motion Thus Far Unexplained
57 Complex Fluid Dynamics May Explain Hydroplaning Phenomenon
58 The Green Secrets of Goat Poop--Smarter Materials, Better Medicines, and Sustainable Biofuels
59 Using Artificial Intelligence to Generate 3D Holograms in Real-Time on a Smartphone
60 Not Science Fiction: German Physicists Say Traversable Wormholes Possible
61 Two Species, One Name: "Double Identity" Revealed in a Venomous Banana Spider
62 New Deepfake Spotting Tool Proves 94% Effective--Here's the Secret of Its Success
63 New Compound Created That Targets Enzyme Linked to Autoimmune Disorders & Severe COVID-19
64 Torrential Downpours and Destructive Flash Floods Swamp Hawaii
65 Can Evolution Be Predicted? Building a Bridge Between Mathematics and Biology
66 Solving a Martian Mystery: Mars Express Unlocks the Secrets of Strange Recurring Cloud
67 Tiny New Photonic Device Could Help Discover Exoplanets and Detect Diseases
68 Why It Takes 2 Shots to Make mRNA Vaccines Do Their COVID-19 Antibody-Creating Best
69 Playing Games With Quantum Interference to Solve a Mysterious Physics Puzzle
70 Evolution Reconstructed: New Proteins "Out of Nothing"
71 Universities to Develop Lunar Power and Resource Utilization Tech for NASA's Artemis Program
72 Exploring Earth From Space: Strait of Gibraltar
73 60-Year-Old Physics Theory Proven by IceCube Detection of a High-Energy Particle
74 Hubble Finds Earth-Sized Planet That May Be on Its Second Atmosphere
75 Gravity Explorer Mission Still Unearthing Hidden Secrets About Our Planet
76 NASA's Planetary Defense: "Potentially Hazardous Asteroid" Predicted to Safely Pass by Earth on March 21
77 Plain of Jars--Solving the Mystery of the Laos Megalithic Jars
78 Meet NASA Astronaut & Artemis Team Member Scott Tingle [Video]
79 The Narwhal's Impressive Unicorn-Like Tusk Reveals Its Past Living Conditions
80 COVID Face Masks Are a Ticking Plastic Bomb--3 Million Thrown Away Every Minute
81 How the Tiniest Particles in Our Universe Saved Us From Complete Annihilation
82 Navigating a High-Dimensional Treasure Map to Uncover Quantum Gold
83 Here's Why Resistance Training Is So Effective for Weight Loss
84 Search for Alien Life: How the Habitability of Exoplanets Is Influenced by Their Rocks
85 NASA Astronauts Complete Year's Fifth Spacewalk at International Space Station
86 More Than One-Third of Corn Belt Farmland Has Completely Lost Its Carbon-Rich Topsoil
87 Highly-Selective New Tool to Dissect the "Undruggable"
88 New Research Finds SARS-CoV-2 (the Virus That Causes COVID-19) Jumped From Bats to Humans Without Much Change
89 From Vitamin C to Spinach: Researching Ways to Protect Astronaut Cardiovascular Health From Space Radiation
90 An Unusual Creature Is Coming Out of Winter's Slumber--Here's Why Scientists Are Excited
91 Oops! The "World's Oldest Meteorite Impact Crater" Isn't an Impact Crater After All
92 World's First Fully Automated Sensor Network for Measuring Urban Greenhouse Gas Emissions
93 Pompeii of Prehistoric Plants Unlocks Evolutionary Secret--Spectacular Fossil Plants Preserved Within a Volcanic Ash Fall
94 Massive X-ray Jet--Extending for 160,000 Light-Years--Spied From Supermassive Black Hole in Early Universe
95 Bacteria Know How to Exploit Quantum Mechanics to Steer Energy
96 Glaciers Accelerate Into the Ocean in the Getz Region of West Antarctica, Contributing to Rising Global Sea Levels
97 National Poll: COVID Pandemic Has Negatively Impacted Teens' Mental Health--Expert Recommendations
98 A Flash of Life: Hubble Spies an Unusual Planetary Nebula
99 Is Your Child Scared of Going to the Dentist? CBT Could Help
100 Unexpected Decrease in Air Pollution Over Parts of Africa
101 Habitats of Freshwater Fish Species Threatened by Global Warming
102 Scientists Developing "Game-Changing" Test to Diagnose Parkinson's Based on Compounds Found on Skin
103 Machine Learning for Virtually Unlimited Solar Cell Experiments
104 Serendipitous Juno Spacecraft Detections Shatter Ideas About Origin of Zodiacal Light
105 Deactivating COVID-19 Virus Cough Droplets With UV-C Lamps
106 On the Quest for Other Earths in the Search for Extraterrestrial Life
107 Solving the Puzzle of Polymers Binding to Ice for Biological Cryopreservation
108 Researchers Uncover How the Brain Learns From Subconscious Stimuli
109 Healthy Start, Happy Start: Video Feedback Parenting Program Reduces Behavior Problems in Children As Young as 12 Months
110 Planetary Scientists Discover There May Be Many Planets With Water-Rich Atmospheres
111 Twisting, Flexible Crystals Key to Advanced New Solar Cells