File Title
1 Firefly tourism takes flight, sparking wonder and concern
2 Has climate change altered river flows at a global scale?
3 Changing defaults can have a significant and lasting effect
4 The skeleton of the malaria parasite reveals its secrets
5 Scientists stabilize atomically thin boron for practical use
6 Cleveland Clinic researchers discover microbial infection that impairs healing in Crohn's disease
7 Standard vital signs could help estimate people's pain levels
8 HPV vaccine may not be cost-effective in adult populations aged over 26 years
9 Lifestyle research studies to reduce risk of Alzheimer's respond to COVID-19 challenges
10 Oncotarget: Folinic acid in colorectal cancer: Esquire or fellow knight?
11 Multiple factors synergistically drive socioeconomic disparities in flu burden
12 Researchers test using environmental DNA to monitor grass pollen levels
13 Mapping the best places to plant trees
14 Study finds cancer cells may evade chemotherapy by going dormant
15 Oil in the ocean photooxides within hours to days, new study finds
16 Children's preventive healthcare costs dropped under ACA: BU study
17 Farm-level study shows rising temperatures hurt rice yields
18 Study suggests role of sleep in healing traumatic brain injuries
19 School closures 'sideline' working mothers
20 An unusual creature is coming out of winter's slumber. Here's why scientists are excited.
21 Digital contact tracing could help suppress COVID-19 outbreaks, suggests modeling study
22 Scientists sketch aged star system using over a century of observations
23 Use of perovskite will be a key feature of the next generation of electronic appliances
24 SARS-CoV-2 jumped from bats to humans without much change
25 Financial strain predicts future risk of homelessness and partly explains the effect of mental illness
26 Zealandia Switch may be the missing link in understanding ice age climates
27 Vaccine-induced antibodies may be less effective against several new SARS-CoV-2 variants
28 Study finds adolescents with autism may engage neural control systems differently
29 New machine learning model could remove bias from social network connections
30 CT colonography most effective noninvasive colorectal cancer screening test
31 New AJTMH supplement offers guidance on severe COVID-19 management in resource-limited settings
32 Glaciers and enigmatic stone stripes in the Ethiopian highlands
33 You are not a cat, but a cat could someday help treat your chronic kidney disease
34 Yeast epigenome map reveals details of gene regulation
35 Study uncovers clues to COVID-19 using imaging
36 Immuno-PET can give physicians early insight into tumor response to targeted therapy
37 How to spot deepfakes? Look at light reflection in the eyes
38 A computational guide to lead cells down desired differentiation paths
39 Astronomers detect a black hole on the move
40 Poor survival after heart attack linked to excess levels of signaling protein in heart
41 'Magical' fire suppressant kills zombie fires 40% faster than water alone
42 Evaluating the rehabilitation of an old mine waste rock pile
43 New proteins 'out of nothing'
44 Release of serotonin from mast cells contribute to airway hyperresposivness in asthma
45 High emotional intelligence 'can help to identify fake news'
46 MRI scans more precisely define and detect some abnormalities in unborn babies
47 Shedding light on perovskite films
48 New review explores effective sampling techniques for collecting airborne viruses and ultrafine particles
49 Confined magnetic colloidal system for controllable fluid transport
50 Using AI to assess surgical performance
51 Multiyear workplace health promotion program shown to prevent health risks
52 Remote control for quantum emitters
53 Chinese solar telescope reveals acceleration of magnetic reconnection
54 New insulation takes heat off environment
55 Cutting-edge scale-out technology from Toshiba will take Fintech and Logistics to new level
56 New perovskite LED emits a circularly polarized glow
57 Sea-level rise drives wastewater leakage to coastal waters
58 Research discovers malaria devastating humans far earlier than expected
59 Otago discovers treatment for type-2 diabetic heart disease
60 Clemson researchers' breakthrough featured in Nature Communications
61 RNA editing protein ADAR1 protects telomeres and supports proliferation in cancer cells
62 Tiny bubbles making large impact on medical ultrasound imaging
63 Breast cancer: The risks of brominated flame retardants
64 Natural "brake" against malignant neuroblastoma
65 Unmarried people given less intensive treatment for mantle cell lymphoma
66 Experts recreate a mechanical Cosmos for the world's first computer
67 Artificial intelligence calculates suicide attempt risk
68 Heart attack diagnosis missed in women more often than in men
69 Shutting the nano-gate
70 Accurate aging of wild animals thanks to first epigenetic clock for bats
71 Traces of Earth's early magma ocean identified in Greenland rocks
72 Controlled by light alone, new smart materials twist, bend and move
73 Metabolic derangements caused by a high-fat diet may be possible to eliminate
74 Study provides insights into architecture of abnormal protein deposits in brain disorders
75 Progress in fused-ring electron acceptors made by PKU Zhan Xiaowei's group
76 Exhaustion linked with increased risk of heart attack in men
77 Wider horizons for highly ordered nanohole arrays
78 Malaria Journal: One minute diagnostic found superior to standard tests for p. vivax malaria
79 Researchers study public comments on orca conservation to aid future protection efforts
80 Standard digital camera and AI to monitor soil moisture for affordable smart irrigation
81 Security most important to retaining mobile banking customers, NTU-WeBank study finds
82 Chemotherapy with fewer side effects may be on the way
83 New class of substances for redox reactions
84 Self-stacking nanocubes
85 Intervening early for infant brain health
86 Testing of primary school pupils promotes culture of division, say experts
87 Double trouble for drug-resistant cancers
88 Energy-efficient design for mmWave-enabled NOMA-UAV networks
89 Demonstration of the universal quantum error correcting code with superconducting qubits
90 LAMOST reveals new footprints of the Gaia-sausage-enceladus merger event
91 Biosensing with whispering-gallery mode lasers
92 Simple iodine will speed up drug discovery
93 Mitochondria found to be protected by ketogenesis
94 Ancient light illuminates matter that fuels galaxy formation
95 Smart quantum technologies for secure communication
96 An ancient Maya ambassador's bones show a life of privilege and hardship
97 Blight may increase public health risk from mosquito-borne diseases
98 Tweens and TV: UCLA's 50-year survey reveals the values kids learn from popular shows
99 Community banks a key resource for small businesses when crises arise
100 Exercise during pregnancy may save kids from health problems as adults
101 Lessons learned in Burkina Faso can contribute to a new decade of forest restoration
102 How can new technologies help reduce the harm of drug use?
103 Marketplace literacy as a pathway to a better world: evidence from field experiments
104 University of Utah scientists plumb the depths of the world's tallest geyser
105 Internet-access spending improves academic outcomes, according to study of Texas public schools
106 Discovery of 'knock-on chemistry' opens new frontier in reaction dynamics
107 Of mice and men and their different tolerance to pathogens
108 Autism online: A review of how autistic people communicate virtually
109 Immigrants in ICE detention face high risks in COVID-19 pandemic
110 Telemedicine versus office-based follow-up after meniscal surgery: Trial shows 'equivalent' patient satisfaction scores