File Title
1 Fishers at risk in 'perfect storm'
2 Ideas for future NASA missions searching for extraterrestrial civilizations
3 SUTD wins best paper at 35th AAAI conference on Artificial Intelligence 2021
4 Elite women might have ruled El Argar 4,000 years ago
5 Study offers insights into management of invasive paperbark trees
6 A CNIO team discovers how telomere involvement in tumor generation is regulated
7 New study links protein causing Alzheimer's disease with common sight loss
8 Who maintains discipline in a live cell: Physics perspective
9 Are 'bacterial probiotics' a game-changer for the biofuels industry?
10 Variant B.1.1.7 of COVID-19 associated with a significantly higher mortality rate
11 The secret of catalysts that increase fuel cell efficiency
12 Reflecting on your own capabilities boosts resilience
13 A safer MRI contrast agent for high-resolution 3D microvascular imaging
14 Air pollutant reductions could enhance global warming without greenhouse gas cuts
15 Sonic Dirac points and the transition towards Weyl points
16 Fossil lamprey larvae overturn textbook assumptions on vertebrate origins
17 Unfavorable weather conditions were the main cause of the fog-haze events over the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region during the COVID-19 lockdown
18 Learning to help the adaptive immune system
19 Adaptive microelectronics reshape independently and detect environment for first time
20 Cereal side streams can be utilized as sources of protein and dietary fiber
21 Researchers solve more of the mystery of Laos megalithic jars
22 Framed by gender: Women artists erased from peak prices, sales at art auctions
23 Kids' blood pressure measurements different between arms, potential for misdiagnosis
24 Scientists report gastrointestinal manifestations and mechanisms of COVID-19
25 New compound targets enzyme linked to autoimmune disorders, severe COVID-19
26 People's trust levels predict willingness to engage in COVID-19 control behaviors
27 Class assignment leads to published research
28 Healthy plant-based diet associated with lower stroke risk
29 Soft contact lenses eyed as new solutions to monitor ocular diseases
30 Epidemiological model links spread of respiratory virus to a rare, paralyzing disease
31 Multicellular liver-on-a-chip for modeling fatty liver disease
32 Lockdowns linked to rise in eating disorder symptoms
33 Trial compares two gestational diabetes screening methods
34 Outbreak of a rare, polio-like syndrome likely prevented, postponed by social distancing
35 The mystery of the missing energy--solved
36 Dog's body size and shape could indicate a greater bone tumour risk
37 Huge potential for electronic textiles made with new cellulose thread
38 Avatar marketing: Moving beyond gimmicks to results
39 Clinical trial shows alcohol use disorder recovery can start without sobriety
40 A stronger maths foundation in first grade
41 The 3Rs of the genome: Reading, writing, and regulating
42 Playing with thin dolls may affect young girls' body image
43 COVID-19 risks to pregnant women and their babies outlined in global research review
44 Specialist trauma mental health services a necessity for UK healthcare staff after COVID
45 Climate change could have direct consequences on malaria transmission in Africa
46 Placenta is a dumping ground for genetic defects
47 Where am I going? Just ask your subiculum
48 Mapping functional connectivities in 3D artificial brain model by analyzing neural signals
49 Finding quvigints in a quantum treasure map
50 IceCube detection of high-energy particle proves 60-year-old physics theory
51 IceCube detection of a high-energy particle proves 60-year-old theory
52 Analysis of "virtual" pollinator trade reveals global dependence on biodiversity for food consumption
53 New spherical nucleic acid 'drug' kills tumor cells in humans with glioblastoma
54 Using artificial intelligence to generate 3D holograms in real-time
55 Long-accepted theory of vertebrate origin upended by fossilized fish larvae
56 Study provides evidence that bone marrow cell injections help heal the brain after stroke
57 Concerns over integrity of mRNA molecules in some COVID-19 vaccines
58 Warning over effects of pandemic on young people's mental health
59 Consumption of sugar from soft drinks falls within a year of UK sugar tax
60 Sugar purchased in soft drinks fell 10% following introduction of industry levy
61 Promising role for whole genome sequencing in guiding blood cancer treatment
62 Microbes may hold the key for treating neurological disorders
63 Second shot of COVID-19 vaccine may not be necessary in previously infected individuals--Mount Sinai
64 Fossils from "Vegetational Pompeii" Resolve Deep Palaeontology Mystery
65 Exercise linked with better health in patients with kidney disease
66 Moire than meets the eye
67 Medicare paid 50% more for neurology drugs over 5 years while claims rose only 8%
68 Diet high in healthful plant-based food may reduce risk of stroke by 10%
69 Porous, ultralow-temperature supercapacitors could power Mars, polar missions
70 A dizzying long-term effect of COVID-19?
71 With gene therapy, scientists develop opioid-free solution for chronic pain
72 NIH researchers develop guidelines for reporting polygenic risk scores
73 High rates of depression, anxiety, PTSD worldwide among health workers during COVID-19
74 Scythian people weren't just nomadic warriors, but sometimes settled down
75 Less than two percent of US-funded cancer studies make the online news
76 Genetic analysis of ancient massacre reveals instance of indiscriminate killing
77 Bitcoin price boom 'locking in' vast energy consumption
78 Targeting mechanosensitive protein could treat pulmonary fibrosis, study suggests
79 Extinction cascading through ecosystems could spell trouble for humans
80 Are there differences in the brains of autistic men and women?
81 New clinical method could lower risk of recurring heart attacks
82 Beyond genes and environment, random variations play important role in longevity
83 Fatal police violence nearby increases risk of preterm birth
84 HAWC Gamma Ray Observatory discovers origin of highest-energy cosmic rays in the galaxy
85 Preterm birth, prolonged labor influenced by progesterone balance
86 Climate change damaging North America's largest temperate rainforest, harming salmon
87 How India's rice production can adapt to climate change challenges
88 Whooping cranes steer clear of wind turbines when selecting stopover sites
89 New tool to dissect the "undruggable"
90 Birds learn to avoid flashy, hard-to-catch butterflies and their lookalikes
91 Laser-driven experiments provide insights into the formation of the universe
92 With masks on, three feet is just as safe as six feet apart in Massachusetts schools
93 Researchers reveal 3D structure responsible for gene expression
94 Cheaper carbon capture is on the way
95 Scientists discover cellular stress enzyme that might play key role in neurodegenerative diseases such as ALS
96 Skoltech team shows how Turing-like patterns fool neural networks
97 Distant planet may be on its second atmosphere, NASA's Hubble finds
98 After cracking the "sum of cubes" puzzle for 42, researchers discover a new solution for 3
99 Pandemic emphasizes need for digital literacy education
100 Mindfulness program in campus dorms, groups improved students' mental health
101 A touch of silver
102 Stress reduction as a path to eating less fast food
103 Deforestation favors an increase in the diversity of antibiotic-resistant soil bacteria
104 How does a crustacean become a crab?
105 How to make all headphones intelligent
106 Global battle against antibiotic resistance requires tailored solutions
107 Checkpoint inhibitor response prediction milestone using patient-derived ex vivo spheroids
108 Early tracheotomy helps patients avoid ventilator-associated pneumonia, team finds
109 'Hunker down' stress genes boosted in women who live in violent neighborhoods
110 Hyperpolarized proton MRI used to observe metabolic processes in real time