File Title
1 Method for temporal monitoring of microplastic sedimentation
2 New discovery may enable accurate prediction of cancer spread before cancer develops
3 New microscopy analysis allows discovery of central adhesion complex
4 The water surface is a fantastic place for chemical reactions
5 People with and without AD have a different threshold for elective revascularisation
6 Challenge to anorexia nervosa treatment guidelines
7 First humans in Tasmania must have seen spectacular auroras
8 Can evolution be predicted?
9 Heartbeat secrets unlocked as cardiac rhythm gene role identified
10 Cloud simulations get a dose of realism
11 Corn belt farmland has lost a third of its carbon-rich soil
12 Commuters are inhaling unacceptably high levels of carcinogens
13 A machine-learning approach to finding treatment options for COVID-19
14 In predicting shallow but dangerous landslides, size matters
15 New surgery may enable better control of prosthetic limbs
16 Capuchin monkey genome reveals clues to its long life and large brain
17 Comet or asteroid: What killed the dinosaurs and where did it come from?
18 Tropical paper wasps babysit for neighbours
19 Light used to detect quantum information stored in 100,000 nuclear quantum bits
20 New physics rules tested on quantum computer
21 Insight about tumor microenvironment could boost cancer immunotherapy
22 Study questions whether pubs can effectively prevent COVID-19 transmission risk
23 New skin patch brings us closer to wearable, all-in-one health monitor
24 Mid-life cardiovascular disease prevention may protect against later dementia
25 Moire patterns facilitate discovery of novel insulating phases
26 New immunotherapy target discovered for malignant brain tumors
27 Counterintuitive approach may improve eyewitness identification
28 Cheap, potent pathway to pandemic therapeutics
29 Ageism and sexism barring grandmothers from initiatives to save newborn lives in Global South
30 Drinking, smoking, and drug use linked to premature heart disease in the young
31 Spanish scientists uncover early links between cardiovascular risk and brain metabolism
32 Large-scale study finds genetic testing technology falsely detects very rare variants
33 Invasive flies prefer untouched territory when laying eggs
34 CO2 dip may have helped dinosaurs walk from South America to Greenland
35 Improved use of databases could save billions of euro in health care costs
36 Parents Say COVID-19 has disrupted children's dental care
37 Higher elevation birds sport thicker down "jackets" to survive the cold
38 Peeking at the pathfinding strategies of the hippocampus in the brain
39 Zika vaccine candidate shows promise in phase I trial
40 Lower testosterone during puberty increases the brain's sensitivity to it in adulthood
41 Neanderthals and Homo sapiens used identical Nubian technology
42 Avian insights into human ciliopathies
43 Strange creatures accidentally discovered beneath Antarctica's ice shelves
44 Teens may be more likely to use marijuana after legalization for adult recreational use
45 Innovation predicts higher profits and stock returns
46 Self-assembly induced luminescence of Eu3+-complexes for bioimaging application
47 Challenge of the summer rainfall forecast skill in China: A possible solution
48 Treating vision loss globally would see social and economic benefits
49 Turf wars: Ocean acidification and feedback loops lock in turf algal systems
50 Blood-clotting protein plays key role in central nervous system b-cell lymphoma
51 Electricity source determines benefits of electrifying China's vehicles
52 Suppressive immune cells' metabolic vulnerability may be targeted for cancer immunotherapy
53 Geisel study examines variation in intensity of fracture-associated prescription drug use
54 Partners' company helps us stay connected during pandemic
55 Out of this world: U of I researchers measure photosynthesis from space
56 Combination treatment for common glioma type shows promise in mice
57 Slow motion precursors give earthquakes the fast slip
58 Understanding heart disease, stroke in women remains a scientific research priority
59 Model helps predict which patients will benefit most from PSMA PET scan
60 Star employees get most of the credit--and blame
61 Fixer-upper: Understanding the DNA repair toolkit to chart cancer evolution
62 Researchers take early step toward leukemia drug therapy
63 Neandertal gene variants both increase and decrease the risk for severe COVID-19
64 Biodegradable microcapsules deliver nerve growth factor to guide neuronal development
65 A genetic variant inherited from Neanderthals reduces the risk of severe COVID-19
66 COVID-19 infection rates high in pregnant women
67 Genetic study of Lewy body dementia supports ties to Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases
68 Molecular imaging determines effectiveness of novel metastatic breast cancer treatment
69 Antibody-based COVID-19 treatments work best in concert with immune cells
70 New study reports activated B. infantis EVC001 improves health outcomes in preterm infants
71 Radioactive bone cement found to be safer in treating spinal tumors
72 RUDN University biologists studied the effect of jungles on global warming
73 NREL heats up thermal energy storage with new solution meant to ease grid stress
74 Researchers solve riddle of plant immune system
75 Nursing home staff responses to pandemic reveal resilience, shortcomings: Concordia study
76 A sharper look at the interior of semiconductors
77 High public support for strict COVID measures but lower level of trust in gov.
78 Internet access spending in public schools increases test scores, but also disciplinary problems
79 A boost for plant research
80 Perceiving predators: Understanding how plants 'sense' herbivore attack
81 CPAP treatment increases physical activity in adults with sleep apnea, heart disease
82 It's morally wrong for rich nations to hoard COVID-19 vaccine
83 Insights from complexity science: More trust in self-organization needed
84 Getting the lead in
85 Application of potassium to grass used as cover crop guarantees higher-quality cotton
86 Crocodile evolution rebooted by Ice Age glaciations
87 First test for all known human coronaviruses, including new SARS-CoV-2 variants
88 IU researchers find disease-related gene changes in kidney tissue
89 New dataset opens Estonian soil information for versatile use
90 Study sheds light on how people cope with health challenges and medical debt
91 The body produces new satiety factor during prolonged exercise
92 Individual differences in Achilles tendon shape can affect susceptibility to injury
93 Differences in walking patterns could predict type of cognitive decline in older adults
94 Predicting words' grammatical properties helps us read faster
95 Finding coronavirus's helper proteins
96 Highway tunnel for ions
97 Psychotherapy for panic disorder shows positive long-term effects
98 Army researchers expand study of ethics, artificial intelligence
99 Secret to how cholera adapts to temperature revealed
100 Solution to puzzling phenomenon may open door to improved Cold Spray efficiency
101 Past earthquakes triggered large rockslides in the Eastern Alps
102 Nanotechnologies reduce friction and improve durability of materials
103 How healthy lifestyle behaviours can improve cholesterol profiles
104 A performance leap for Graphene modulators in next generation datacom and telecom
105 The effect of natural disasters on criminal--and charitable--activity in the USA
106 Delayed medical treatment of high-impact injuries: A lesson from the Syrian civil war
107 Cells use concentration gradients as a compass
108 It takes two to tango: When cells interact
109 Researchers find a novel connection between cell metabolism and cell division
110 Cloudy eyes caused by protein imbalance