File Title
1 NASA delays new test-firing of moon rocket
2 Microbes from Earth could temporarily survive on Mars
3 Kangaroo portrait is Australia's oldest rock painting
4 NASA releases first video, audio from new Mars rover Perseverance
5 Neutrino from shredded star reveals cosmic particle accelerator
6 Study: Low levels of air pollution a threat to older adults hearts, lungs
7 Climate change is fueling an east-west divide in forest seed production
8 'Eco-friendly' foam may pose environmental, human health risks
9 Non-conscious brain modulation may help PTSD patients forget their fears
10 In cockroach fights, bet on the roach with the bigger respiratory system
11 Cancer survivor to join first all-private spaceflight on SpaceX's Dragon
12 Tanzanian bow-and-arrow hunters offer insight on evolution of technology
13 Outsider threats inspire bonding, cooperation among chimpanzees
14 Survey finds 'slutpage' use may be common among U.S. college students
15 Diverse mangrove forests store more carbon
16 Study: Gulf Stream System is the weakest it's been in 1,000 years
17 Blue Origin delays heavy-lift New Glenn rocket launch to 2022
18 Increasingly intense fire seasons harming carbon storage abilities of forests
19 Teenage tyrannosaurs, 'megatheropods' limited diversity of smaller dinos
20 SpaceX plans 20th Starlink launch Sunday evening from Florida
21 New rocket, Firefly's Alpha, may be ready to launch by April
22 As climate change extends allergy season, pollen travels farther
23 Study: Social media users behave a lot like animals searching for food
24 Invading retrovirus linked to high rates of lymphoma, leukemia among koalas
25 Pyrite isn't a reliable proxy for Earth's oxygenation, study says
26 Two NASA astronauts perform 7-hour spacewalk
27 SpaceX scrubs 20th Starlink communications satellite launch
28 Scientists take the temperature of red supergiants
29 Study: Neanderthals could perceive and produce human speech
30 Climate change threatens food chains, top predators
31 Rocket Lab plans new Neutron rocket, intends to go public
32 Conservationists aim to turn birders on to shade-grown coffee
33 New model predicts how plastic from coast gets to middle of ocean
34 Simple tweaks helped the trap-jaw ant evolve its powerful bite
35 Musk, Maezawa say moon mission is on track for 2023
36 Cuttlefish reveal link between self-control, intelligence
37 NASA prepares Dragon capsule for first reuse with astronauts
38 Mercury, Jupiter to appear side by side in weekend sky
39 Wild, 'destructive' pigs help cultivate biodiversity in their native rainforests
40 Carbon emission decreases must grow tenfold to avoid climate disaster
41 SpaceX Starship makes upright landing, but rocket explodes minutes later
42 Earth's water cycle is increasingly dictated by humans
43 Scientists locate source of hazardous, high-energy solar particles
44 NASA, Japanese astronauts plan spacewalk Friday
45 SpaceX successfully launches 20th Starlink mission
46 Seagrass loss along Britain's coastline more extensive than thought
47 Frogs use their lungs to drown out the mating calls of other species
48 Study finds fewer butterflies in landscapes of the American West
49 'Astounding' Mars rover landing inspired world, Biden says in call to NASA
50 Astronauts conclude spacewalk maintenance on International Space Station
51 Scientists reveal first-ever evidence of a plasma 'space hurricane'
52 Seals help scientists survey Antarctica's disappearing glaciers
53 Humans evolved to use water much more efficiently than apes
54 Mars rover Perseverance makes first drive on Red Planet
55 Satellite company Spire Global plans to expand with new funds
56 Astronomers spy most distant quasar with powerful radio jets
57 Highly porous synthetic melanin can protect skin from toxins, radiation
58 Whole wheat healthier than white bread, study confirms
59 Insulin may not need refrigeration, freeing up use in poorer nations
60 One in five U.S. heroin users is Black, study finds
61 Cancer patients often denied lifesaving heart attack treatment, study says
62 Study: Neighborhood conditions linked to risk for weight change, study says
63 Study: Hepatitis drug speeds recovery in non-hospitalized COVID-19 patients
64 Limited COVID-19 spread seen at kids' day camps, study says
65 Gaining a few pounds in middle age may actually be good for health
66 Study: Asthma risk much higher in children who take antacids
67 Survey: 3 out of 4 people in U.S. will continue wearing masks after pandemic
68 Fauci: New COVID-19 variants 'challenging,' but vaccines will help
69 FDA approves 'tongue strengthening' device for sleep apnea
70 Common prostate drug may help prevent Parkinson's disease
71 Lower-income communities tested less despite higher COVID-19 rates, study says
72 More parents reluctant to give cancer-fighting HPV vaccine to their kids
73 Most people with peanut allergy in U.S. are adults, but kids remain the focus
74 Drug combo may boost survival for liver cancer patients
75 Older, heavier adults possible 'superspreaders' of COVID-19, study finds
76 FDA authorizes emergency use of Eli Lilly's monoclonal antibody treatment
77 Daily coffee linked to lower risk for heart failure
78 Breast cancer on the rise in younger U.S. women, reversing decline
79 Study: Adult rabies prevention treatment safe, effective in children, too
80 CDC warns of antibiotic-resistant infection outbreaks in COVID-19 care units
81 CDC: Double-masking can significantly reduce spread of COVID-19
82 Obesity helps drive half of new diabetes cases among Americans
83 Too much light at night may raise odds for thyroid cancer, study says
84 Implant may improve lives of people with balance disorder
85 Prescription opioids, antibiotics won't raise birth defect risk, studies show
86 CDC: No need to quarantine during first 3 months after COVID-19 vaccination
87 Study: Most with severe COVID-19 develop a 'robust' antibody response
88 Study: Children less likely to catch, spread COVID-19
89 Antibiotics in pregnancy linked to higher asthma risk in kids
90 Study: Many babies acquire oral HPV, possibly during birth
91 One dose of COVID-19 vaccine may be good for recovered patients
92 Blood thinners may reduce death risk in hospitalized COVID-19 patients
93 Study: Zinc, vitamin C have no effect on COVID-19 infection
94 Three-quarters of people with COVID-19 test positive for antibodies, study finds
95 CDC releases guidelines for full in-person reopening of schools
96 Drinking coffee during pregnancy linked to later behavioral issues
97 Study: Wait times for donor kidneys have not improved in two decades
98 COVID-19 death risk 3.5 times that of the flu, study says
99 Daily tai chi, exercise help older adults with insomnia, study finds
100 Zika vaccine shows promise in early trials
101 Study: Drinking, smoking, drug use raises risk for premature heart disease
102 Teen pot use increases with adult recreational legalization, study finds
103 Extra cleaning during pandemic may increase asthma flare-ups
104 Heavy drinking, lots of red meat boost colon cancer risk, study finds
105 Severe COVID-19 damages eyes in some patients, study finds
106 Study: New approach to 3D printing of human tissue closer to reality
107 Researchers find group of genes linked to Addison's disease
108 As social media time rises, so does teen girls' suicide risk
109 Philadelphia study links COVID-19 lockdowns, gun violence spike
110 British study will infect volunteers with COVID-19 to test vaccines, treatments
111 'Prediabetes' may harm brain health, study suggests
112 Antibody may hold key to treatment of Alzheimer's, strokes
113 Dog-inspired approach may improve prostate cancer diagnosis, study finds
114 CDC: U.S. life expectancy fell by a year during first half of 2020 due to COVID-19