File Title
1 Secrets of Unopened Letter From Renaissance Europe Revealed--Without Breaking Its Seal or Damaging It
2 Meeting the Meat Needs of the Future: Innovative Biofabrication of Beef Muscle Tissue in the Lab
3 NASA to Begin High-Voltage Testing on X-57 Maxwell All-Electric Aircraft
4 New Observations of First Black Hole Ever Detected Leads to Questions About the Universe's Most Mysterious Objects
5 Massive Iceberg--10 Times the Size of San Francisco--Breaks Off Brunt Ice Shelf in Antarctica
6 Parents' School Reviews Correlated With Demographics and Test Scores, Not School Effectiveness
7 Using Underwater Telecommunication Cables to Detect Earthquakes
8 New Drug That Could Prevent Alzheimer's Disease Found Safe and Effective in Animals
9 Researchers Find Belly Fat Is Resistant to Intermittent Fasting--"The Location Makes a Big Difference"
10 Astrophysicist's 2004 Theory Confirmed: Why the Sun's Chemical Composition Varies
11 Record-Breaking Evolutionary Innovation: Powerful, Deadly, Ultrafast Bite of a Trap-Jaw Ant
12 Microfluidic Chip Simplifies COVID-19 Testing, Delivers Results on a Phone in 55 Minutes or Less
13 Engineering the Boundary Interface Between 2D and 3D Materials
14 Microbiologists Modify Bacteria to Produce Climate-Neutral and Rapidly Degradable Bioplastics
15 Delayed Gratification: Quick-Learning Cuttlefish Pass "The Marshmallow Test"
16 Research Reveals How COVID-19 Can Kill Heart Muscle Cells, Interfere With Contraction
17 Researchers Unlock Mysteries of Soupfin Shark Migration and Reproduction
18 A Silver Swining: "Destructive" Wild Pigs Actually Help Build Rainforests
19 Brain Ion Channel Identified As New Approach to Treating Depression--Scientists "Surprised" by Significant Improvements in Depressive Symptoms
20 Next Generation Robotic Sequencing Platform Can Accurately Screen Thousands for COVID-19
21 NASA's $10 Billion James Webb Space Telescope Completes Final Functional Tests to Prepare for Launch
22 Scientists Discover How Electrons Close to Earth Can Reach Almost the Speed of Light
23 How Environmentally Friendly Are "Green" Fireworks?
24 Imaging Space Debris in High Resolution to Track Hazardous Space Junk
25 Super-Earth Atmospheres Probed With Sandia National Lab's Powerful Z Machine
26 Unprecedented New Form of Symbiosis Discovered
27 Vaping Marijuana Causes More Lung Damage Than Vaping or Smoking Nicotine
28 Astronomers Locate Source of Hazardous High-Energy Particles in the Sun
29 Virtual Unfolding--Scientists Read 300-Year-Old Sealed Historic Letter Without Opening It
30 Breakup at Brunt: Giant Iceberg Split From the Antarctic Ice Shelf
31 Enormous Ancient Fish Discovered by Accident--Bizarre-Looking and "Absolutely Massive!"
32 Large, Red, Itchy or Painful Skin Reactions to Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine in Some Patients
33 New Catalyst Makes Styrene Manufacturing Cheaper and Greener
34 Chemical Residues of Grapes in Medieval Containers Hint at Thriving Wine Trade in Islamic Sicily
35 Astronomers See Whirlwind of Dust and Pebbles Around Possible Exoplanet-in-the-Making
36 People Who Take Statins to Lower Cholesterol 50% Less Likely to Die From Severe COVID-19
37 Physicists Create Quasiparticles That Bind Together Two Differently Colored Particles of Light
38 931 Million Tons of Food Available at Consumer Levels Is Wasted per Year
39 A COSMIC Approach to Nanoscale Science: World-Leading Resolution of Nanomaterials
40 Arabidopsis Clock: Plants Set a "Bedtime" Alarm to Ensure Their Survival
41 Scientists Find New Cell Type Implicated in Chronic Pain and Inflammation--Precise, New Target for Treatment
42 First Humans in New England May Have Shared the Landscape With Woolly Mammoths
43 Unexpected Twist in Quantum Physics May Explain Matter/Antimatter Imbalance
44 NASA Eager to Share Perseverance "Firsts" Since Mars Landing
45 Key Factor Identified That Makes Worms Feel Full--Similar Factor May Control Feelings of Fullness in Humans
46 Apparent Atlantic Warming Cycle Likely an Artifact of Climate Forcing by Humans and Volcanos
47 Mystery of Missing Ice Finally Solved by Movement of the Earth's Crust
48 New Research Shows That Regular Physical Activity--Even in Polluted Areas--Is an Effective Strategy to Prevent Type 2 Diabetes
49 New Research Reveals That Quantum Physics Causes Mutations in Our DNA
50 Alien Super-Earth Planet Discovered Just 26 Light Years Away--Probably Has an Atmosphere
51 New Low-Cost, Fast COVID-19 Coronavirus Test Developed--Doesn't Need Unpleasant Nasal Swab
52 Fine Particles From Wildfire Smoke Is More Harmful Than Pollution From Other Sources
53 Chimpanzees Without Borders: Researchers Uncover Recent Genetic Connectivity Between Chimpanzee Subspecies
54 Incredible New "Cosmic Eyewear" to Deepen the View of NASA's Roman Space Telescope
55 Himalayas, Near and Far: Two Astronauts. Two Clear Days. Two Gorgeous Views.
56 Spintronic Computing Breakthrough: Taking 2D Materials for a Spin
57 Dangerous Origins: Solving a Genetic Mystery at the Heart of the COVID-19 Pandemic
58 Incredible Engineering Marvel: Sixth Mirror Cast for Giant Magellan Telescope
59 New Form of Synthetic Melanin: "Fungal Ghosts" Protect Skin, Fabric From Toxins, Radiation
60 Doubling the Number of Known Gravitational Lenses Using Artificial Intelligence
61 Paleontologists Solve 150-Year-Old Mystery--And Discover New Insect Group
62 NASA Awards Mars Ascent Propulsion System Contract for Mars Sample Return Mission
63 How Dangerous Are New Mutations of the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) Virus?
64 Particle Physicists Solve Problem That's Been "Haunting Them" for More Than 20 Years
65 New Evolutionary Theory: The Human Brain Grew as a Result of the Extinction of Large Animals
66 Wonder Fungi: Biofuels & Chemical Production From the Mysteries of a Goat's Gut
67 Volcanoes Might Light Up the Night Sky of This Super-Earth Exoplanet
68 260-Million-Year-Old Killing Machine Exposed
69 Using Google's 10,000-km-Long Underwater Fiber-Optic Cable as a Seafloor Seismic Sensor
70 Gut Microbes May Be the Key to Unlocking Anxiety
71 Wild Swings in Great Lakes Ice Captured From Space
72 NASA's Perseverance Rover Drives on Mars' Terrain for First Time
73 Animals Fake Death for Long Periods of Time to Escape Predators
74 New Clues to Remains of Star That Exploded Just Outside Our Galaxy
75 Radiative Cooling and Solar Heating From One System--No Electricity Needed
76 Worrisome New Evidence That COVID-19 Vaccines Are Less Effective Against New Coronavirus Variants
77 Scientists Building Highly Accurate Digital Twin of Our Planet
78 Field Research Shows Icing Can Cost Wind Turbines Up to 80% of Power Production
79 Pivotal Discovery Could Open New Field of Quantum Technology Called "Magnonics"
80 Comet Catalina's Glowing Tail Indicates Comets Delivered Carbon to Rocky Planets
81 Climate Change: Sea Butterflies Already Struggle in Acidifying Southern Ocean
82 New Data Transfer System Is 10 Times Faster Than USB and Uses Polymer Cable As Thin a Strand of Hair
83 Hubble Solves Mystery of Monster Star's Dimming--Red Hypergiant Is As Bright as 300,000 Suns
84 International Research Team Begins Uncovering Mystery Lurking Beneath the Arctic Ocean
85 MIT Chemists Boost Boron's Utility for Designing New Drugs
86 An Innovative and Non-destructive Strategy to Analyze Material Returned From Mars
87 Innovative New mRNA Treatment Shows Promise for Stopping Both Flu and COVID-19 Viruses
88 Explaining the Quirks of the Universe: "Search of a Lifetime" for Supersymmetric Particles at CERN
89 Earth Has a Hot New Neighbor--And It Could Change How We Look for Life in the Universe
90 How Plastic Debris Makes Its Way Into Ocean Garbage Patches
91 MIT Biologists and Mathematicians Reveal How Egg Cells Get So Big
92 Extinct Atom and a Clever Trick Reveals the Long-Kept Secrets of the Solar System
93 From Microsaws to Nanodrills: Laser Pulses Act As Industrial-Grade Machining Tools
94 Researchers Warn: Large Number of COVID-19 Survivors Will Experience Cognitive Complications
95 Physicists Create Time Reversed Optical Waves--"Like Watching a Movie in Reverse"
96 Through the Cosmic Clouds: Hubble Spots a Beautiful Stellar Nursery
97 Infectious Diseases and Social Distancing in Nature
98 Bacteria Reprogrammed to Make Designer Molecule Used in Pharmaceutical Drugs
99 Twistoptics: A New, Efficient Way to Control Optical Nonlinearity
100 Coronavirus-Like Particles Could Ensure Reliability of Rapid COVID-19 Tests
101 Astronomers Have Discovered the Most Distant Source of Radio Emission Ever Known--13 Billion Light-Years Away
102 Exporting Pollution: Strict Environmental Laws "Push" Firms to Pollute Elsewhere
103 Origin of Solar-Mass Black Holes and the Connection to Dark Matter
104 Scientists Surprised by Sea Slugs That Sever Their Own Heads and Regrow Brand-New Bodies
105 New Nasal Spray COVID Vaccine Uses Gene Transfer Technology
106 Activity in Brain's Risk Circuits Can Forecast Changes in Stock Prices
107 Autonomous Materials: Researchers Design Patterns in Self-Propelling Liquid Crystals
108 Sequencing Key Molecules in Just Minutes Instead of Years
109 Space Hurricane Observed Over the Earth for the First Time
110 Metabolic Genetic Mutations Help Bacteria Resist Drug Treatment
111 Digital COVID-19 "Symptom Checkers" Failed to Pick Up Severe COVID-19, Bacterial Pneumonia, and Sepsis
112 Dire Coronavirus Prediction: Virus Evolving to Escape Current Vaccines, Treatments--"May Be Condemned to Chasing After the Evolving SARS-CoV-2 Continually"
113 Full Evolutionary Journey of Hospital Bacteria Superbug Mapped for the First Time
114 Wearable Microgrid Harvests Energy From Human Body to Power Electronic Gadgets
115 3,500-Year-Old Medical Papyrus Manual Reveals New Details About Ancient Egyptian Mummification
116 Celestial Geometry Posed a Special Opportunity During Parker Solar Probe's 7th Solar Encounter
117 Free 2021 Fuel Economy Guide: Tips to Improve a Vehicle's Fuel Performance
118 Researchers Overturn Long-Standing Hypothesis: Mammal Ancestors Actually Moved in Their Own Unique Way
119 Getz on the Run: Accelerating Pace of Antarctic Glaciers
120 Invasive Asian Bamboo Longhorn Beetle Detected Across Europe
121 See How Strategic Air Purifier Placement Reduces COVID Virus Spread Within Music Classrooms
122 The antidepressant fluvoxamine could keep mild COVID-19 from worsening
123 Fluvoxamine and COVID-19: Here's How the OCD Drug Might Help Prevent COVID-19 Infections From Getting Worse