File Title
1 Peanut Allergy Affects Even More Adults Than Children in U.S.--Many Report Their First Symptom as Adults
2 Follow the Water: Where Future Astronauts Should Land on Mars
3 Computer Scientists Create Fake Videos That Fool State-of-the-Art Deepfake Detectors
4 Trading Surfboards for Snowboards: Storms Have Left Abundant Snow Atop Hawaii's Tallest Volcanic Mountains
5 Cancer Researchers Discover What's Driving "Brain Fog" in People With COVID-19
6 COVID Detectives on the Hunt for Animal X
7 Advanced Simulations Reveal How Air Conditioning Spreads COVID-19 Aerosols Through Restaurants
8 Circle Back: New Evidence Linking Eggs, Cholesterol to Poor Cardiovascular Health and Death
9 Silicon Waveguides Move Us Closer to Blazing Fast Light-Based Computer Circuits
10 Eating Grapes May Protect Your Skin From UV Damage
11 Tricky Terrain Navigation: Helping to Assure a Safe Landing for the Mars 2020 Rover
12 New Research Highlights Risk of New COVID Mutations Emerging During Chronic Infection
13 Game-Changing New Way to Look for Planets That Could Harbor Life
14 Entry, Descent, and Landing: The Most Intense Phase of the Mars Perseverance Rover Mission
15 AI Mines Existing Biobanks to Generate Realistic Genomes for Imaginary Humans
16 Surprise! We're More Like Primitive Fishes Than Once Believed
17 Quantum Squeezing--An Innovative New Way to Search for Elusive Dark Matter
18 NASA's OSIRIS-REx Final Flyby of Asteroid Bennu Before 2 Year Journey Back to Earth
19 Ancient Conch Shell Horn Plays Its Tune for the First Time in 18,000 Years--Hear It Here
20 How Rocks Rusted on Earth and Turned Red--Important Phenomenon Could Help Assess Future Climate Change
21 Quantum Causal Loops: Exotic Processes With Cause-Effect Cycles
22 New Way to Power Up Nanomaterials to Create Better Solar Cells and LEDs
23 Still Shaking--A Warp in the Milky Way Linked to Galactic Collision
24 Bioinformatic Analysis Offers New Clues to How SARS-CoV-2 Infects Cells
25 One of the Most Abundant Bats in Europe Is Attracted to Wind Turbines--Increasing Risk of Fatality
26 Resistance Is Futile: Nanowire Could Provide a Stable, Easy-to-Make Superconducting Transistor
27 Bolts of Blue: International Space Station Helps Scientists Characterize Elusive "Blue Jets"
28 Squeezing a Rock-Star Material in a Diamond Anvil to Make It Stable Enough for Solar Cells
29 Mediterranean Diet May Help Men With Prostate Cancer
30 A New Chemistry: ExoMars Orbiter Discovers New Gas and Traces Water Loss on Mars
31 Chameleon-Like Material Spiked With Boron Helps Bring Brain-Like Computing to Silicon Chips
32 Astronomers Discover Evidence for Substance on Liquid-Gas Boundary on Exoplanet WASP-31b
33 Ditching the Fiber in Fiber Optics: Capturing Free-Space Optical Light for High-Speed WiFi
34 Innovative Origami-Inspired Antenna Technology for Use in Small Satellites
35 Apples May Boost Brain Function, Stimulate the Production of New Brain Cells
36 Swirlonic Super Particles: Physicists Baffled by a Novel State of Matter
37 Unexpected Discovery: Hubble Space Telescope Uncovers Concentration of Small Black Holes
38 Shocking Discovery As Astronomers Peer 12 Billion Years Into the Past--"Defies Our Understanding of Galaxy Formation"
39 New Research Finds Most People Are Naturally Armed Against the COVID-19 Coronavirus
40 At the Rim of a Martian Crater
41 The Most Rapid Vaccine Rollout in History: How Researchers Developed COVID-19 Vaccines So Quickly
42 Increasing Optical Data Transmission Speed by a Factor of at Least 10,000
43 Preventing Death in COVID-19 Patients With Swift Use of Blood Thinning Drugs
44 Using Whale Songs and Seismometers to Reveal Deep Secrets of the Oceanic Crust
45 Brain Imaging Reveals: Not All Monogamous Mammals Are "Wired for Love" in the Same Way
46 Meet NASA Astronaut & Artemis Team Member Jonny Kim [Video]
47 Holography "Quantum Leap" Using Entangled Photons Could Revolutionize Imaging
48 New Research Reveals Bats & Pangolins in Southeast Asia Harbor COVID-19-Related Coronaviruses
49 NASA's OMG: Warming Seas Are Accelerating Greenland's Glacier Retreat
50 NASA RainCube--A Pioneering Mini Weather Satellite--Ends Its Mission
51 Grasshoppers and Roadblocks: Indigenous People Fight COVID-19 in Rural Mexico With Little Government Support
52 Study Finds Limited Transmission of COVID-19 From Open Schools
53 New Machine Learning Theory Raises Questions About the Very Nature of Science
54 Birds Can "Read" the Earth's Magnetic Signature to Navigate Back on Course
55 Sweet Coating for Sour Bones: Bridge-Burning Coating for Bone Implants
56 Popular Energy Drinks' Harmful Effects on Heart Revealed in New Research
57 See Through Soil to Study Hydrogels' Hidden Workings Could Help Farmers Deal With Future Droughts
58 NASA's Lunar Gateway: Core Flight Software Chosen for Moon Orbiting Outpost
59 Farfarout--Astronomers Confirm Solar System's Most Distant Planetoid
60 Vast Portions of Today's Sahara Desert Were Green Thousands of Years Ago
61 New Global "Wind Atlas" Propels Sustainable Energy for All Parts of the World
62 NASA Satellites Improve the Accuracy of Forests' Impacts on the Global Carbon Budget
63 Meet NASA Astronaut & Artemis Team Member Warren "Woody" Hoburg [Video]
64 Mathematical Modeling Finds People Under 20 Are Just Half As Susceptible to COVID-19 as Adults
65 A Geologist's Dream: A Short Journey to the Center of the Earth
66 A Most Distant Signal: Earliest Supermassive Black Hole and Quasar in the Universe Discovered
67 NASA: Pollution Could Be the Solution, To Find an Extraterrestrial Civilization
68 Manipulating Magnets at the Atomic Scale for Fast and Energy-Efficient Future Data Processing
69 Exploring Earth From Space: Valentine Island, Australia
70 Humanity's Best Friend: How Dogs Could Be Our Next Allies in the Fight Against COVID-19
71 A Magnetic Twist to Graphene Could Offer a Dramatic Increase in Processing Speeds Compared to Electronics
72 NASA's Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover Is About to Land on the Red Planet--It Will Have Some Help From These Mars Orbiters
73 Some Coronaviruses Can Steal Their Host's Genes to Elude Their Immune System
74 Physicists Discover Important and Unexpected Electronic Property of Graphene--Could Power Next-Generation Computers
75 On the Origin of Our Species: Untangling Ancestry in the Evolution of Homo sapiens
76 Backpack Makes Loads Feel Lighter and Powers Electronics by Harvesting Energy From Walking
77 Unleashing the Potential of the Mind: Controlling Digital Interfaces, Such As Phones, Through Brain Signals
78 Clocking the Movement of Electrons Inside an Atom--Down to a Millionth of a Billionth of a Second
79 Antarctica: Southern Ocean Cools at the Surface but Warms Up at Depth
80 Computer Love: "Couple Simulation" Model Helps Us Dive Into the Mysteries of Mate Selection
81 MIT Twitter Experiment Shows Clear Self-Selection Into Social Media "Echo Chambers" Due to Political Preferences
82 Sensors Prepare to Collect Data as NASA's Perseverance Enters Mars' Atmosphere
83 Astronauts Selected for NASA's SpaceX Crew-4 Mission to Space Station
84 Giant Radio Galaxies: Cosmic Beasts and Where to Find Them
85 Rapidly Accelerating Crack: Brunt Ice Shelf Breaking Up With Antarctica This Year?
86 NASA Invites You to Share Thrill of Mars Perseverance Rover Landing
87 NIH Researchers: Humidity From Masks May Lessen Severity of COVID-19
88 Tiny Crustacean Redefines Ultra-Fast Movement: Monster Claw Snaps Shut 10,000 Times Faster Than Blink of an Eye
89 DNA Energy Code: "Survival of the Fittest" Phenomenon Is Only Part of the Evolution Equation
90 More Than Half of Cannabis Users With Parkinson's Disease Report Clinical Benefits
91 New Worlds in a River of Young Stars Discovered by NASA's Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite
92 NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter: Teaching an Old Spacecraft New Tricks to Continue Exploring the Moon
93 The COVID-19 Coronavirus--SARS-CoV-2--Might Hijack Cellular Processes
94 Unexpected Life: Strange Creatures Accidentally Discovered Far Beneath Antarctica's Ice Shelves
95 Tantrums of a Baby Star: Herbig-Haro Objects
96 The Comet That Killed the Dinosaurs: New Theory on Origin of the Chicxulub Impactor
97 New Physics Rules Tested by Using a Quantum Computer to Create a "Toy-Universe"
98 Analyzing Dust Storm Sequences on Mars
99 Remarkably Well-Preserved Fossils Helping to Solve Baffling Puzzle That Vexed Darwin
100 Student Astronomer Uses Ingenious Method to Find Galactic Missing Matter
101 7 Minutes to Mars: NASA's Perseverance Rover Attempts Most Dangerous Landing Yet [Video]
102 Higher Elevation Himalayan Songbirds Sport Thicker Down "Jackets" to Survive the Cold
103 Meeting a 100-Year-Old Challenge Could Lead the Way to Digital Aromas
104 Terminator Salvation? New Artificial Intelligence Program to Accelerate Clean Energy Generation
105 Light and a Single Electron Used to Detect Quantum Information Stored in 100,000 Nuclear Quantum Bits
106 Chemicals in Areas Surrounding Tumors Subvert the Immune System and Enable Cancer to Evade Attack
107 COVID-19 Has Infected Pet Cats and Dogs--What About Wildlife?
108 Lower Testosterone During Puberty Increases the Brain's Sensitivity to the Sex Hormone in Adulthood
109 Researchers Discover Existing Drug That May Treat COVID-19 Debilitating Long-Haul Symptom
110 Climate Shift May Have Helped Dinosaurs Make 6,500-Mile Trek From South America to Greenland
111 Vaporized Crusts of Earth-Like Planets Discovered in Dying Stars
112 Formal "Protected Area" Designation Reduces the Rate of Deforestation but Does Not Prevent It
113 A New Class of Superconductors: Commonly Mistaken Name Leads to Discovery
114 Tropical Paper Wasps Babysit for Neighboring Nests
115 NASA Selects SpaceX to Launch Initial Elements for Gateway Lunar Outpost
116 Climate Change--Not Overhunting by Humans--Likely Drove the Extinction of North America's Largest Animals
117 ESA's Solar Orbiter Spacecraft Communications Disrupted by the Sun
118 Alphabet Soup: Antarctic Icebergs Galore
119 MIT Develops Machine-Learning Approach to Finding New Treatment Options for COVID-19
120 InSight Challenges: Mars Dust Forces NASA Changes to Keep the Lander Safe
121 Answer Quickly to Be Believed--Pausing Before Replying Decreases Perceived Sincerity
122 NASA Space Shuttle Scientist, Millie Hughes-Fulford, Dies at 75
123 MRI Scans Link COVID-19 to Potentially Dangerous Eye Abnormalities