File Title
1 COVID-19 has exacerbated gender inequities in housework, childcare and mental health
2 Successful trial shows way forward on quieter drone propellers
3 Bacteria know how to exploit quantum mechanics, UChicago study finds
4 Researchers develop a new, efficient tin monosulfide solar cell prototype
5 Psychedelic science holds promise for mainstream medicine
6 Young 'night owls' at risk of psychosis experience increased psychotic symptoms
7 The end of hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for COVID-19
8 Capitalizing on measles vaccine's successful history to protect against SARS-CoV-2
9 Researchers use silkworm silk to model muscle tissue
10 Citizens and scientists release 28-year record of water quality in Buzzards Bay
11 Study uncovers spawning preferences of mahi-mahi
12 Re-envisioning the nursing PhD degree
13 Chinese immigrants face "alarming" barriers to cancer screening, UCF study finds
14 Mothers rebuild: Solutions to overcome COVID-19 challenges in academia
15 Sushi-like rolled 2D heterostructures may lead to new miniaturized electronics
16 Study finds brain's 'wiring insulation' as major factor of age-related brain deterioration
17 Study: Prisoners with mental illness much more likely to be placed in solitary confinement
18 Integration analysis of m6A regulators and m6A-related genes in hepatocellular carcinoma
19 Rising antiparasitic drug cost in U.S. leads to higher patient costs, decreased quality of care
20 Now is the time to study impact of pandemic on mothers and babies
21 Adaptation, not irrigation recommended for Midwest corn farmers
22 Precision BrainHealth: Personalized measure, training protocols to impact global health
23 Molecule with potential to treat multiple sclerosis passes toxicology testing in zebrafish
24 Study: Political, economic, social factors affect local decisions about death penalty
25 Health behavior outcomes can help determine efficacy of interventions for multimorbidities
26 Unconscious biases can drive foodborne illness outbreaks, MU researchers find
27 More collaboration between primary care and oncology may improve fragmented cancer care
28 A liquid crystal walks into an optical resonator: new Skoltech research helps model future optoelectronic and spinoptronic devices
29 Use of patient data guides outreach to treat and monitor people with diabetes
30 NYU Abu Dhabi study predicts motion sickness severity
31 Gigantic jet spied from black hole in early universe
32 Warming climate slows tropical birds' population growth rates
33 Electrochemistry opens ways for the sustainable production of sulfonamides
34 Real world data reveal risks of allergic reactions after receiving COVID-19 mRNA vaccines
35 Big shift seen in high-risk older adults' attitudes toward COVID-19 vaccination
36 Cochrane Review finds stopping smoking linked to improved mental health
37 How the South African COVID-19 variant was found
38 New collaborative care model offers help for patients with mental health need
39 Immune cell implicated in development of lung disease following viral infection
40 Big data provides opportunity for rapid research to inform COVID-19 care/policy
41 Treating incontinence in primary care: A doctor versus mobile app trial
42 Microscopic wormholes possible in theory
43 Study reveals new hope for men with common urinary issues
44 A little squid and its glowing bacteria yield new clues to symbiotic relationships
45 Spacing COVID-19 vaccine doses has benefits, but longer-term outcomes depend on robust immunity
46 Floral probiotics reduce apple disease
47 Researchers see need for warnings about long-range wildfire smoke
48 Detecting hidden circulating tumor cells in non-small cell lung cancer patients
49 LJI research leads to promising combination therapy for type 1 diabetes
50 More evidence is urgently needed on opioid use in Black communities
51 Researchers develop roadside barrier design to mitigate air pollution
52 Problematic internet use and teen depression are closely linked, new Concordia study finds
53 Humidity in breath makes cotton masks more effective at slowing the spread of COVID-19
54 New lung cancer screening recommendation expands access but may not address inequities
55 Princeton team discovers new organelle involved in cancer metastasis
56 A new co-driver in breast cancer
57 Experts recommend shared patient--doctor decision-making prior to lung cancer screening
58 Milk prebiotics are the cat's meow, Illinois research shows
59 Chemical signal in plants reduces growth processes in favor of defense
60 Strategies for better managing health care systems during pandemics, natural disasters
61 March/April 2021 Annals of Family Medicine Tip Sheet
62 Cochrane Review finds stopping smoking is linked to improved mental health
63 Evidence review examines both benefits and harms for lung cancer screening
64 The neoliberal city needs to change, argues Concordia professor Meghan Joy
65 Recyclable bioplastic membrane to clear oil spills from water
66 Researchers modify air quality models to reflect polluted reality in Latin America
67 Both old and young fish sustain fisheries
68 Therapy sneaks into hard layer of pancreatic cancer tumor and destroys it from within
69 Why the lovable llama might be a secret weapon against COVID-19
70 An electrically charged glass display smoothly transitions between a spectrum of colors
71 Deforestation's effects on malaria rates vary by time and distance
72 Bacterial film separates water from oil
73 Breaking the warp barrier for faster-than-light travel
74 Researchers identify RNA editing events that impact gene expression and phenotype
75 Study finds increased risk of death among breast cancer patients who drink sugar-sweetened soda
76 Unveiling the cause of onion center rot
77 Solid-state batteries could be made more cleanly by scaling-up flash sintering
78 New tool makes students better at detecting fake imagery and videos
79 Modeling study examines impacts of one versus two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine
80 NIH scientists use human cerebral organoid to test drug for deadly brain disease
81 JNCCN: New evidence on need to address muscle health among patients with cancer
82 Corona: Nearly half of the population has already gotten tested
83 Rare mutations may have big impact on schizophrenia pathology
84 COVID-19 testing in schools complex but doable, worth the effort--RAND study
85 UConn researcher finds 'Goldilocks problem' in child welfare decision-making
86 Ice skating and permafrost
87 Determining the structure of a molecule with laser-induced electron diffraction
88 Microscope allows ultrafast nanoscale manipulation while tracking energy dynamics
89 School closures may have wiped out a year of academic progress for pupils in Global South
90 Making the role of AI in medicine explainable
91 Ecosystem restoration is a pressing issue in fragmented rainforest
92 The COVID-19 pandemic has caused changes to people's wellbeing around the world
93 A cool chemical separation technology
94 Scientists' discovery ends long-standing photosynthesis controversy
95 Having an unhealthy heart could lead to a higher risk of being diagnosed with COVID-19
96 Women with polycystic ovary syndrome at significantly increased risk of COVID-19
97 Combined technique using diamond probes for nanoscale imaging of magnetic vortex structure
98 Bird parents that receive help live longer
99 Microchips of the future: Suitable insulators are still missing
100 Can chips replace animal testing?
101 Universal prosodic cues facilitate learning in both animals and humans
102 New therapeutic approach discovered for reducing the risk of thrombosis
103 Two species and a single name: 'Double identity' revealed in a venomous banana spider
104 X marks the spot: How genes on the sex chromosomes are controlled
105 Amyloid plaque mutation map opens new avenues for early detection of Alzheimer's disease
106 Plants as protein factories: Antioxidant boosts the yield of valuable biologics
107 World's first dinosaur preserved sitting on nest of eggs with fossilized babies
108 An epic walk: 15 million years needed for dinosaurs to get from South America to Greenland
109 First the treats, then the tough stuff: A bacterial dinner plan for degrading algal blooms
110 COVID-19: Study from 116 countries suggests surgery should be delayed for at least seven weeks following a COVID-19 diagnosis to reduce mortality risk