File Title
1 Survey: Heterosexual men like sports more than all other groups
2 Reindeer lichens reproduce sexually far more than scientists thought
3 NASA will pay $500,000 for good ideas on food production in space
4 NASA completes spacewalk to finish power system upgrades
5 Tiny chameleon species is the world's smallest reptile
6 Extended dark matter halo found circling ancient dwarf galaxy
7 'Quantum brain' promises more eco-friendly data centers
8 Businessman plans first all-civilian SpaceX flight to benefit St. Jude's hospital
9 Survey reveals structural diversity of 3,000 galaxies
10 Study: Sea levels to rise faster than models predict
11 New rocket company Astra plans Nasdaq listing
12 SpaceX flies, crashes Starship moon rocket again
13 Scientists figure out why food sometimes sticks to nonstick pans
14 Mammals are getting hit by airplanes at greater rates than ever before
15 SpaceX plans two Starlink satellite launches on consecutive days
16 Scientists measure bond distance in rare, radioactive element einsteinium
17 New AI system uses radio signals to detect a person's emotions
18 Underground salts, melting ice may explain Martian landslides
19 SpaceX launches fourth Starlink mission of 2021
20 Open ocean 'surface slicks' serve as nurseries for dozens of fish species
21 Some sperm use poison to outrace their competitors
22 Machine-learning program imagines a protein's many possible structures
23 Mapping of undersized fish, crustaceans may help sustainable fishing efforts
24 Study: Climate change increased risk for coronavirus pandemic
25 Some of our gut microbiota predates the human-Neanderthal split
26 COVID-19 pandemic's economic shock hit less-developed countries hardest
27 New era of Mars exploration begins as craft nears Red Planet
28 Livestock workers at higher risk for 'superbug' infection
29 Study: About half of global wastewater is treated
30 Study: Climate change is making allergy season worse
31 UAE Mars probe successfully enters Red Planet orbit
32 More aggressive emissions reductions required to meet global temperature goals
33 Model shows how air conditioning influences COVID-19 transmission
34 African coelacanth fish evolved dozens of new genes just 10M years ago
35 China's Tianwen-1 spacecraft achieves orbit at Mars
36 New York City subway has dirtier air than neighboring transit systems
37 New wearable device converts body heat into electricity
38 More detailed dog reference genome to aid studies of heritable diseases
39 Emissions of ozone-eating chemical CFC-11 are on the decline again
40 NASA chooses SpaceX to launch lunar gateway
41 Scientists teach pigs to play video game, showing behavioral, mental flexibility
42 To keep backyard animals safe from cats, offer more meat and play
43 Fin whale songs could help map the ocean floor
44 Lemurs prove there's more than one biochemical recipe for monogamous love
45 Lost birds can use Earth's magnetic signature to get back on track
46 SpaceX plans to boost Starlink network with launch
47 Geologists discover strange creatures living deep beneath Antarctic ice shelf
48 New skin patch promises comprehensive health monitoring
49 Drop in CO2 helped dinosaurs migrate from South America to Greenland
50 SpaceX launches Starlink satellites, loses booster in sea
51 NASA fears gap in astronaut crew at multibillion-dollar space station
52 Scientists grow cyanobacteria under Mars-like conditions
53 Climate change killed off mammoths, sloths, megafauna
54 Perseverance rover begins approach to Mars atmosphere
55 Mars rover mission could drive research for decades to come
56 CT scans of Egyptian mummy suggest 'brave' pharaoh was executed
57 NASA Mars rover Perseverance hits 'bullseye' for Thursday landing
58 World's oldest DNA reveals new mammoth lineage
59 Subglacial lakes may be friendlier to microbes than previously thought
60 Mars landing will mark many firsts in space exploration
61 Deepwater Horizon spill has long-term effects on dolphins' immune systems
62 For more equitable cities, researchers say to keep social networks intact
63 NASA's Perseverance rover lands safely on Mars
64 New form of crystalline ice may help learn about hydrogen bonds
65 Scientists explore how to recalculate the social cost of carbon
66 Global survey finds nature sanitizes millions of tons of human waste a year
67 Historic new images from Mars show rover landing
68 Coral reef predators get 70% of their energy from the open ocean
69 Urban pollinators get almost all their food from backyard gardens
70 Even 'light' smoking can be addictive, study shows
71 Study: Smoking, vaping damages health as much as smoking alone
72 Lifestyle choices can reduce risk for heartburn, study finds
73 Study: Mandating flu shots for hospital workers reduces viral spread, deaths
74 Study: Young adults in U.S. overeating during pandemic lockdowns
75 Drinking milk while breastfeeding may reduce allergies in kids, study says
76 Women die more often than men while waiting for liver transplant
77 Study: U.S. 'a long way' from herd immunity despite number of COVID-19 cases
78 Experts: More research needed to assess long-term effects of COVID-19 on brain
79 Umbilical stem cells show promise against severe COVID-19
80 Study: Sickle cell trait does not increase heart disease risk in African Americans
81 Kids with heart defects at higher odds for mental health issues
82 Study finds little benefit from supplemental oxygen during labor
83 Traveling makes people happier, study shows
84 CDC: Severe allergic reaction to COVID-19 vaccine 'exceedingly rare'
85 Vaccine rollout could have U.S. back to normalcy by late summer, expert says
86 COVID-19 vaccination efforts should speed up, former FDA director says
87 Women can transmit cancer to infants in childbirth, reports suggest
88 Doctors' group says open schools, with proper COVID-19 measures
89 Study: Soda sales rebound when taxes are repealed
90 Study: Symptom-free infected people cause at least half of COVID-19 spread
91 Study: Parents born early nearly twice as likely to have children with autism
92 CDC: Surviving cancer 'ages' the heart, increasing heart disease risk
93 COVID-19 survivors' plasma may prevent worse illness in older patients
94 Study suggests COVID-19 may have remained in Wuhan past April
95 Self-control may be key to longer, happier life, study suggests
96 Study: Genes help explain role of race in prostate cancer risk
97 Study: Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine just as effective against viral variant
98 Higher pollen levels may trigger pelvic pain
99 Fatigue, breathing, mental health problems may persist for months after COVID-19
100 Researchers close in on 'universal' flu vaccine as COVID-19 fight takes priority
101 Blood pressure meds don't up risks for COVID-19 patients, study says
102 COVID-19 hospitalization rates for children rise in U.S., study finds
103 Study: Posts on Facebook big drivers of anti-vaccine resistance
104 Oral sex frequency, number of partners linked to HPV-related cancer risk in study
105 Study: Plant-based diet leads to healthier microbiome, life
106 Study: Coffee reduces risk for prostate cancer
107 Study: Weight training benefits older women, men equally
108 For many cancer patients, diagnosis carries psychological 'silver lining'
109 Study links pandemic to big rise in U.S. heart deaths
110 U.S. expands COVID-19 vaccine priority to include all seniors 65 and up
111 Many in U.S. nervous about seeking medical care due to COVID-19, survey says
112 Study: Gut microbes could play a role in anorexia