File Title
1 Nanotech scientists create world's smallest origami bird
2 Ultrasound has potential to damage coronaviruses, study finds
3 A new, vital player in graft-versus-host disease and organ transplant rejection
4 The impact of childhood trauma on performance-enhancing substance use
5 Health disparities in type 1 diabetes and COVID-19 infection with Dr. Kathryn Sumpter
6 Lab-created heart valves can grow with the recipient
7 Public health expert Shattuck studies impact of social distancing on spread of infection
8 Jupiter's Great Red Spot feeds on smaller storms
9 Oncotarget: Genomic and neoantigen evolution in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma
10 Mobility data used to respond to COVID-19 can leave out older and non-white people
11 Algae growing on dead coral could paint a falsely rosy portrait of reef health
12 Global warming helps invasive species flourish--study models likely combined effects on ecosystems
13 Suicide risk prediction models could be cost-effective in clinical practice
14 Three times the gains
15 Losing rivers
16 Mitigating impact of artificial light at night in tropical forests
17 Text me about cervical cancer
18 Arctic was once lush and green, could be again, new research shows
19 Missing baryons found in far-out reaches of galactic halos
20 The a7 protein is ready for its close-up
21 Aspirin use may decrease ventilation, ICU admission and death in COVID-19 patients
22 'Time lost is brain lost'
23 Modelling speed-ups in nutrient-seeking bacteria
24 New study reveals habitat that could increase jaguar numbers
25 Cellular benefits of gene therapy seen decades after treatment
26 Double-duty catalyst generates hydrogen fuel while cleaning up wastewater
27 A new view on plate tectonics
28 Identifying cells to better understand healthy and diseased behavior
29 Story tips from Johns Hopkins experts on COVID-19
30 Icy ocean worlds seismometer passes further testing in Greenland
31 Nurse work environment influences stroke outcomes
32 Abundant and stable rocks are critical egg-laying habitat for insects in restored streams
33 For hip fracture patients, hospital reimbursements rising faster than surgeon reimbursements
34 Inexpensive tin packs a big punch for the future of supercapacitors
35 Immune receptor protein could hold key to treatment of autoimmune diseases
36 Researchers identify barriers to use of surface electromyography in neurorehabilitation
37 Electromagnetic fields hinder spread of breast cancer, study shows
38 Scientists assess effects of soccer player preparation and recovery on kicking performance
39 Death enables complexity in chemical evolution
40 Fermented wool is the answer
41 'We marry disorder with order'
42 The trouble of being tall
43 Magnetism meets topology on a superconductor's surface
44 It's snowing plastic
45 FAU researchers break bonds in molecular nitrogen with calcium
46 Not just for numbers: Anchoring biases decisions involving sight, sound, and touch
47 What brings olfactory receptors to the cell surface
48 Modeling the probability of methane hydrate deposits on the seafloor
49 Genome scalpel invented for industrial microalgae to efficiently turn CO2 into biofuel
50 Palaeontology: Prehistoric armoured dinosaur may have been able to dig
51 Stimulating the immune system to fight cancer
52 Solving ancient problem of nucleic acid synthesis helps to design new antiviral drugs
53 Elusive protein complex could hold the key to treating chromosomal disorders
54 Solar cells: Losses made visible on the nanoscale
55 Advanced mouse embryos grown outside the uterus
56 Artificial light affects plant pollination even during the daytime
57 Health promotion, prevention, and psychosocial health
58 New bioink brings 3D-printing of human organs closer to reality
59 Simple blood test could replace surgery for some brain tumour patients
60 Evolved to stop bacteria, designed for stability
61 New aluminum and samarium hexaboride-based composite material with near-zero expansion
62 Crystal structure prediction of multi-elements random alloy
63 Cambodian study assesses 3D scanning technologies for prosthetic limb design
64 The health of older women is determined by the characteristics of their partner
65 SARS-CoV-2 infects cells via specific viral entry factors
66 Hepatitis B: What people can learn from donkeys
67 Conspiracy theories influence our behavior--even if we do not believe in them
68 Looking for new explanations of TC genesis from the vertical coupling of Durian's embryo
69 PPE supplied to the NHS during COVID-19 pandemic poses challenge to the environment
70 CO2 electrotransformation into value-added chemicals in ionic liquid-based electrolytes
71 The right ring count to harness waste heat
72 Cu-based small-pore zeolites for deNOx
73 Trackable and guided 'nanomissiles' deliver cancer-fighting drug straight to the tumor
74 South African Oxford AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine study a global game-changer
75 A new satellite-measured "Solar-induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence" (SIF) product aims to improve carbon neutrality research
76 Glass crystallization making red phosphor for high-power warm white lighting
77 New quantum algorithm surpasses the QPE norm
78 Go with the flow: New model helps cities crack bottlenecks, decrease commute times
79 New software improves accuracy of factories' mass-produced 3D-printed parts
80 Animal behaviour: Female wild bonobos provide care for infants outside their social group
81 Low-education voters disregard policy beliefs at the polls, research finds
82 The Blue Economy is more than resources: It has to focus on social equity and governance
83 Common antibiotic can safely be given to most surgery patients despite penicillin allergy
84 When volcanoes go metal
85 Scientists shrink pancreatic tumors by starving their cellular 'neighbors'
86 Pandemic has increased pregnancy stress for US women
87 Socioeconomic factors play key role in COVID-19 impact on Blacks, Hispanics
88 Pioneering study gives new insight into formation of copper deposits
89 Genetic testing proves beneficial in prescribing effective blood thinners
90 AI method can detect precursors to cervical cancer
91 Cancer mutations insight could boost detection and personalize treatments
92 Helping stevia plants brave the cold
93 More than one in 10 patients with lung cancer do not know what type they have
94 Researchers identify head impact rates in four major high school sports
95 Researchers provide complete clinical landscape for gene linked to epilepsy and autism
96 Hormone therapy shown to reduce effects of nocturia in postmenopausal women
97 A raw diet for under 6-month-old puppies may reduce the risk of inflammatory bowel disease
98 Ultrafast intra-atom motion tracked using synchrotron radiation
99 Antibody Mediated Prevention (AMP) trials data published by the New England Journal of Medicine
100 UCSF study finds evidence of 55 new chemicals in people
101 High speed air hand dryers spread contamination more than paper towels
102 Recreational cannabis use among adults in the home is on the rise, but what about the children?
103 A remedy for the spread of false news?
104 How to speed up muscle repair
105 New technique reveals genes underlying human evolution
106 Gun violence rises in TV dramas over two decades, paralleling U.S. gun homicide trends
107 Artificial light at night may disrupt firefly mating
108 20 years of research on the use of virtual reality in education
109 Wearable fitness trackers/step counters help the overweight/obese to shed the pounds
110 Preschoolers' extensive electronic media use linked to emotional/behavioural issues