File Title
1 New York State's hospital nurse staffing legislation predicted to save lives and money
2 Planetary science intern leads study of Martian crust
3 Diversity of fish species supply endangered killer whale diet throughout the year
4 Chemists boost boron's utility
5 Reading the physics hiding in data
6 UNH research: No second chance to make trusting first impression, or is there?
7 Serious new COVID-related smoking threat discovered by Ben-Gurion University researchers
8 SARS-CoV-2 variant that emerged in UK more transmissible; could spark resurgences
9 Study reveals frequency and characteristics of stroke in COVID-19 patients
10 Accelerating gains in abdominal fat during menopause tied to heart disease risk
11 How do you know where volcanic ash will end up?
12 Prehistoric killing machine exposed
13 New search engine for single cell atlases
14 Will this solve the mystery of the expansion of the universe?
15 Chemists develop a new technology to prevent lithium-ion batteries from catching fire
16 Diagnosis of genetic condition could help patients stop smoking and prevent lung disease
17 Attending consecutive mammography screens protects against breast cancer death
18 Researchers discover SARS-CoV-2 inhibitors
19 More extreme short-duration thunderstorms likely in the future due to global warming
20 University students with special educational needs highlight the benefits of e-assessment
21 80% of sexual abuse victims in Spain who seek public compensation receive nothing
22 Fluorescent nanodiamonds successfully injected into living cells
23 Tackling tumors with two types of virus
24 Genomics study identifies routes of transmission of coronavirus in care homes
25 Heat-free optical switch would enable optical quantum computing chips
26 Molybdenum disulfide ushers in era of post-silicon photonics
27 Periodontitis: Researchers search for a new active substance
28 Filming a 3D video of a virus with instantaneous light and AI
29 Researchers investigate imaginary part in quantum resource theory
30 How to choose low glycaemic index (GI) foods? A GI 'glossary' of Asian foods released
31 Climate models may significantly overestimate savings from improved energy efficiency
32 Green tea supplements modulate facial development of children with Down syndrome
33 USTC detects a sharp rise in detection rate of broad absorption line variations
34 Researchers realize the ice inhibition for cryopreservation
35 Reconstructing historical typhoons from a 142-year record
36 Common dolphin populations at risk
37 'Target identified': teaching a machine how to identify imperfections in 2D materials
38 Helping soft robots turn rigid on demand
39 Researchers introduce a new generation of tiny, agile drones
40 UBC study finds high life satisfaction linked to better overall health
41 First detailed insight into newborn babies' lungs at birth
42 Forecast: the impacts of vaccines and variants on the U.S. COVID trajectory
43 Mental health treatment rate rose early in pandemic
44 Albumin provides no benefit to hospitalized patients with advanced liver disease
45 SARS-CoV-2 immunization passports: A ticket to normal life?
46 Automated next generation sequencing platform can accurately screen thousands for COVID-19
47 Immunotherapy drug delays onset of Type 1 diabetes in at-risk group
48 The Lancet Child & Adolescent Health: First global study of pandemic's impact on childhood cancer care reveals worldwide effects
49 Do marketers matter for entrepreneurs?
50 Charity's pharma investments raise questions around transparency and accountability
51 New form of symbiosis discovered
52 A new effect of red ginseng: suppression of lung cancer metastasis
53 Primary ovarian insufficiency associated with increased risk of osteoporosis
54 Women with type 1 diabetes experience a shorter reproductive period
55 Source of hazardous high-energy particles located in the Sun
56 How are universities planning to tackle emissions associated with food and flying?
57 Origin of childhood cancer malignant rhabdoid tumour discovered
58 Swiss statistical systems enhanced by big data
59 Pressure-regulated excitonic feature enhances photocurrent of all-inorganic 2D perovskite
60 Depression and anxiety among first-year college students worsen during pandemic
61 Humans drive most of the ups and downs in freshwater storage at Earth's surface
62 Sesaminol: Parkinson's disease's surprise medicine
63 Opioid overdose reduced in patients taking buprenorphine
64 Researchers offer new insights on bird migration
65 Study examines motives for dropping out of higher education
66 The social and economic cost of eating disorders in the United States
67 Mantis shrimp inspires new breed of light sensors
68 When should patients with dementia receive palliative care?
69 Study links kidney stones with bone problems
70 New research unlocks mysteries of soupfin shark migration and reproduction
71 Tiny computers reveal how wild bats hunt so efficiently
72 Chickpea genetics reduce need for chemicals
73 Researchers identify brain ion channel as new approach to treating depression
74 Tenfold increase in CO2 emissions cuts needed to stem climate emergency
75 Study reveals details of immune defense guidance system
76 Study offers an explanation for why the APOE4 gene enhances Alzheimer's risk
77 Vaping marijuana associated with more symptoms of lung damage than vaping or smoking nicotine
78 Study: Alcohol withdrawal rates among hospitalized patients rose 34% during COVID pandemic
79 County where people live may predict some cardiovascular death by race, ethnicity
80 Stroke risk highest among American Indian people, with or without AFib
81 Study contributes to evidence for potential association between blood group A and COVID-19
82 Dietary fats interact with grape tannins to influence wine taste
83 How 'green' are environmentally friendly fireworks?
84 New long-term study affirms contact lens wear as healthy option for children
85 Scientists find strongest evidence yet of 'migration gene'
86 A silver swining: 'Destructive' pigs help build rainforests
87 Incentives can reduce alcohol use among American Indian and Alaska Native people
88 Humans control majority of freshwater ebb and flow on Earth, study finds
89 Custom diets are essential to mental health, new research shows
90 Heart failure-related death rates higher in rural versus urban US counties
91 Journey of a skull: How a single human cranium wound up alone in a cave in Italy
92 Get into the swing: Golf may have more benefit for Parkinson's than tai chi
93 Bringing AI into the real world
94 When more COVID-19 data doesn't equal more understanding
95 The negative effects of powerful political connections
96 HSC transplants in embryos: Opening the door for hematopoiesis research
97 Speeding up commercialization of electric vehicles
98 'Falling insect' season length impacts river ecosystems
99 Improved tool to help understand the brain, one section at a time
100 Pandemic ratchets up pressure on people with substance use disorder
101 SRL focus section explores U.S. Intermountain West earthquakes in 2020
102 Decreases in exercise closely linked with higher rates of depression during the pandemic
103 New study shows Transcendental Meditation reduces teacher burnout and improves resilience
104 Texas A&M study finds no link between gender and physics course performance
105 Why we're so bad at daydreaming, and how to fix it
106 Study shows combined liver-cytokine humanization rescues circulating red blood cells
107 Team of bioethicists and scientists suggests revisiting 14-day limit on human embryo
108 COVID-19 lockdown linked to uptick in tobacco use
109 An unstable working life affects the future mental health of young people
110 Scientists explore the action mechanism of a new antibiotic