File Title
1 Study uncovers safety concerns with some air purifiers
2 New study points to novel drug target for treating COVID-19
3 How sperm remember
4 Easing the burden on transgender and nonbinary graduate students
5 Standing out from the crowd
6 Army, Air Force fund research to pursue quantum computing
7 Tired at the office? Take a quick break; your work will benefit
8 Going back in time restores decades of quiet corn drama
9 Leaders take note: Feeling powerful can have a hidden toll
10 Is there life on Mars today and where?
11 New study predicts changing Lyme disease habitat across the West Coast
12 Could birth control pills ease concussion symptoms in female athletes?
13 The city formula
14 Jupiter's "dawn storm" auroras are surprisingly Earth-like
15 Project investigates remote control of enzymes using light
16 Exposure to common chemical during pregnancy may reduce protection against breast cancer
17 Researchers find a better way to measure consciousness
18 New imaging technology could help predict heart attacks
19 What happened to mars's water? It is still trapped there
20 Patients value staff dedication most when evaluating substance use treatment facilities
21 New perovskite LED emits a spin-polarized glow
22 How bacterial traffic jams lead to antibiotic-resistant, multilayer biofilms
23 From a window to a mirror: new material paves the way to faster computing
24 The fitter you are the better you burn fat--new research
25 Photocatalytic efficiency in photocatalysis found to be site sensitive
26 FSU researchers enhance quantum machine learning algorithms
27 Combination therapy may provide significant protection against lethal influenza
28 Image release: Cosmic lens reveals faint radio galaxy
29 Practical nanozymes discovered to fight antimicrobial resistance
30 Research shows how mutations in SARS-CoV-2 allow the virus to dodge immune defenses
31 Keeping it cool: New approach to thermal protection in outdoor wearable electronics
32 How pregnancy turns the stress response on its head
33 Visa costs higher for people from poor countries
34 Researchers use "swarmalation" to design active materials for self-regulating soft robots
35 Imposter syndrome is common among high achievers in med school
36 Lightning strikes played a vital role in life's origins on Earth
37 Militarization negatively influences green growth
38 Study finds American mink to be main limiting factor of European mink
39 Flat brain organoids grown on 3D-printed scaffolds show intrinsic gyrification
40 How do birds breathe better? Researchers' discovery will throw you for a loop
41 Spontaneous superconducting currents in Sr2RuO4
42 UK variant spread rapidly in care homes in England
43 A new way to measure human wellbeing towards sustainability
44 Consumption of added sugar doubles fat production
45 Researchers discover intact plant fossils beneath Greenland's ice sheet for the first time
46 The valuable contribution of stress to the thermal stability of nanograined polycrystalline alloys
47 Genetic discovery gives insight into causes of eye disease
48 The bald truth--altered cell divisions cause hair thinning
49 HKUST researchers unlock the micro-molecular physiochemical mechanism of dental plaque formation
50 Roof-tiles in imperial China: Creating Ximing Temple's lotus-pattern tile ends
51 Quadruple fusion imaging via transparent ultrasound transducer
52 A new type of recyclable: Finding new uses for established drugs
53 NTU Singapore scientists develop device to 'communicate' with plants using electrical signals
54 Deforestation taking a heavy toll on international bird haven
55 Acoustic graphene plasmons study paves way for optoelectronic applications
56 At face value: Using facial analysis algorithm to track changes due to Parkinson's disease
57 Trouble for honeyeaters that sing the wrong song
58 While drowning numbers soar, beach safety programs are largely unevaluated
59 Study: 94% of older adults prescribed drugs that raise risk of falling
60 State of the climate over the three gorges region of the Yangtze river in 2019
61 Commercial truck electrification is within reach
62 Study shows how varying climate conditions impact vulnerable species
63 Much of Mars' ancient water was buried in the planet's crust, not lost to space
64 SwRI researcher theorizes worlds with underground oceans support, conceal life
65 Not just CO2: Rising temperatures also alter photosynthesis in a changing climate
66 Study: One enzyme dictates cells' response to a probable carcinogen
67 Physicians and scientists join forces to develop the longevity medicine curriculum
68 A promising breakthrough for a better design of electronic materials
69 Leprosy drug holds promise as at-home treatment for COVID-19
70 BIDMC researchers model a safe new normal
71 Non-surgical treatment quickly reduces arthritis knee pain and improves function
72 Minimally invasive treatment provides fast pain relief for cancer patients
73 Hysterectomy used more for postpartum bleeding compared to less invasive option
74 Embryonic tissue undergoes phase transition
75 Non-invasive skin swab samples are enough to quickly detect COVID-19, a new study finds
76 Stem cells derived from fat show promise as a treatment for mass radiation exposure
77 Pick up the pace!
78 Propylparaben exposure during pregnancy may reduce protection against breast cancer
79 Subsidies most effective way to encourage sustainable food choices, study shows
80 Could environmental pollution from industry contribute to cryptorchidism increase?
81 More accurate method to predict long term outcomes for pre-invasive breast cancer
82 Viruses adapt to 'language of human cells' to hijack protein synthesis
83 Toward a more comprehensive understanding of aridity changes over global drylands
84 How hummingbirds hum
85 What sparked life on Earth? Perhaps bolts from the blue
86 New neuroscience-driven multisensory technologies to help the vision impaired
87 Machine learning can identify cancerous cells by their acidity
88 Electronic cigarettes help smokers with schizophrenia quit
89 More precise diagnoses made possible with whole genome sequencing
90 Second-wave COVID mortality dropped markedly in (most) wealthier zones
91 Brain disease research reveals differences between sexes
92 Crying human tear glands grown in the lab
93 Tear glands in a dish can cry
94 Squishy white blood cells quickly become highly stiff and viscous in response to a threat
95 Ancient bone artifact found
96 Heart-healthy lifestyles linked to lower risk of future cancers
97 Second COVID-19 wave in Europe less lethal than first wave
98 Multidrug-resistant candida auris discovered in a natural environment
99 Can I squeeze through here? How some fungi can grow through tiny gaps
100 Controlling sloshing motions in sea-based fish farming cages improves fish welfare
101 Christmas Island reptile-killer identified
102 Researchers develop acid-sensitive nanoparticles as new treatment for pancreatic cancer
103 Astronomers see a 'space jellyfish'
104 Declining caribou population victim of ecological chain reaction
105 A modified protein appears to trigger lung fibrosis after environmental exposure
106 Polystyrene waste is everywhere
107 A sturdier spike protein explains the faster spread of coronavirus variants
108 Study explores how environmental exposures before conception may impact fetal development
109 Cancer survivors face elevated heart disease risk, study finds
110 MSU scientists one million 'hops' closer to ending a disease endemic in cattle