File Title
1 The Milky Way May Be Swarming With Planets That Have Continents and Oceans Like Earth
2 Worms Reveal How Melatonin Works in the Brain to Promote Sleep
3 Breakthrough Boost for Solar-Powered Fuel Made by Splitting Water
4 Whale Sharks Extraordinary Ability to Quickly Recover From Serious Injuries
5 Dark Matter Explained by Extra Dimension in Spacetime and a New Heavy Particle Similar to the Higgs Boson?
6 Mysteries of the Milky Way Are Revealed in Spectacular Detail
7 Researchers Discover Molecular Mechanism of Long-Term Memory
8 First 3D Sound-Frequency Map for Inner Ear Created With Advanced X-ray Technology
9 Jumping Frost Crystals: Electrostatic De-icing Effect Could Be a Game-Changer for Aircraft and HVAC Industries
10 Evidence That Earth's First Cells--3.8 Billion Years Ago--Could Have Made Specialized Compartments
11 SSRgenotyper: Free Bioinformatic Tool to Digitally Genotype Simple Sequence Repeats
12 Cosmic Cold Gas Pipelines Detected Feeding Early, Massive Galaxies
13 Wearable Bioelectronics: Detecting COVID-19 With a Sticker on Your Skin
14 New Research Finds That Supermassive Black Holes Could Form From Dark Matter
15 Mars Decoder Ring: Secret Message on NASA's Perseverance Rover's Parachute
16 Nature's Funhouse Mirror: New Discovery May Explain the Confounding Asymmetry in the Proton
17 TESS Research Updates: Hunting for Worlds Beyond Our Solar System
18 Eberswalde Crater Delta: Ancient River Delta Once Carried Liquid Water Across the Surface of Mars
19 Asteroid Dust Found in Crater Closes Case on What Killed the Dinosaurs
20 Rare "Mud Carapace" Mortuary Treatment of Egyptian Mummy Uncovered--And a Case of Mistaken Identity
21 Are Super-Earths Capable of Creating Conditions That Are Hospitable for Life to Arise and Thrive?
22 Emergence of Life From Chaos--Did Darwinian Evolution Begin Before Life Itself?
23 Researchers Show Real-Time Dialog With a Dreaming Person Is Possible
24 See World's First Video of a Space-Time Crystal
25 Stunning 360 Degree HD Panoramic View of Landing Site Captured by NASA's Mars Perseverance Rover
26 Meet NASA Astronaut & Artemis Team Member Christina Koch [Video]
27 Western Chimpanzees--a Critically Endangered Species--Share Overlapping Territories With Humans
28 SARS vs. COVID-19: Why Some Coronavirus Strains Are More Infectious Than Others
29 Sugar-Coated Shield Helps the COVID-19 Virus Become Activated and Infectious
30 A Deadly Torrent of Debris Flows From a Himalayan Mountain
31 Two-Thirds of COVID-19 Hospitalizations Are Due to These Four Conditions
32 Heaviest Black Hole Collision Detected by Gravitational Waves Might Actually Be a Boson Star Merger
33 First Scientific Study of Real-World COVID-19 Vaccine Effectiveness--Here Are the Results
34 Data Limits Could Vanish With New Optical Antennas and "Rings of Light"
35 Rare Australian Native Bee Found After 100 Years
36 Do Teenage "Tyrants"--Carnivorous Dinosaur Offspring--Explain Lack of Dinosaur Diversity?
37 NASA's Parker Solar Probe Captures Stunning View of Venus
38 Abundance of Life on Coral Reefs Has Been Puzzling Since Charles Darwin's Day--New Research Provides Answers
39 Next Generation Optical Fibers With 10,000 Times Lower Backscatter
40 Luminescent Solar Waveguide Windows Generate Energy From Inside and Out
41 Therapeutic Hypothermia: How Reducing Body Temperature Could Help 10% of All Intensive Care Patients
42 Particle Accelerator Physics: Experiment Reveals New Options for Synchrotron Light Sources
43 NASA's Webb Telescope Will Be the World's Premier Space Science Observatory--Here's What Those Powerful Capabilities Mean for Astronomy
44 Race for Survival: Retroviruses Are Re-writing the Koala Genome and Causing Cancer
45 A Nighttime Glow Over Mount Etna--Highly Active Italian Volcano
46 Moire Patterns Facilitate Discovery of Unexpected New Insulating Phases
47 River Colors Across the United States Are Changing
48 New Type of Amputation Surgery May Enable Better Control of Prosthetic Limbs
49 European Space Agency Plans Mission to Explore Caves on the Moon
50 NASA Investigates an "Old Faithful" Active Galaxy That Erupts Every 114 Days
51 Smart OLED Tattoos: Engineers Create Light-Emitting Tattoo
52 Vitamin B6 May Calm COVID-19's Cytokine Storms and Unclog Blood Clots Linked to Lethality
53 DNA Origami Used to Monitor CRISPR Gene Targeting
54 First Global-Scale Assessment Finds Nature Sanitizes 41.7 Million Tons of Human Waste a Year
55 Wearable, All-in-One Health Monitor: New Skin Patch Continuously Tracks Cardiovascular Signals and Biochemical Levels
56 Memory Without a Brain: How a Single Cell Slime Mold Makes Smart Decisions
57 First Complete COVID-19 Coronavirus Model Shows Cooperation--"They Work Together"
58 LSD May Offer Viable Treatment for Anxiety and Other Mental Disorders
59 Artificial "Magnetic Texture" Induced in Graphene--May Lead to Powerful Quantum Computers
60 Landmark Study: Sequencing of 64 Full Human Genomes to Better Capture Genetic Diversity
61 Researchers Say They've Solved the Puzzling Mystery of the Moons of Mars
62 Research Suggests Proper Fit of COVID Face Masks Is More Important Than Material
63 Decarbonizing US Energy: An Aggressive Market-Driven Model for Fusion Power Development
64 Science Made Simple: What is Cosmic Acceleration and Dark Energy?
65 NASA SnowEx Campaign Digs Deep in 2021
66 Wayward Comet Makes a Temporary Stop Near Jupiter's Asteroids
67 Surprise in Solid-State Physics: Magnetic Effect Without a Magnet
68 New Metamaterial Structures for Studying the Oldest Light in the Universe
69 New Design Improves Efficiency of Next-Generation Perovskite Solar Cells
70 Reclusive Neutron Star May Have Been Found in Famous Supernova SN 1987A
71 Using Vibrating Molecules to Investigate the Wave Properties of Matter
72 MIT Neuroscientists Identify Brain Circuit in the Hippocampus That Encodes Timing of Events
73 New Data on COVID-19 Patients With Diabetes: 20% Die Within 28 Days of Hospital Admission
74 Star's Destruction by Supermassive Black Hole Linked to Origin of Universe's Highest-Energy Particles
75 Turning New Discoveries About the Trillions of Microbes in Our Bodies Into Treatments for a Range of Diseases
76 New Catalyst Promises Lighter, Cheaper, Higher-Capacity, Next-Generation Rechargeable Batteries
77 Measuring the Expansion of the Universe: Surprising Discrepancies Hint at Inconsistency in the Composition of the Universe
78 Luck Played a Major Role in Keeping Earth Fit for Life
79 Ethiopia's Forest in the Clouds: Unusual Plants and Wildlife Live in the Harenna Forest
80 Single Dose of Pfizer RNA Vaccine Acts As "Booster" in Those With Prior COVID-19 Infection
81 Quantum Tunneling in Graphene Advances the Age of High Speed Terahertz Wireless Communications
82 Sensing Suns: Astronomers Accurately Measure the Temperature of Red Supergiant Stars
83 ExoMars Orbiter Captures Perseverance at Landing Site in Mars' Jezero Crater
84 Artificial Intelligence Powers a Disease-Sniffing Device That Rivals a Dog's Nose
85 Japan at Night: A Favorite Astronaut Photo
86 Scientists Uncover the Key to Proper Muscle Growth
87 Obstructive Sleep Apnea Is Common in People With Cognitive Impairment--It Is Treatable
88 Testing Proves Its Worth With Successful Mars Perseverance Parachute Deployment
89 Four Futuristic Space Technology Concepts Selected by NASA for Further Research and Development
90 Fish Poop Helps Remove 1.65 Billion Tons of Carbon From the Atmosphere Each Year
91 Researchers Develop Speedier Network Analysis to Boost Recommendation Algorithms and Internet Search
92 COVID-19: Ozone Proved to Be Highly Efficient in Effective in Disinfecting Coronavirus
93 Big, Beautiful and Blue: Hubble Captures Immense Galaxy That Stretches 200,000 Light-Years Across
94 Why COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Methods Fall Short + 3 Ways to Improve Them
95 For a Longer Life, Eat 2 Fruit and 3 Vegetable Servings a Day
96 Fuel for Earliest Life Forms: Organic Molecules Discovered in 3.5 Billion-Year-Old Rocks
97 NASA Super Soaker Mission Seeks to Understand Bright Night-Shining Clouds by Creating One
98 Physical Chemistry Breakthrough: Ultrafast Electron Dynamics in Space and Time
99 Paleopocalypse! Ancient Relic Points to a Turning Point in Earth's History 42,000 Years Ago
100 High School Students Tend to Get More Motivated Over Time: Feeling of Belongingness Key to Improvement
101 Bottling the World's Coldest Plasma to Unlock the Secrets of Fusion Power
102 MeshCODE: Revolutionary New Theory for How Memories Are Stored in the Brain
103 New Research Shows Neanderthals Had the Capacity to Perceive and Produce Human Speech
104 Global Warming Poses Threat to Food Chains--"Impact Could Be Severe"
105 Quantum Building Blocks to Produce Exotic Electronic and Magnetic Properties
106 Second Order Optical Merons, or Light Pretending to Be a Ferromagnet
107 Radioactivity in Meteorites Sheds Light on Origin of Heaviest Elements in Our Solar System
108 Tuning Electrode Surfaces to Drive the Sunlight-Powered Reactions That Split Water Into Clean Fuel
109 Exploring Earth From Space: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
110 First Test for All Known Human Coronaviruses, Including New COVID-19 Mutations
111 Cruising Past a Spectacular Aurora Borealis on the International Space Station
112 The Fascinating Story of How the Trojan Asteroids--Target of NASA's Lucy Mission--Were Discovered and Named
113 Insect-Inspired Flying Robots: Researchers Introduce a New Generation of Tiny, Agile Drones
114 Modern Oasis of Jubbah: A Long-Ago Lake Amid the Dunes
115 Lead Up to Volcanic Eruption in Galapagos Captured in Rare Detail--Ground Rose More Than 6 Feet in an Instant!
116 New Detailed Look at the Neuroscience of Placebo Effects