File Title
1 'Big' step towards improved healthcare: new strategy makes big data analytics easier
2 Innovative flat optics will usher the next technological revolution and will touch all of us
3 Pungent-variable of sweet chili pepper Shishito: genes and seeds
4 Type 2 diabetes: an unknown danger for women with gestational diabetes
5 New study highlights first infection of human cells during spaceflight
6 Bridge built between Kahler-Einstein and Chen-Ning Yang's Equations
7 Study reveals process to explain how maternal stress triggers idiopathic preterm birth
8 Lower dose, less toxic radiopharmaceutical produces better outcomes
9 Five herbal medicines potent against tick-borne disease babesiosis in lab, says new study
10 Diverse neural signals are key to rich visual information!
11 Low-voltage, low-power pressure sensors for monitoring health
12 The aurora's very high altitude booster
13 A new predictive model helps identify those at risk for severe COVID-19
14 Study: Increase in taking HIV meds using Amazon Prime model
15 Engineers propose solar-powered lunar ark as 'modern global insurance policy'
16 Pediatric emergency visits, hospitalizations down sharply during pandemic: study
17 Home testing for COVID-19 could prevent infections and reduce deaths at justifiable cost
18 COVID-19 risk increases with airborne pollen
19 Wild relatives offer a solution to devastating chickpea disease Ascochyta blight
20 Research shows that BSers are more likely to fall for BS
21 New brain sensor offers Alzheimer's answers
22 Majority of women can still give birth naturally if their water breaks early
23 A remote, computerized training program eases anxiety in children
24 Biomolecular analysis of medieval parchment 'birthing girdle'
25 Injectable porous scaffolds promote better, quicker healing after spinal cord injuries
26 The benefits of the Mediterranean diet pass on to the families of patients who follow it
27 CBD reduces plaque, improves cognition in model of familial Alzheimer's
28 Alzheimer Europe identifies key recommendations on legal capacity and decision making
29 Citizen scientists help expose presence of invasive Asian bamboo longhorn beetle in Europe
30 UK's color-blind COVID-19 vaccine strategy putting ethnic minorities at higher risk
31 Full evolutionary journey of hospital superbug mapped for the first time
32 New Study Shows 24-72 Hours of Poor Oral Hygiene Impacts Oral Health
33 Tropical cyclone exposure linked to rise in hospitalizations from many causes for older adults
34 Breaking waves and moisture transport drive extreme precipitation events
35 Adhesion, contractility enable metastatic cells to go against the grain
36 Head injury 25 years later--Penn study finds increased risk of dementia
37 Digital books harm young children's learning--unless the books have the right enhancements
38 Charcot-Marie Tooth disease: A 100% French RNA-based therapeutic innovation
39 Characterizing different cell types in the upper gastrointestinal tract
40 'Wearable microgrid' uses the human body to sustainably power small gadgets
41 First AI system for contactless monitoring of heart rhythm using smart speakers
42 90-day dapivirine ring for women's HIV prevention passes its first test in Phase I study
43 A trio that could spell trouble: Many with dementia take risky combinations of medicines
44 Microwave-assisted recording technology promises high-density hard disk performance
45 Study looks at effect of COVID-19 policies on vehicle crashes, traffic volume in Ohio
46 Irradiating COVID-19 cough droplets with UV-C lamps
47 Younger Tyrannosaurus Rex bites were less ferocious than their adult counterparts
48 Strategic air purifier placement reduces virus spread within music classrooms
49 Steroid abuse by men leads to long-lasting impaired testicular function
50 Researchers grow most lifelike bone yet from woven cells
51 Updates on the Baylor cranial gunshot wound prognosis score
52 Gene discovery may help peaches tolerate climate stress
53 Veterans see positive changes in emotional resilience after intervention
54 Nano-micelle packaging CRISPR/Cas9 components enables brain genome editing
55 Pandemic-related anxiety in pregnancy
56 MUSC is first in nation to enroll kids in trial of novel MIS-C therapy
57 Danish computer scientist has developed a superb algorithm for finding the shortest (even non-static) route between 2 points
58 Study shows simple blood test could detect liver injury earlier
59 Sharp reductions in costs of producing cannabis, fentanyl likely to spur widespread changes in use, dependence
60 Bacterial competition in situations of food scarcity prevents survival of mutants
61 Ancient group once considered nomadic stayed local
62 Helpful behavior during pandemic tied to recognizing common humanity
63 Research reveals oldest documented site of indiscriminate mass killing
64 Scientists have synthesized a new high-temperature superconductor
65 Large computer language models carry environmental, social risks
66 Aspirin use for cardiovascular disease may reduce likelihood of COVID-19 infection
67 Making decisions based on how we feel about memories, not accuracy
68 Study finds lower dose of ketamine equally effective in reducing pain
69 New IceCube detection proves 60-year-old theory
70 Research brief: School connectedness as a protective factor for ethnic minority adolescents
71 Recuperation unit decreased hospitalizations of homeless individuals with COVID-19
72 Graphene nanoparticles and their influence on neurons
73 Riding the wave to memory-forming genetics
74 Forget the fly swatter: Biologists map genes to fight stable flies
75 New study: Healthcare settings do not increase risk for COVID-19 infection spread
76 Neurological complications of COVID-19 in children: rare, but patterns emerge
77 Deciphering the impacts of small RNA interactions in individual bacterial cells
78 Food allergies leave parents living in fear
79 Story tips from Johns Hopkins experts on COVID-19
80 University of Minnesota scientists discover attacking fungi that show promise against emerald ash borer
81 Scientists develop new magnetic nanomaterial for counterfeit money prevention
82 In Panama, nitrogen-fixing trees unlock phosphorus and other scarce nutrients
83 Hip fracture outcomes worse during busy periods
84 Producing highly efficient LEDs based on 2D perovskite films
85 The quest for sustainable leather alternatives
86 'Lost' ocean nanoplastic might be getting trapped on coasts
87 Manure improves soil and microbe community
88 Study of mosquito protein could lead to treatments against life-threatening viruses
89 Material from Russia will triple the capacity of lithium-ion batteries
90 As cases spread across US last year, pattern emerged suggesting link between governors' party affiliation and COVID-19 case and death numbers
91 New technology could increase health inequities
92 The important role of music in neurorehabilitation: Filling in critical gaps
93 Extracting information from ancient teeth
94 Daily e-cigarette use shows 'clear benefit' in helping smokers to quit
95 Catching energy-exploration caused earthquakes before they happen
96 Demystifying the 'Parkinson Protein'
97 Star employees get most of the credit and blame while collaborating with non-stars
98 Bioaccumulation of phased-out fire retardants is slowly declining in bald eagles
99 Robots can use eye contact to draw out reluctant participants in groups
100 Sharing shears: Conserved protein segment activates molecular DNA scissors for DNA repair
101 Nano-mapping phase transitions in electronic materials
102 Red Snapper in the Gulf show signs of stress
103 High rates of mental health disorder among all health and social care groups
104 How global sustainable development will affect forests
105 In decision-making, biases are an unconscious tendency that are difficult to eradicate
106 Face masks are a ticking plastic bomb
107 I ain't afraid of no ghosts: people with mind-blindness not so easily spooked
108 How a receptor shapes the immune response
109 How a ladybug warps space-time
110 Venom-extraction and exotic pet trade may hasten the extinction of scorpions