File Title
1 Fresh 3D-Printing Platform: Advanced Tissue Fabrication Paves Way for Bioprinting Tissues and Organs
2 Mars Bioreactor Atmos: Biotech Fit for the Red Planet
3 Just a Single Dose of COVID-19 Vaccine Provokes Strong Immune Response in Those Previously Infected
4 Archaeologists Discover Neanderthals and Homo sapiens Used Identical Nubian Technology
5 Growing up Stardust: Astronomers Discover That Stars and Planets May Be Siblings
6 New Research Shows the Moon Influences Our Sleep
7 Eating Unhealthy Foods May Diminish Positive Effects of an Otherwise Healthy Diet
8 Tourists Could Be Spreading COVID-19 to Wild Mountain Gorillas by Taking Selfies With the Animals
9 What Really Killed the Dinosaurs? Harvard Researchers Say It Was a Comet--And They Believe They Know Where It Came From
10 Supercomputer Turns Back Cosmic Clock for Insights Into One of the Most Important Mysteries in Modern Astronomy
11 MIT Teams Prepare for Mars Perseverance Rover Landing
12 New Theory About the State of Earth Billions of Years Ago: Clearer Insight Into Earth's Hidden Crystals
13 New Fiber Optic Temperature Sensing Approach to Keep Tokamak Fusion Power Plants Running
14 Scientists Use Bacteria As Micro-3D Printers to Create Highly Customized Structures
15 NASA's Mars Perseverance Rover Is About to Land on the Red Planet--What to Expect
16 Swimming Pools Contain Dangerous Chlorine Disinfection Byproducts--Here's How to Make Them Safer
17 New Liquid Crystals Created That Resemble Solid Crystals--Could Improve Computer and TV Displays
18 An Antiviral Nasal Spray to Prevent COVID / Coronavirus Transmission
19 20% of People Have a Genetic Mutation That Provides Superior Resilience to Cold
20 World's Oldest DNA--1.2 Million Years Old--Reveals How Mammoths Evolved
21 Cretaceous Amber Fossil Sheds Light on Evolution of Bioluminescence in Beetles
22 Unexpected Life Lurking in Subglacial Lakes Isolated Deep Beneath Antarctic Ice
23 Wild Days of the Early Solar System: Ceramic Chips Inside Meteorites Provide Snapshot of 4.5 Billion Years Ago
24 Heart Damage Found in More Than Half of COVID-19 Patients Discharged From Hospital
25 Stunning "Honeycomb Heart" Revealed in Iconic Supernova Explosion Remnant
26 Satellite View: Extreme Winter Weather Causes U.S. Blackouts
27 Irregular Sleep Schedules Can Worsen Mood and Increase Risk of Depression
28 Exotic Ice XIX: New Crystalline Ice Form Decoded
29 New Research Shows Gulf War Illness Not Caused by Depleted Uranium From Munitions
30 Meet NASA Astronaut & Artemis Team Member Anne McClain [Video]
31 New Timeline for Mars Terrains: NASA's Perseverance Rover Predicted to Encounter More Ancient Surfaces
32 Graphene "Nano-Origami" Creates Tiniest Microchips Yet--Could Make Computers and Phones Thousands of Times Faster
33 Classic Triad of Symptoms Misses Many Positive COVID-19 Cases
34 COVID-19 Genetic Mutation D614G Makes the Virus Up to 8x More Infectious
35 New Research Finds Dogs Show Body-Awareness and Understand Consequences of Own Actions
36 Searching for Martian Life in Samples Collected by NASA's Mars Perseverance Rover
37 The Awe-Inspiring Mars Relay Network That Will Keep NASA's Perseverance in Touch With Earth During Landing and Beyond
38 First Black Hole Ever Detected--Cygnus X-1--Is Much More Massive Than We Thought
39 Camera Designed to Reveal the Deepest Secrets of Our Universe Captures the Southern Pinwheel Galaxy in Glorious Detail
40 New Genetic Test Effectively Screens for Hereditary Cancers
41 Touchdown! NASA's Mars Perseverance Rover Safely Lands on Red Planet--See the First Image Sent Back
42 Targets for Future COVID-19 Treatments Rapidly Identified With New Computer Simulations
43 Newly Discovered Planetary System Offers Glimpse Into How Planets Evolve
44 The Red Comb: Namib Desert Bears Scar From Meteor Impact
45 Multiplying Light Signals Could Be Key to Ultra-Powerful Optical Computers
46 Italy's Mount Etna Erupts, Spewing a Fountain of Lava and Ash Into the Sky
47 Drive-Through Mass-Vaccination Clinics Could Stem COVID-19 Crisis
48 Is the Brunt Ice Shelf in Antarctica on the Brink?
49 Conservation Paradox: The Pros and Cons of Recreational / Trophy Hunting
50 Earth's Magnetic Field Reversal 42,000 Years Ago Triggered a Global Environmental Crisis
51 Neanderthal Brain Organoids Show How a Single Gene Alteration May Have Separated Modern Humans From Predecessors
52 Innovative Genetic Analysis Unlocks Clues to the Evolution and Survival of the Great Barrier Reef
53 Mysterious Origins of "Super-Earths" Uncovered by Astronomers
54 Tap Water Access Linked to Dengue Virus Risk
55 Incredible Sneak Peek of Mars Landing Sent Back by NASA's Perseverance Rover
56 COVID, One Year Later: What Do We Know Now? [Video]
57 Unexpected Decrease in Ammonia Emissions in China Due to COVID-19 Lockdowns
58 Meet NASA Astronaut & Artemis Team Member Nicole Mann [Video]
59 A New Way of Forming Planets--A Decades Old Puzzle Solved?
60 An Ancient Economy: Chumash Indians Used Currency 2,000 Years Ago
61 Monster Saharan Dust Plume Heading for Europe
62 Scientists Solve Long-Standing Brain Mystery by a Whisker
63 Giant 2D Atlas of the Universe Created--Helps Dark Energy Spectroscopic Survey
64 Unprecedented Map of the Sun's Magnetic Field Created by CLASP2 Space Experiment
65 DNA Origami Enables Fabricating Superconducting Nanowires for Nanoelectronic Circuits of the Future
66 Cutting-Edge Quantum Collaboration Gives New Gravity to the Mysteries of the Universe
67 SMUGGLE: Modeling Galaxy Formation With a New Stellar Feedback Framework
68 A Genetic Variant You May Have Inherited From Neanderthals Reduces the Risk of Severe COVID-19
69 Astronomers Make a Weird Discovery: A Concentration of Smaller Black Holes Lurking Where They Expected a Single Massive Black Hole
70 NASA's Ingenuity Helicopter Reports In From Mars
71 N/A
72 N/A
73 N/A
74 Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Captured Perseverance During Descent to Red Planet
75 Getting to Net Zero Carbon Emissions--and Even Net Negative--Is Surprisingly Feasible and Affordable
76 Natural Antifreeze: Ice-Binding Molecules Stop Ice Growth
77 Making Wheat/Gluten and Peanuts Less Allergenic
78 Engineers Place Thousands of Nanoscale Molecular Devices in Precise Orientation
79 Breeding Better Seeds: Sustainable, More Nutritious Food Production Under the Specter of Global Warming
80 Light From Inside Galaxy Clusters May Be Linked With Mysterious Form of Matter
81 Electric Vehicles Are Driven Less Often Than Policymakers Think--1/2 As Much as Conventional Cars
82 Explainable Artificial Intelligence for Decoding Regulatory Instructions in DNA
83 Cut Your Kitchen's Carbon Footprint With Magnetic Induction Cooking
84 X-Ray Emission From Mysterious Dark Matter
85 Researchers Warn: At Least 50% of COVID-19 Infections Are Transmitted by People Without Symptoms
86 Scientists Investigate the Believed Remains of Two Christian Apostles--Here's What They Found
87 A Sea of Garbage: Ocean Floor Landfills
88 Stromatolites--Fossils of Earliest Life on Earth--May Owe Their Very Existence to Viruses
89 Encrypted Quantum Computing: When Ignorance Is Wanted
90 Emergent Nonlinear Phenomena: Optical Frequency Combs Found a New Dimension
91 Anti-nutrients? They're Part of a Normal Diet and Not As Scary as They Sound
92 Study Shows Life From Earth Could Temporarily Survive on Mars
93 Stress Was Leading Reason Teachers Quit Before Pandemic--COVID Has Made Matters Worse
94 Hubble Captures an Eye in the Sky--"Evil Eye" Galaxy With Strange Internal Motion
95 Ocean Warming Predicted to Amplify Tropical Rainfall Extremes
96 Researchers Discover How Inflammatory Molecule Contributes to Skin and Pancreatic Cancers
97 NASA's Perseverance Rover Lands Successfully on Mars (Video Highlight Reel)
98 New "Metalens" Shifts Focus Without Moving--Enables Miniature Zoom Lenses for Drones, Cellphones, or Night-Vision Goggles
99 Doorknobs That Naturally Destroys Viruses: Biomaterials Could Mean Better Vaccines, Virus-Fighting Surfaces
100 Antiarrhythmic Protection: Alligator Hearts Keep Beating No Matter What
101 New Map of Solar Neighborhood Reveals That Binary Stars Are All Around Us
102 IceCube Telescope Reveals: All High-Energy Cosmic Neutrinos Are Born by Quasars
103 Ghost Particle From Star Shredded by Black Hole Reveals Cosmic Particle Accelerator
104 Juno Spacecraft Spots a Bright Explosion in Jupiter's Atmosphere
105 Tricking COVID-19 With a Fake "Handshake" to Inactivate the Coronavirus
106 Scientists Find Link Between Outside Temperature and COVID-19 Transmission Rates
107 Princeton Researchers Grow Artificial Hairs With Clever Physics Trick
108 Loss of Sense of Smell and Taste May Last Up to 5 Months After COVID-19 Infection
109 Pooping Out Miracles: Successful Mechanism Behind Fecal Microbiota Transplantation Revealed
110 Awe-Inspiring Front-Row Seat to NASA's Mars Perseverance Rover Landing + First Audio Recording of Red Planet
111 Physicists Show a Speed Limit Also Applies in the Quantum World
112 Genetic Predisposition to Severe COVID-19 Discovered by Russian Researchers
113 Meet NASA Astronaut & Artemis Team Member Kjell Lindgren [Video]
114 Decoded Neurofeedback: Nonconscious Brain Modulation To Remove Fears & Increase Confidence
115 Scientists Identify First Compound To Reverse Paralyzing ALS Neuron Damage
116 Tool Encoded in Coronaviruses Provides a Potential Drug Target for COVID-19
117 New Wearable Device Turns Your Body Into a Biological Battery
118 More Than 87,000 Scientific Papers Published on Coronavirus Since Start of COVID Pandemic
119 From Russia With Questions: Distinctive Striping Pattern in Siberia Puzzles Researchers
120 New Material Breakthrough for Stable High-Voltage Long-Life Solid-State Batteries
121 Simply Talking While Infected Can Spread COVID-19--Even While Wearing Masks
122 NASA's Unprecedented Map of Sun's Magnetic Field--Including the Mysterious Chromosphere
123 42,000-Year-Old Trees Enable Accurate Analysis of Earth's Last Magnetic Field Reversal