File Title
1 UN: 17% of all food available at consumer levels is wasted
2 Key factor identified that makes worms feel full after a good meal
3 Major cardiovascular risk factor rates are high in the U.S. Hispanic/Latino population
4 Fewer butterflies seen across the warming, drying landscapes of American West
5 Assessing patients' kidney health may help predict their risk of cardiovascular disease
6 Seagrass loss around the UK may be much higher than previously thought
7 Could catnip become the new DEET?
8 Astrocytes derived from patients with bipolar disorder malfunction
9 This frog has lungs that act like noise-canceling headphones, study shows
10 Ancient DNA reveals clues about how tuberculosis shaped the human immune system
11 World War II and urbanization leave their mark on Finnish genetics
12 Do epilepsy medications taken during pregnancy affect a child's development?
13 'PopDel' detects deletions in our genomes
14 Study reveals how egg cells get so big
15 Survey identifies factors in reducing clinical research coordinator turnover
16 New 'split-drive' system puts scientists in the (gene) driver seat
17 Online dating: Super effective, or just...superficial?
18 Rapid 3D printing method moves toward 3D-printed organs
19 Building networks not enough to expand rural broadband
20 With unfair police treatment, the tragedy is not limited to the incident itself
21 Physics camp has proven benefits for high school girls
22 New molecular driver of frontal circuit maturation discovered
23 Three-layered masks most effective against large respiratory droplets
24 WRAIR, Duke scientists find evidence of monoclonal antibodies activity against malaria
25 Vision impairment is associated with mortality
26 Study shows cactus pear as drought-tolerant crop for sustainable fuel and food
27 Call me, maybe? UNLV study probes how people connected during the pandemic
28 Comet Catalina suggests comets delivered carbon to rocky planets
29 How does your brain process emotions? Answer could help address loneliness epidemic
30 Small volcanic lakes tapping giant underground reservoirs
31 Blind trust in social media cements conspiracy beliefs
32 IU researchers discover new potential for functional recovery after spinal cord injury
33 Canadian scientists and Swiss surgeons discover the cause of excess post-surgical scarring
34 Tantalizing signs of phase-change 'turbulence' in RHIC collisions
35 African American breast cancer survivor cardiovascular disease risk high but knowledge low
36 Huntington's disease driven by slowed protein-building machinery in cells
37 The gut mycobiome influences the metabolism of processed foods
38 Novel urine test developed to diagnose human kidney transplant rejection
39 Making sense of commotion under the ocean to locate tremors near deep-sea faults
40 After old age, intellectual disability is greatest risk factor for death from COVID-19
41 Monoclonal antibody "cocktail" blocks COVID-19 variants: Study
42 Automatic adverse drug reaction extraction from electronic health records
43 Researchers find AI can predict new atrial fibrillation, stroke risk
44 Research may offer another avenue to tackling sexually aggressive behavior
45 Research identifies impact of teenage screen use
46 Antibiotic-resistant strains of staph bacteria may be spreading between pigs raised in factory farms
47 Species are our livelihoods
48 Switzerland's energy transition
49 Eight ways chemical pollutants harm the body
50 Cultural values and demographics impact COVID-19 pandemic
51 Life's rich pattern: Researchers use sound to shape the future of printing
52 New method facilitates development of antibody-based drugs
53 What can stream quality tell us about quality of life?
54 Sports information on social networks leaves out women, disabled and minority disciplines
55 Controlling adhesions in the abdomen
56 Significant gender disparities revealed in COVID-19 clinical trial leadership
57 Species traded legally through Hong Kong with inadequate traceability
58 Compression or strain--the material expands always the same
59 Instrument at BESSY II shows how light activates MoS2 layers to become catalysts
60 Molecular mechanisms identified in chronic skin inflammation
61 The social support for mothers of patients with eating disorders
62 Built to last: New copolymer binder to extend the life of lithium ion batteries
63 Charting our changing cities
64 BCAS3-C16orf70 complex is a new actor on the mammalian autophagic machinery
65 Light in concert with force reveals how materials become harder when illuminated
66 How heavy snow reduces road injuries: less bicycling, safer transport
67 New test enables rapid detection of mild cognitive impairment as well as dementia
68 Key task in computer vision and graphics gets a boost
69 Taking 2D materials for a spin
70 RCSI researchers discover new way to halt excessive inflammation
71 Food security: Irradiation and essential oil vapors for cereal treatment
72 Overweight children exposed to lead in utero may have poor future kidney function
73 Variable compensation and salesperson health
74 Uncovering hidden forever chemicals
75 New quantum theory heats up thermodynamic research
76 Chimpanzees without borders
77 New Corona test developed
78 Fine particulate matter from wildfire smoke more harmful than pollution from other sources
79 The collapse of Northern California kelp forests will be hard to reverse
80 Antarctic seals reveal worrying threats to disappearing glaciers
81 Tracking proteins in the heart of cells
82 Retinal implants can give artificial vision to the blind
83 The future of contactless care: robotic systems gain patient approval
84 Putting a protein into overdrive to heal spinal cord injuries
85 Humans evolved to be the water-saving ape
86 'Fungal ghosts' protect skin, fabric from toxins, radiation
87 Engineered 'off the shelf' stem cells target breast cancer that metastasizes to the brain
88 Beauty is in the brain: AI reads brain data, generates personally attractive images
89 How bone marrow regenerates after chemotherapy
90 Coastal changes worsen nuisance flooding on many U.S. shorelines, study finds
91 One size doesn't fit all when it comes to products for preventing HIV from anal sex
92 Magic sand might help us understand the physics of granular matter
93 Establishing the origin of solar-mass black holes and the connection to dark matter
94 Strong and balanced T cell response: key to controlling SARS-CoV-2 infection without getting COVID-19
95 Biological artificial organs like skin, produced more easily
96 Researchers develop improved recycling process for carbon fibres
97 It's time to bolster women in conservation
98 Critically endangered macadamia species becomes a plant supermodel
99 Algorithm helps artificial intelligence systems dodge "adversarial" inputs
100 Targeted immunotherapy could boost radiotherapy response
101 Someone to watch over AI and keep it honest--and it's not the public!
102 Pay-off when solar cells can keep their cool
103 New Lancet series shows mixed progress on maternal and child undernutrition in last decade
104 Study suggests wearing a face mask during intense exercise is safe for healthy people
105 Direct observation of coherence energy scale of Hund's metal
106 Earth's deep mantle may have proton rivers made of superionic phases
107 Eastern Oregon forest restoration efforts hampered by diameter limits on tree cutting
108 Antarctic Peninsula warming up due to heat in Tasman sea
109 Safe, simple additive could cut agrochemical pollution
110 Opinions and attitudes can last when they are based on emotion