File Title
1 Silencing by crosstalk
2 Asthma deaths 50% more likely in poorest areas compared to richest
3 Unexpected findings on weight loss and breast cancer from international study in JNCCN
4 How healthy lifestyle behaviours can improve cholesterol profiles
5 A performance leap for Graphene modulators in next generation datacom and telecom
6 The effect of natural disasters on criminal--and charitable--activity in the USA
7 Delayed medical treatment of high-impact injuries: A lesson from the Syrian civil war
8 Cells use concentration gradients as a compass
9 It takes two to tango: When cells interact
10 Researchers find a novel connection between cell metabolism and cell division
11 Cloudy eyes caused by protein imbalance
12 Silencing by crosstalk
13 Asthma deaths 50% more likely in poorest areas compared to richest
14 Breakthrough in the fight against spruce bark beetles
15 HKU planetary scientists discover evidence for a reduced atmosphere on ancient Mars
16 3D model shows off the insides of a giant permafrost crater
17 High-tech start-ups benefit from Twitter hype
18 Health survey conveys messages on how we should live
19 How bacteria hunt bacteria
20 Hospital wastewater favors multi-resistant bacteria
21 Cancer research: Targeted elimination of leukemic stem cells
22 How icebergs really melt--and what this could mean for climate change
23 Ultrabright dots see beyond skin deep
24 The smallest galaxies in our universe bring more about dark matter to light
25 Plant as superhero during nuclear power plant accidents
26 Experimental tests of relativistic chemistry will update the periodic table
27 Novel flexible terahertz camera can inspect objects with diverse shapes
28 Asthma may heighten flu risk and cause dangerous mutations
29 Supercomputer turns back cosmic clock
30 Experimental demonstration of measurement-dependent realities possible, researcher says
31 Small 'window of opportunity' for best recovery after stroke
32 Sloshing quantum fluids of light and matter to probe superfluidity
33 International team first to stack virus resistance plus iron & zinc in a non-cereal crop
34 ASHP publishes reports exploring pharmacy's role in future of healthcare delivery
35 Study demonstrates the reasons to screen children with cancer for inherited cancer genes
36 Harmful alcohol use rising during pandemic, UArizona Health Sciences researchers say
37 Bacteria and algae get rides in clouds
38 Targeting Nsp1 protein could be a pathway for COVID-19 therapy
39 Breakthrough in organic chemistry: Asymmetric syntheses of useful, unique chiral compounds
40 New classification of leukemia subtypes reveals potential of existing drugs
41 Record sunshine during first COVID-19 lockdown largely caused by unusual weather
42 Cytoglobin: key player in preventing liver disease
43 Aging offshore wind turbines could stunt the growth of renewable energy sector
44 Story tips: Modeling COVID, permafrost lost and taking the heat
45 How the immune system paves the way for SARS-CoV-2
46 MSK physician shares kidney cancer research at annual ASCO GU Symposium
47 Mental health disorders and alcohol misuse more common in LGB people
48 Ferns in the mountains
49 Tapping into waste heat for electricity by nanostructuring thermoelectric materials
50 Photosynthetic bacteria-based cancer optotheranostics
51 All the colours of the dingo: not just a yellow dog
52 New Australian fossil lizard
53 Members Face 'Catch-22' challenges joining online communities--Ben-Gurion U. study
54 Mother's heart health in pregnancy impacts child's heart health in adolescence
55 The effects of picking up primary school pupils on surrounding street's traffic
56 A comparative study of surface hardness between two bioceramic materials
57 Harnessing socially-distant molecular interactions for future computing
58 Scientists of Kemerovo State University have developed a technology for creating in vitro root
59 TB study reveals potential targets to treat and control infection
60 A glimpse into the formation of mitoribosome
61 USC biologists devise new way to assess carbon in the ocean
62 Hydrogel promotes wound healing better than traditional bandages, gauzes
63 Brief survey tool tracks symptoms, aids in evaluating effectiveness of treatment
64 Low-value health care drops only marginally despite effort to curb practices
65 Groundwater recharge rates mapped for Africa
66 Evolution's game of rock-paper-scissors
67 Reserve prices under scarcity conditions improve with a dynamic ORDC, new research finds
68 Switching to firm contracts may prevent natural gas fuel shortages at US power plants
69 Common weed killers favour antibiotic resistant bacteria, new study shows
70 Climate change likely drove the extinction of North America's largest animals
71 Fertility treatment affects children's growth patterns but not for long
72 ViralLink identifies key proteins in SARS-CoV-2-infected cells: workflow open to all
73 Biotech fit for the Red Planet
74 Answer quickly to be believed
75 Global poliovirus risk management and modeling
76 Selfies, gorillas and the risks of disease transmission
77 FRESH 3D-printing platform paves way for tissues, organs
78 COVID-19 linked to potentially dangerous eye abnormalities
79 Hydrogen peroxide, universal oxidizing agent, high-efficiency production by simple process
80 Radiomics shows cocaine fuels coronary artery disease risk
81 How to improve gender equity in medicine
82 Discovery of biomarker could help predict Alzheimer's years before symptoms emerge
83 Electrons living on the edge
84 Penn-developed CAR T therapy shows long-lasting remissions in non-hodgkin lymphoma
85 Immunosuppressive cell and cytokine response linked to bone nonunion
86 Waste into wealth: Harvesting useful products from microbial growth
87 Youth exposed to natural disasters report low post-traumatic stress
88 Salk team reveals never-before-seen antibody binding, informing liver cancer, antibody design
89 Skoltech's recent achievement takes us one step closer to Mars
90 Wolves, dogs and dingoes, oh my
91 Researchers ID blood protein that sheds light on common, post-operative complication
92 Skies of blue: Recycling carbon emissions to useful chemicals and reducing global warming
93 FSU College of Medicine researcher develops new possibilities to prevent sudden cardiac death
94 Dr. Frederick Boop presents at the ISPN 2020 Virtual Meeting
95 3D microscopy clarifies understanding of body's immune response to obesity
96 Cosmetic laser may boost effectiveness of certain anti-cancer therapies
97 Termite gut microbes could aid biofuel production
98 Most teen bullying occurs among peers climbing the social ladder
99 Edible holograms could someday decorate foods
100 Climate change and suppression tactics are critical factors increasing fires
101 Study shows how some neurons compensate for death of their neighbors
102 How Spanish children get to school: New study on active commuting
103 New potential therapy for Crohn's disease in children
104 Poking the paradigm
105 'Smart' asthma inhaler sensors improve pediatric asthma control
106 NASA-funded network tracks the recent rise and fall of ozone depleting pollutants
107 SuperAger brains resist protein tangles that lead to Alzheimer's
108 Friends fur life help build skills for life
109 Neural network could help clinicians look for 'ugly duckling' pre-cancerous skin lesions
110 Fueling the future: Novel two-polymer membrane boosts hydrogen fuel cell performance