File Title
1 Upending complex crystal formation
2 COVID-19 associated with leukoencephalopathy on brain MRI
3 You snooze, you lose--with some sleep trackers
4 Study: Screen surgery patients for frailty
5 Silencing the alarm
6 Mutation in SARS-CoV-2 spike protein renders virus up to eight times more infectious
7 Quantum collaboration gives new gravity to the mysteries of the universe
8 Online tool helps estimate COVID's true toll on sub-Saharan Africa
9 To reduce stunting in India, space out births
10 Researchers develop tiny sensor for measuring subtle pressure changes inside the body
11 TB vaccine may protect newborns against other infectious diseases
12 Advances in X-ray imaging can help patients with breast cancer
13 Modeling a better catalyst for PIBSAs
14 Research news tip sheet: Story ideas from Johns Hopkins Medicine
15 Fish diet heats up marine biodiversity hotspot
16 Researchers identify gene implicated in neuroblastoma, a childhood cancer
17 Do sweat it! Wearable microfluidic sensor to measure lactate concentration in real time
18 Proton therapy induces biologic response to attack treatment-resistant cancers
19 Global mapping projects aid humanitarian organisations
20 New research finds drive-through mass-vaccination clinics could alter COVID-19 trajectory
21 IU study finds unintended consequences of state opioid policies
22 Helping Congress get the most from research
23 A peptide that inhibits virus transmission among ferrets may point to a promising treatment
24 Platelets may play key role in development of lupus
25 Vets' depression, social support & psychological resilience play role in later well being
26 Physical therapy after c-section improves outcomes
27 Scientists develop blood test to predict environmental harms to children
28 Genotoxic E. coli 'caught in the act'
29 Study links prolonged sedentary time to distractibility in adults with obesity, overweight
30 Credit card-sized soft pumps power wearable artificial muscles
31 Fishes contribute roughly 1.65 billion tons of carbon in feces and other matter annually
32 How the 'noise' in our brain influences our behavior
33 New highly radioactive particles found in Fukushima
34 New tech aims to tackle 'disseminated intravascular coagulation' blood disorder
35 Self-healing concrete for regions with high moisture and seismic activity
36 One in 10 Ohio women thought abortion illegal amid attempts to ban at 6 weeks
37 Columbia researchers uncover altered brain connectivity after prolonged anesthesia
38 Understanding cellular clock synchronization
39 How and when do children recognize power and social hierarchies?
40 ADHD, DBD and aggressiveness: Risky genetic factors
41 The psychological effects of COVID-19 on pregnancy and postpartum
42 Fatty tissue accumulated in the neck linked to heart problems, study finds
43 Foreign language learners should be exposed to slang in the classroom and here's why....
44 RUDN University physicists analyzed the role of gravity in elementary particles formation
45 Scientists able to see how potential cancer treatment reacts in single cell
46 On the quest for other Earths
47 Hide-and-seek can lead to higher drug prices
48 How sessile seahorses managed to speciate and disperse across the world's oceans
49 3D-printing perovskites on graphene makes next-gen X-ray detectors
50 Researchers have proved that ozone is effective in disinfecting Coronavirus
61 University of Limerick research finds new link between personality and risk of death
52 Antibiotic could be repurposed and added to tuberculosis treatment arsenal
53 Blockchain-based copyright protection
54 Quickly identify high-performance multi-element catalysts
55 Dennis tamed the protein from hell in seven years
56 Decade of reducing self-inflicted deaths in Japan hindered by COVID-19
57 How inflammatory signalling molecules contribute to carcinogenesis
58 New data on COVID-19 patients with diabetes show that one in five die within 28 days
59 A (pollen-free) sigh of relief for Japan: The genetics of male sterility in cedar trees
60 Scientists identifies novel vascular smooth muscle subsets under high hydrostatic pressure
61 Megadroughts in arid central Asia delayed the cultural exchange along the proto-Silk Road
62 Exaggerated radar data above the freezing level induced by terrain
63 This robot doesn't need any electronics
64 Mimicking a chronic immune response changes the brain
65 Capturing the contours of live cells with novel nanoimaging technique using graphene
66 Immune system protects children from severe COVID-19
67 Could a nasal spray prevent coronavirus transmission?
68 Changing livestock in ancient Europe reflect political shifts
69 Climate change and fire suppression
70 New study evaluates the advancement of ecology from a 2D to 3D science
71 High-risk gene for neurodevelopmental disorders linked to sleep problems in flies
72 In response to Stephen Colbert, FAU professor says 'spice it up'
73 The 20 best places to tackle US farm nitrogen pollution
74 Researchers find diverse supportive partnerships among older gay men with and without HIV
75 Study: Including videos in college teaching may improve student learning
76 A new, clearer insight into Earth's hidden crystals
77 Identifying "ugly ducklings" to catch skin cancer earlier
78 Robotic dogs & laughter therapy: combating loneliness & isolation while social distancing
79 Plastic recycling results in rare metals being found in children's toys and food packaging
80 Lakes isolated beneath Antarctic ice could be more amenable to life than thought
81 Discovery illuminates how thyroid hormone 'dims' metabolism
82 Most European countries ignore patients with severe mental illness in COVID vaccine strategy
83 The market advantage of a feminine brand name
84 Timing of physical activity linked to fitness levels, CV risk for men with type 2 diabetes
85 One in five has a mutation that provides superior resilience to cold
86 Wintering bird communities track climate change faster than breeding communities in Europe and North America
87 More sustainable recycling of plastics
88 Damage to the heart found in more than half of COVID-19 patients discharged from hospital
89 Body shape, beyond weight, drives fat stigma for women
90 A 'twisted elevator' could be key to understanding neurological diseases
91 Deaths from food allergy rare and decreasing in the UK, finds study
92 Breeding better seeds: Healthy food for more people
93 Study discovers safe, effective oral treatment for uterine fibroids
94 Mentally ill kids become less healthy adults
95 Impact of COVID-19 in Africa 'vastly underestimated' warn researchers
96 Should we criminalize those who spread misinformation about vaccines?
97 UK hospital admissions for food-induced anaphylaxis triple over 20 year period but death rate falls
98 High patient uptake for text message system monitoring opioid use in real-time
99 White matter changes in brain found in frontotemporal dementia
100 Radiological images confirm 'COVID-19 can cause the body to attack itself'
101 Phase I clinical trial shows promise of adipose-derived stem cells in treating lymphedema
102 Medication keeps more patients with ANCA-associated vasculitis in remission than steroids
103 Protein linked to Alzheimer's, strokes cleared from brain blood vessels
104 Toward a disease-sniffing device that rivals a dog's nose
105 World's oldest DNA reveals how mammoths evolved
106 Making swimming pools safer by reducing chlorine disinfection byproducts
107 An mRNA vaccine for cancer immunotherapy
108 Helping behavior may mitigate academic risk for children from low-income neighborhoods
109 Latinx youth's helping behavior tied to cultural processes as well as parenting practices
110 People with this muscle protein gene variant tolerate the cold better
111 Unusual breeding behavior reported in treefrogs for the first time
112 Learning from prostate cancer-detecting dogs to improve diagnostic tests
113 Ceramic fuel cells: Reduced nickel content leads to improved stability and performance?
114 CT scans of Egyptian mummy reveal new details about the death of a pivotal pharaoh