File Title
1 What happens in your brain when you 'lose yourself' in fiction
2 New research adds to evidence that POTS may be an autoimmune disorder
3 Faster drug discovery through machine learning
4 When English and French mix in literature
5 Women veterinarians earn $100K less than men annually
6 Three bacterial strains discovered on space station may help grow plants on Mars
7 Story tips: Urban climate impacts, materials' dual approach and healing power
8 NASA images reveal important forests and wetlands are disappearing in Belize
9 Voltage from the parquet
10 Study reveals new clues about the architecture of X chromosomes
11 Significant variation found in timing and selection of genetic tests for non-small-cell lung cancer
12 In severe COVID, cytokine "hurricane" in lung attracts damaging inflammatory cells
13 Cancer immunotherapy approach targets common genetic alteration
14 UIC researchers discover hidden link between cellular defense systems
15 Telehealth growth during pandemic occurred mostly in more affluent and metropolitan areas
16 Study: Seattle's minimum wage increase did not change crime or employment rates
17 Study: Men of color avoid public places out of fear of involvement with criminal justice agents
18 Masonic Medical Research Institute develops new technology for studying brown fat
19 Global river flow contingent upon climate change
20 Households in Zimbabwe affected by fall armyworm are 12% more likely to experience hunger
21 There might be many planets with water-rich atmospheres
22 Whispers from the dark side: What can gravitational waves reveal about dark matter?
23 Community-based study links skin rashes to COVID-19
24 How novel pathogens may cause the development of colorectal cancer
25 Lab studies of emotion and well-being may be missing real-world anxiety
26 Race influences flood risk behaviors
27 SARS-CoV-2 hijacks two key metabolic pathways to rapidly replicate in host cells
28 Vulnerable newborns being separated from their mothers in COVID-19 pandemic
29 Center-right MEPs less cohesive on votes about EU fundamental values during Fidesz era, study shows
30 Lemurs can sniff out hidden fruit from afar
31 Brown researchers explore possibilities for an ultra-secure gun registry
32 Antarctic peninsula likely to warm over next two decades
33 Researchers enhance Alzheimer's disease classification through artificial intelligence
34 Beta blockers not associated with risk of depression
35 Criteria published for diagnosing the clinical syndrome of CTE during life
36 Skoltech and MIT researchers identify optimal human landing system architectures to land on the Moon
37 Use of AI to fight COVID-19 risks harming 'disadvantaged groups,' experts warn
38 Researchers discover how the brain learns from subconscious stimuli
39 Solving the puzzle of polymers binding to ice for Cryopreservation
40 How do good metals go bad?
41 New research reveals possible cause of mystery condition that leaves people paralysed
42 Fear of COVID-19: Psychological, not environmental factors are important
43 A law to protect those who support victims of violence against women
44 How artificial intelligence can help curb traffic accidents in cities
45 Open door to treatment of renal fibrosis by showing that it is caused by telomere shortening
46 Surgery should remain as mainstay of treatment for acute uncomplicated appendicitis
47 Debris of stellar explosion found at unusual location
48 Bacteria adapt syringe apparatus to changing conditions
49 Injections or light irradiation?
50 Researchers present spontaneous sparse learning for PCM-based memristor neural networks
51 Enzymatic danse macabre of lung cancer
52 Weed invaders are getting faster
53 New probe set unravels evolutionary history of second-most diverse group of land plants
54 Engineers combine AI and wearable cameras in self-walking robotic exoskeletons
55 HIV research: Increased weight gain with TAF medication
56 Calls to poison centers about high-powered magnets increased by 444% after ban lifted
57 Beta-blockers not likely to cause depression yet may contribute to sleep disturbances
58 13 things primary care clinics can check to help preserve brain health
59 Melting glaciers could speed up carbon emissions into the atmosphere
60 COVID waste: Archaeologists have a role to play in informing environmental policy
61 Crucial step in formation of deadly brain diseases discovered
62 Machine learning models for diagnosing COVID-19 are not yet suitable for clinical use
63 A novel recipe for air-stable and highly-crystalline radical-based coordination polymer
64 Doctor communication key to pandemic vaccine adoption
65 Pre-term births in Tennessee decreased during pandemic
66 Video-led feedback programme reduces behaviour problems in children as young as 12 months
67 Could we recycle plastic bags into fabrics of the future?
68 'Reducing global warming matters for freshwater fish species'
69 Racial disparities in heart disease, hypertension, and diabetes death rates have minimally improved over last two decades
70 Scientists stunned to discover plants beneath mile-deep Greenland ice
71 Abuse in childhood and adolescence linked to higher likelihood of conduct problems
72 Study predicts the oceans will start emitting ozone-depleting CFCs
73 Epigenetic mechanism contributing to lifelong stress susceptibility discovered
74 When 'eradicated' species bounce back with a vengeance
75 Study finds high tumor mutation burden predicts immunotherapy response in some, but not all, cancers
76 Model predicts urban development and greenhouses gasses will fuel urban floods
77 Is there an association between a pregnant mother's diet and her child's weight?
78 European summer droughts since 2015 unprecedented in past two millennia
79 Twisting, flexible crystals key to solar energy production
80 National poll: Pandemic has negatively impacted teens' mental health
81 Risk of death for men 60% higher than for women in study of 28 countries
82 Saarbrucken based bioinformaticians trace down molecular signals of Parkinson's disease
83 Switching from TDF- to TAF-containing ART associated with the development of obesity in people living with HIV [plus additional topics]
84 Fingerprints enhance our sense of touch
85 Insulin rises before cells develop resistance, new diabetes research implies
86 Improved tool to help understand the brain, one section at a time
87 Oncotarget: MicroRNA-4287 is controlling epithelial-to mesenchymal transition in prostate cancer
88 Oncotarget: A novel isoform of Homeodomain-interacting protein kinase-2
89 The blast that shook the ionosphere
90 NUS researchers harness AI to identify cancer cells by their acidity
91 Semiconductor nanogrooves enhanced broad spectral band mmW and THz detection
92 Advisory: Study confirms vitamin D, fish oil don't lower atrial fibrillation risk
93 Certain mouthwashes might stop COVID-19 virus transmission
94 The potential economic impact of volcano alerts
95 FSU researchers discover how 'cryptic species' respond differently to coral bleaching
96 Young adults in a 20-year-long study shed light on what matters for mental health of ethnic diverse youth
97 Catching electrons in action in an antiferromagnetic nanowire
98 In women, higher body fat may protect against heart disease death, study shows
99 Patient wait times reduced thanks to new study by Dartmouth engineers
100 USC Stem Cell scientists start a buzz around fruit flies in hearing research
101 How to prevent short-circuiting in next-gen lithium batteries
102 Return to work and the path to recovery after serious injury in Black men
103 Extinct Caribbean bird's closest relatives hail from Africa, South Pacific
104 New study investigates how life on land recovered after "The Great Dying"
105 New AI model learns from thousands of possibilities to suggest medical diagnoses & tests
106 Meandering rivers create "counter-point bars" no matter underlying geology
107 Picking up a book for fun positively affects verbal abilities: Concordia study
108 Three-dimensional disadvantage
109 NYU Tandon professor wins NSF CAREER award for promising young researchers
110 Sleep troubles may complicate the grieving process