File Title
1 COVID-19: 1 in 3 adults anxious, depressed
2 A high-resolution glimpse of gene expression in cells
3 Drug prices in the U.S. are 2.56 times those in other nations
4 Successful pilot study of time restricted eating weight loss plan
5 Reforming the 'scoop' system that hurts science
6 X-Ray tomography lets researchers watch solid-state batteries charge, discharge
7 Physicists develop record-breaking source for single photons
8 Disabled teachers being 'sidelined' in drive for more inclusive schools
9 Voters perceive political candidates with a disability as qualified for elected office
10 Using science to explore a 60-year-old Russian mystery
11 Researchers create a molecular 'Google map' of the brain
12 Researchers use patients' cells to test gene therapy for rare eye disease
13 Eyes reveal life history of fish
14 Risk-taking behavior has a signature in the brain, big data shows
15 How a little-known glycoprotein blocks a cancer cell's immune response
16 Generous parental leave leads to staff shortages, nursing home deaths
17 Improvements to holographic displays poised to enhance virtual and augmented reality
18 Leading cardiovascular organizations call for urgent action to reduce air pollution
19 Scientists capture the moments of nascent crystal formation and growth
20 Reconstruction shows increased global warming trends since 1850s
21 Aerosol particles cool the climate less than we thought
22 Researchers create powerful unipolar carbon nanotube muscles
23 Naked mole-rats speak in dialect
24 Attacks on science rival COVID-19 as a public health threat
25 Tick behavior and host choice explains geographical patterns of Lyme disease prevalence
26 What we see shapes what we hear
27 Study examines social determinants of disparities in kidney transplantation
28 Modeling study of ancient thumbs traces the history of hominin thumb dexterity
29 Current issue articles for Geosphere posted online in January
30 By changing their shape, some bacteria can grow more resilient to antibiotics
31 Forecast:125,000 fewer U.S. COVID deaths if 50% initiate vaccination by March 1
32 Scientists solve long-standing mystery by a whisker
33 COVID-19 news from Annals of Internal Medicine
34 Turning on the switch for plasticity in the human brain
35 A third of Americans say they are unlikely or hesitant to get COVID-19 vaccine
36 Specific bacteria in the gut prompt mother mice to neglect their pups
37 Medicaid expansion in New York has improved maternal health, study finds
38 Dewdrops on a spiderweb reveal the physics behind cell structures
39 GSA Bulletin articles published ahead of print in January
40 COVID unemployment assistance puts food on the table: BU study
41 Explaining to your child why behavior is wrong may not always work
42 Scientists look to soils to learn how forests affect air quality, climate change
43 Remdesivir disrupts COVID-19 virus better than other similar drugs
44 Americans like sports, but heterosexual men especially do
45 Researchers use AI to help businesses understand Code of Federal Regs, other legal docs
46 COVID-19 pandemic led to decreased school meal access for children in need across Maryland
47 Automated AI algorithm uses routine imaging to predict cardiovascular risk
48 New study investigates photonics for artificial intelligence and neuromorphic computing
49 Robotic exoskeleton training expands options for stroke rehabilitation
50 How is human behavior impacting wildlife movement?
51 Coiling them up: Synthesizing organic molecules with a long helical structure
52 Childhood trauma could affect development, treatment of multiple sclerosis
53 A computational approach to understanding how infants perceive language
54 BioNTech-Pfizer mRNA vaccine largely effective against UK variant, Sera from 40 patients show
55 New technique identifies important mutations behind Lynch Syndrome
56 Scientists identify locations of early prion protein deposition in retina
57 Reduced-dose RT with Cisplatin improves outcomes for HPV-associated oropharyngeal carcinoma
58 Researchers illustrate the need for anti-racism in kidney care, research
59 Singles or pairs in cancer cells
60 Scientists spotted RPS-12 protein as a potential target for anti-cancer therapy
61 Football and inclusion: It all comes down to the right motivational climate
62 Territorial, expert navigators: The black howler monkeys of Mexico
63 How vitamins, steroids and potential antivirals might affect SARS-CoV-2
64 New research about emerging 'COVID-19 personality types'
65 New technology to detect bitter almonds in real time
66 A small protein in bacteria overlooked up to now
67 Hurricanes and typhoons moving 30km closer to coasts every decade
68 Novel therapy-resistance mechanism promoting the growth of breast cancer brain metastasis
69 Past river activity in northern Africa reveals multiple Sahara greenings
70 Production of 'post-lithium-ion batteries' requires new skills
71 Schoolchildren are learning about health through football (soccer)
72 High-speed holographic fluorescence microscopy system with submicron resolution
73 Local emissions amplify regional haze and particle growth
74 Yangtze River observational system to improve East Asian rainy season forecasting
75 How lipids distribute proteins within cells
76 Biobased anti-thrombosis agent
77 Apps help integration and health of migrants
78 Synthesizing valuable chemicals from contaminated soil
79 Arctic warming and diminishing sea ice are influencing the atmosphere
80 Constructing the first version of the Japanese reference genome
81 CCNY researchers demonstrate how to measure student attention during remote learning
82 Methane emissions from coal mines are higher than previously thought
83 Tort claim could ensure doctors inform women of risk of stillbirth
84 Black lung cancer patients die sooner than white counterparts
85 Iowa and Ohio team finds strategy to protect developing brain from prenatal stress in mice
86 UArizona researchers develop smartphone-based COVID-19 test
87 Trauma surgeons and emergency surgeons positively impact patient satisfaction
88 Imaging zebrafish movements in 3D to better understand ALS disease
89 Genes that dance to the circadian rhythm
90 Genetic screening before prescribing could benefit millions
91 Forty years of coral spawning captured in one place for the first time
92 Researchers map heart recovery after heart attack with great detail
93 Islands without structure inside metal alloys could lead to tougher materials
94 Adding ipilimumab to pembrolizumab does not improve efficacy in patients with NSCLC
95 County by county, study shows social inequality's role in COVID-19's toll
96 Researchers probe new territory in treating patients with lung cancer during pandemic
97 Our gut-brain connection
98 Women who develop high blood pressure after birth at greater risk of chronic hypertension
99 Radiation Oncology trials using PET with FDG uptake among NSCLC patients
100 Two ADAURA analyses support use of Osimertinib for patients with surgically resected, Stage IB to IIIA non-small cell lung cancer
101 Threads that sense how and when you move? New technology makes it possible
102 Black or Hispanic kids receive less medical imaging than white kids
103 A potentially safer, more effective gene therapy vector for blood disorders
104 'Weak' and 'strong' cells bonding boosts body's diabetes fight
105 Prosopis juliflora acutely reduces water resources in Ethiopia, costing rural livelihoods
106 Accurate drug dosages with proton traps
107 Obesity may exacerbate the effects of Alzheimer's disease, new study shows
108 Reindeer lichens are having more sex than expected
109 Human activity caused the long-term growth of greenhouse gas methane
110 Alpine plants at risk of extinction following disappearing glaciers