File Title
1 Paleontology: Microscope helps with dinosaur puzzle
2 Weakened protections led to more disappearances of endangered Mexican wolves
3 UCI-led team creates new ultralightweight, crush-resistant tensegrity metamaterials
4 CHOP researchers reveal how critical part of lung forms at cellular level
5 Black and Hispanic workers overrepresented in occupations with higher risk for COVID-19 exposure
6 New insight into how cancer spreads
7 Polarization: From better sunglasses to a better way of looking at asteroid surfaces
8 Climate change influences river flow
9 Simultaneous multicontrast OR-PAM from single laser source
10 Researchers boost potency of an HIV-1 antibody, tracing new pathways for vaccine development
11 UH geologists discover powerful 'river of rocks' below Caribbean
12 Contactless high performance power transmission
13 Climate change may not expand drylands
14 Messenger RNA COVID-19 vaccines greatly reduce risk of asymptomatic COVID-19 infection, spread to others
15 Tracking cosmic ghosts
16 Air pollution: The silent killer called PM2.5
17 Dry eye disease negatively affects physical and mental health as well as vision
18 Paper: Personal charitable donation budgets flexible in aftermath of deadly storms
19 Discovery of new protein with an important role in atherosclerosis
20 Breakthrough lays groundwork for future quantum networks
21 Hubble sees new atmosphere forming on a rocky exoplanet
22 New study provides detailed view of how hepatitis B virus establishes chronic infection
23 Read to succeed--in math; study shows how reading skill shapes more than just reading
24 Lithium chloride promotes recovery of radiation-induced oral mucositis and dysgeusia
25 Electricity could help speed wound healing, new study shows
26 How the habitability of exoplanets is influenced by their rocks
27 Tumours illuminated brightly and precisely with new biodegradable nanoprobe
28 Rare VEXAS disease affecting only men is found to be more common than first thought
29 Female snowy plovers are no bad mothers
30 New report reveals how the U.S. can renew its leadership in global health R&D
31 Wing tags severely impair flight in African Cape Vultures
32 Rare earths outside China: FAU researchers identify new deposits
33 Does your child have MIS-C, COVID-19 or Kawasaki disease?
34 Study suggests healthy ecosystems are vital in reducing risk of future deadly pandemics
35 A monumental particle accelerator in the Cygnus Cocoon
36 A new model predicts snakebites to save human lives
37 Starting small to answer the big questions about photosynthesis
38 Marjoram supports health and weight gain in carps, say biologist from RUDN University
39 Robots learn faster with quantum technology
40 Lower risk of brain injury for at-risk infants whose mothers consumed pomegranate juice
41 FAST captures distant fast radio bursts from the youth of universe
42 ADHD: Aggressive behavior is genetically coded
43 Novel targeted modification strategy improves selectivity of polyamide nanofiltration membranes
44 New analysis of 2D perovskites could shape the future of solar cells and LEDs
45 Fossilized feeding frenzy
46 Probiotics increase gut bacteria diversity in extremely preterm infants
47 50 new genes for eye colour
48 New approach found for energy-efficient AI applications
49 Real-time observation of frequency Bloch oscillations with fibre loop modulation
50 Seeing both sides of light collection
51 Uncovering exotic molecules of potential astrochemical interest
52 AI holographic nanostructures on CMOS chips for energy-efficient security schemes
53 Singapore scientists develop novel gene editor to correct disease-causing mutations
54 Arbitrary polarization conversion dichroism metasurfaces for full Poincare sphere polarizers
55 Optimal design for acoustic unobservability in water
56 Loss induced nonreciprocity
57 Information transition mechanisms of spatiotemporal metasurfaces
58 Modulation of photocarrier relaxation dynamics in two-dimensional semiconductors
59 Children's dietary guidelines need to change, experts say
60 Healthy Diet Index supports diet quality assessment and dietary counselling in healthcare
61 Lithium niobate crystal film for integrated photonic applications
62 More heart infections and strokes in the US linked to national opioid epidemic
63 Life-saving role of mobile stroke units at risk due to reimbursement limitations
64 Long-term stroke death rates are higher among Black Medicare patients
65 Adding triglyceride-lowering Omega-3 based medication to statins may lower stroke risk
66 Structural racism: Communities with higher redlining scores had higher rates of stroke
67 Retinal damage may signal higher risk of stroke, dementia and early death
68 Even short delays in the ER may reduce the lifespan of stroke survivors
69 Risk of dementia rises significantly with severity and number of strokes
70 Differences found in stroke severity and post-stroke care among Black and Hispanic women
71 'Silent' heart attacks may increase risk of stroke
72 African American women experience higher risk of pregnancy-related stroke, death
73 Stroke survivors may have higher suicide risk
74 Neuroprotectant delivered to brain in nanoparticles may improve stroke treatment, outcomes
75 Depression risk higher after stroke vs. heart attack and female vs. male stroke survivors
76 The secrets of the best rainbows on Earth
77 Non-O blood type may increase stroke risk among women who smoke, take oral contraceptives
78 Fine structure revealed of potential alternative to lead compound used in sensors
79 Unhealthy weight gains, increased drinking reported by Americans coping with pandemic stress
80 The world's oldest crater from a meteorite isn't an impact crater after all
81 Study of Redoubt and other volcanoes improves unrest detection
82 New study shows impact of mask wearing on patient trust and perception of surgeons
83 Lehigh U. researchers: 'One step closer to unlocking mysteries of the bio/nano interface'
84 Lifestyle intervention is beneficial for most people with type 2 diabetes, but not all
85 Not so fast, supernova: highest-energy cosmic rays detected in star clusters
86 Foodborne fungus impairs intestinal wound healing in Crohn's disease
87 Dana-Farber research leads to better understanding of the immune system in kidney cancer
88 Elite philanthropy does little to solve problems caused by rising social inequalities
89 CHOP researchers find ribosome assembly essential for stem cell regeneration
90 Head injuries may worsen cognitive decline decades later
91 HPV vaccines for adults over age 26 may not be cost-effective
92 AI analysis of how bacteria attack could help predict infection outcomes
93 Twin Peaks: more twinning in humans than ever before
94 The narwhal's tusk reveals its past living conditions
95 Scientists move closer to developing 'game-changing' test to diagnose Parkinson's
96 High blood pressure controlled in only 2 out of 5 UK cases despite treatment
97 Exposure to particulate matter before and after birth linked to heightened allergic rhinitis risk
98 Revealing the way a critical enzyme works in the cell
99 Scientists found new way to synthesize chiral tetraarylmethanes
100 Targeted screening for prostate cancer could prevent one in six deaths
101 New study finds shared origins for individual chronic diseases in multimorbidity
102 Updated guidance confirms crucial role of nurses for patients with acute ischemic stroke
103 Combining public health and environmental science to develop pollen forecasting
104 Mindfulness meditation improves quality of life in heart attack survivors
105 New study identifies a limit on the range of vocalizations that support infant cognition
106 Biological differences between females, males need to be considered in scientific studies
107 Pain hides in our data
108 NIH-led team sets new bar in retinal imaging
109 Making green energy the default choice can help tackle climate change, study finds
110 Researchers set new resolution record for imaging the human eye